Rebecca Rodriguez + Marison Guciano : What, who, where and why?

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While it’s so important for individuals to fight for animals all over the world, it is absolutely imperative that these individuals and organizations have “clean hands” and have not been involved in any way with seedy enterprises raising donations for some animals somewhere in the world or somehow involved in illegal animal-related activities.

We have analyzed and scrutinized the “work” of “self-proclaimed animal advocate fighting for animals” Rebecca A. Rodriguez and her various accomplices.  We have perused her “many projects”, “missions”, claims and writings and revealed a bewildering jumble of falsehoods and illegal activity.

Unfortunately, the people at Rodriguez’s side are in fact accomplices in all her wrong-doing.  And those accomplices themselves are guilty of some pretty horrific animal abuse.  Remember, animal abuse takes many forms.  It’s not only the man that beats the Bear that is guilty.  It’s also those who profit from animals with dishonest, misleading fundraisers and petitions.  It’s also those who purchase endangered animals from illegal wildlife trafficking markets. It’s also those who basically exploit some animals somewhere in the world for money with fundraisers!

We have peeled back the layers of Rodriguez’s lies and claims of accomplishments.  We’ve dissected her claims from the fraudulent fundraiser for the “starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo” – who were never starving, her “Indonesia mission” – not 1 animal was helped or benefited, “Italian mission – the 150 dogs of Fasano” she is not involved with but asking for donations, her “animal heroes mission” – Lights, Camera, Animals!, her Adams County Pet Rescue rebuild mission” – which Rodriguez exploited to the hilt, her “watchdog mission” – an attempt to tarnish organizations working on the ground to improve the lives of various animals in Indonesia.  Now she is directly implicated in the formation of 2 Indonesia-based “animal welfare organizations” – Indonesia Animal Welfare Society and FLIGHT Protecting Birds, both under the control of Marison Guciano.

However, who IS Marison Guciano? How is it that he and Rodriguez were both involved in the “procurement” of endangered Small Claw Otters from an illegal wildlife trafficking market in Indonesia in violation of CITES and Indonesia law, punishable by 7+ years in jail!?

Cee4Life article on 2 otters “procured” by Rebecca Rodriguez and Marison Guciano

Evidence of 2 Otters “procured” from illegal wildlife trafficking market by Rebecca Rodriguez and Marison Guciano

How is Marison Guciano involved in the production and release of the “Starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo” sting video after he met with Bandung Zoo management himself and confirmed the Sun Bears were not starving?  Shortly thereafter, Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group released the sting video and asked the public for direct donations to themselves.  Subsequently, they entered the Bandung Zoo with a basket of fruit and threw it into the Sun Bears’ enclosure.  This was their “legitimate way” of helping the Sun Bears they knew were never starving?

How was Marison Guciano directly involved with the publication and immediate disbursement to multiple media sources of another sting video of Ozone the Orangutan at Bandung Zoo who was mysteriously tossed a cigarette by unrelated Bandung Zoo management and security, wherein he is filmed picking up the cigarette and smoking it?  Why is Guciano directly involved with the bullying of Bandung Zoo?

marison ozone post with date and time
Screenshot of Marison Guciano’s Facebook page wherein he just happens to be the person who somehow got his hands on this sting video of Ozone being tossed a cigarette by a member of the public and bashing Bandung Zoo once again?

Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group release the sting video of the “starving Sun Bears” with a request for donations despite acknowledging the Sun Bears were NOT starving!

Timeline begging for donations supposedly for “starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo”!

wild welfare sun bears ok
Just 1 of several wildlife experts who weighed in on the issue of the alleged “starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo”.  Independent assessment by wildlife expert, Dave Morgan of Wild Welfare of Bandung Zoo and the Sun Bears, whom he wrote “bears looked fairly good”! Not starving! Not eating their own feces to survive as alleged by Rodriguez and Holmes, both of whom have zero qualifications/credentials/experience in wildlife!

The world does not need dishonest, unethical “animal advocates” who claim everything under the Sun and write as if factual, whatever they can dream up at the time. 

Please ensure you do your due diligence.  Only donate and support authentic animal endeavors and projects.  Carefully screen any organization or individual who claims to be helping animals somewhere in the world.  It’s your hard-earned money and you really owe it to yourself.  Ask around.  Utilize the http://www.  Find your answers!

The world does need legitimate individuals and legitimate organizations fighting for animals, not people involved in deception, lies, misinformation, criminal animal abuse, fraudulent and fake fundraisers using,, etc. cyberstalking, bullying and on-line intimidation!

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