MYTHOMANIA : An excessive or abnormal propensity for lying and exaggerating!

We don’t know whether to be amazed or amused anymore.  The waves of lies and propaganda being distributed by social media and the www are prolific and unrelenting.  It’s all a bold attempt at diverting the public’s attention away from the real issues.

For instance, in just under 10 minutes, this was produced by Rebecca Rodriguez on one of her several slag/hate blogs!

rebecca is not pro zoo and we love animal abuse with red lines
Rebecca A. Rodriguez – delusional “expert”, master manipulator and compulsive liar
  1. Zoos, according to the highly educated and esteemed professional “animal advocate” Rebecca Rodriguez, are a hive of exploitation and abuse.  So this obviously applies to ALL Zoos, including the Zoos in her home country.  Interesting isn’t it, that she is only targeting and attacking Bandung Zoo, when there are multitudes of evil, vile, disgusting cruel Zoos in USA, some in home states!  Many of whom use bullhooks on Elephants.  Many of whom confine animals to sub-standard, concrete enclosures!  Why isn’t Rodriguez bashing down the doors of Pittsburgh Zoo Pittsburgh Zoo is an animal’s worst nightmare! or Oregon Zoo Why Oregon Zoo is one of the worst in the world! since they are exploitative and breed animals for profit etc.?  It’s much easier to target a Zoo in a developing country isn’t it?  Bit of a hypocrite isn’t she?

  2. Then of course, of great interest is if Zoos are so apalling and Bandung Zoo so bad, why were you fundraising FOR a Zoo?  Actually, 2 Zoos!  You do recall the tales of the “starving sun bears” which people donated for?  The Bandung Zoo and Kandi Zoo where Mikey was housed had no clue as to who you were so why would they allow a bombastic, opinionated nobody to assess their animals?  Who exactly are you to demand anything of any Zoo, let alone an Indonesian Zoo?  You have zero qualifications and zero credentials! Unbelievable!

  3. Furthermore, Rodriguez was fundraising for Mikey the orphaned, juvenile Orangutan.  Guess where Mikey is housed?  Kandi Park/Zoo.  Guess who has a terrible reputation?  Yet Rodriguez was still allegedly fundraising for another Zoo when she “hates zoos”! In the end, Mikey got nothing from Rodriguez anyway but this shows her duplicitous nature and warped thinking!  Kandi Zoo reviewed over Orangutan’s cruel death!

  4. Per Rodriguez’s point 3, Briony Wolf, Sybelle Foxcroft and Celia Athumani have allegedly extorted moneyWe sincerely hope you have proof of this highly slanderous and prosecutable lie!  We would love to see your “screenshots” of these allegations since you have 500 pages of screenshots.  We currently have 8500+ screenshots and we can’t wait to share the evidence with the public.  Can’t wait to see yours!

  5. And at the start of your exactly where was it written that you were fundraising to remove the sun bears to Sanctuaries?  There is no evidence of this.  Until your brown-noser teammate, P Holmes, tweeted about your true objectives and mistakenly revealed your true plot!  That’s fraudulent wouldn’t you say?  We’re pretty sure the public did not donate for the removal of the sun bears or for you to turn it into a film opportunity of self-promotion, infamy and money! Your entire fundraiser is fraudulent.

  6. We are wondering exactly where and how $65000 for the specific, named animal beneficiaries of your campaign was spent since we have evidence that all of those animals you pretended you were helping, got $0! Nothing! No help! No assistance! Not even a mango!  Please explain! 

  7. Per your point 4, where is your accountability and oversight since you keep banging on about this issue?  Interesting isn’t it?  Funny the silence coming from the Rodriguez camp regarding this critical issue! Where are the donations?  Where is the money?

  8. Just to set the record straight, nobody “believes” in Zoos.  What a ridiculous comment.  Zoos have been in existence for Centuries.  It is unfortunate that we are at a time in history where there are some critically endangered animals that will not be seen in the wild.  They will only be seen in Zoos and sanctuaries.  Zoos also play a major role in genetic diversity.  Also, since humans placed animals in captivity, many cannot be released into the wild as they would not survive, lacking the most basic survival instincts and abilities. So what’s your academic position?  Mass-euthanasia? Oh, right, you’re not an academic!  

  9. And since you’re not a Scientist, you’re not an animal expert, you’re not a wildlife oracle, you’re not an authority on Indonesian wildlife, why does your ridiculous opinion matter?  That’s what you don’t seem to get.  You are a nobody.  A nothing.  Trying desperately to be relevant.  Nobody, quite frankly, gives a damn.  Nobody is taking you seriously and nobody will take you seriously.  Unless you want to talk about the missing $65000 you raised for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”, “Mikey the juvenile Orangutan”, “2 sun bears named Tegan and Bedhu”?  We’d love to see your evidence/proof/screenshots of where all that money ended up!  You didn’t just violate multiple terms and conditions of GoFundMe and mislead the public by using all that lovely lolly on your “project” about “animal heroes” around the world called “Lights, Camera, Animals! did you?

  10. There is irrefutable proof that you knew the sun bears were not starving.  (Want us to publish the evidence?)  There is irrefutable proof that PKBSI and Cee4Life were already assisting Bandung Zoo long before your illegal fundraiser and long before you arrived at Bandung Zoo’s doors.  If they were already “receiving assistance” what were you actually doing?  See, nothing but lies and purposeful propagandist deception since the inception of your fake campaign!

mikand the orang in tiny cage
Mikey the Orangutan still languishing in cage. Rodriguez used him in her GoFundMe but gave him $0!
reaching up for food sun bear
Alleged sun bears of Bandung Zoo “starving and eating their own feces to survive” used in Rodriguez GoFundMe but gave them $0!







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