Eat your words P Ooi Holmes of One Animal World! (Cook Vegan For Me)

We tried very hard to ignore the rantings and lunacy that is P Holmes / P Ooi Holmes / Poo Holmes / Pohyee Ooi Holmes / Poop Holmes.
Poo Holmes : Face of a bold-faced liar!

But sometimes, it’s almost akin to a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Here is a big serving of humble pie for you!
poo attacking sybelle and saying we claim rat will keep all gfm money and want fbi involved WITH HIGHLIGHTS
Poo Holmes : Eat humble pie and choke on the truth!
Highlighted in yellow :
The reason your lie-ridden, false petition and the fraudulent GoFundMe set up by your accomplice Rebecca A. Rodriguez, came to the attention of Cee4Life was because both were fake/fraudulent/slanderous because there was irrefutable evidence that the sun bears of Bandung Zoo were not starving and had in fact, never been starving! 
You, Poo Holmes, an unqualified, uneducated nobody with zero qualifications, zero experience, zero credentials who believes feeding squirrels is animal advocacy, knows more than expert Dave Morgan of Wild Welfare!???  Don’t think so!
wild welfare sun bears ok
Wild Welfare states the sun bears looked fairly GOOD!!!!  Not starving! Not eating their own feces to survive!
If the sun bears of Bandung Zoo were not starving – and they were not – why did the petition and the fundraiser claim that?  Based on the fact that the sun bears were not starving and that both you and Rodriguez had this information PRIOR TO THE FORMATION of the petition and the GoFundMe fundraiser, why did you continue and forge ahead with these fraudulent, dishonest, misleading campaigns?
Furthermore, the unqualified, uneducated self-proclaimed “animal advocate” with no legitimate credentials whatsoever, an unknown “filmmaker” from the USA, made no prior contact with Bandung Zoo – the legitimate, rightful owners of the sun bears – Cee4Life, the English-speaking partner of Bandung Zoo, reached out to Rodriguez to join their efforts to help the sun bears with massive on-going upgrades to not only the sun bear enclosure, but the other animals of Bandung Zoo too.  (Remember the wording of the campaign?  The campaign was for “the starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo, illegally updated to include “Mikey the Orangutan in Sumatra”, then also illegally included “2 sun bears named Tegan and Bedhu” and then illegally updated to “animals of Indonesia”.)  Thus, the specifically named original beneficiaries in the campaign were the rightful, legitimate owners of the funds raised.
Therefore, Cee4Life did nothing wrong in asking Rodriguez to join in with the efforts TO HELP THE ANIMALS!  This is the reason the supposed fundraiser was created was it not? These donations were not given to benefit Rebecca Rodriguez or you Poo Holmes!  The donations were given FOR THE ANIMALS.  Even though the campaign was a fraud because the sun bears were not starving!  The funds earmarked for the animals……. Where are they?  Oh that’s right, NOT 1 BENEFICIARY RECEIVED $1! $65000 miraculously disappeared into thin air!
Highlighted in red :
No it was not Sybelle Foxcroft who got the media and PKBSI involved.  Bandung Zoo alerted the Authorities when they found out someone they had zero contact with or prior knowledge of, was fundraising on behalf of THEIR sun bears!  And if it was legitimate and above board, why did Rebecca Rodriguez flee Indonesia in such a hurry?  If she was being honest, legitimate and transparent, why did she run like a common thief?
Highlighted in purple :
You’re not psychic are you Poo Holmes?  A self-fulfilling prophecy if ever we’ve seen one!  That is exactly what transpired!  Rebecca Rodriguez closed her GoFundMe for the “animals of Indonesia” at approximately the $65000 mark and hey presto, guess what?  She kept all the money for herself and her “new projects”, the animals got zero money, zero help, zero assistance, zero……. well, you get the general idea! 
How can you fund raise for specific beneficiaries, not donate $1 to any of them and keep all the funds?  This is FRAUD! The ONLY person who benefited from all this money raised was the campaign organizer Rebecca Rodriguez herself!  Disgustingly dishonest! Deceptive!
rat stating syb is a liar and a scammer
This is classic!
Honest to God, how do you people sleep at night????
rat in bath
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