Lights, Camera, Animals! How Rebecca A. Rodriguez of Animal Time / One Animal World repeatedly deceives the public!

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ANIMALS, BULLSHIT! (Sorry for the swearing but this is beyond ludicrous!)

The short version is this :

Rodriguez and Barlow utilized the sun bears’ fundraiser money – the majority of $65000 – and visited a host of animal shelters across the globe.  They captured raw footage on all their jaunts.  Once they had all the footage on these supposed “animal heroes” they returned to the USA.  That is when the “Lights, Camera, Animals” fundraiser of Indiegogo appeared. 

Their goal was now to fundraise once again, to cover the film production costs associated with turning their travels into projects for their YouTube channel : Animal Time TV.

They had the unmitigated gall to fundraise YET AGAIN for their OWN USE, all carefully covered up in glitzy gold to fool the unsuspecting public!

This is where the $65 000 for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” disappeared to!  Well, the truth is NOBODY KNOWS!

While the world has been focusing and obsessing over the alleged “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” thanks to Rebecca A. Rodriguez, Alycia Barlow, Tracey Kleber and Pohyee Ooi Holmes (Poo Holmes’) conspiracy of hatred and deception, we proved that Rodriguez and Barlow were taking “extended vacations” across Europe including Greece, Germany, Bali, Puerto Rico, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Indonesia.  Absolutely outrageous and guess what funded all that international travel and all those expensive innoculations etc? 

Duh! The sun bears’ missing money suspiciously coincided with all this travel and we exposed it!

After we exposed that the sun bear’s money had been spent on international travel which coincided with the missing funds, Rodriguez and her despots were forced to pull down their project “Lights, Camera, Animals!” because they knew we would be able to prove that their Indiegogo fundraiser had NOTHING to do with helping animals but everything to do with flights, accommodations and food costs –  misusing funds meant for the “starving sunbears of Bandung Zoo”.  You know, FILM PRODUCTION COSTS! Surprise, surprise not!

lights camera animals

We caught fleeting glimpses of their travels with various posts on social media.

However, we can prove without doubt that the majority of the donated funds supposedly raised for the “Indonesia mission”, the “animals of Indonesia”, the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”, “Mikey the orphaned Orangutan” and the “2 sun bears Tegan and Bedhu”, were spent on funding “filming and photographing” various “animal-related” content to feature on Barlow and Rodriguez’s own YouTube Channel which is coming to you Summer 2018!

In the background all these months, the 2 Producers of Animal Time TV – Rodriguez and Barlow – have been busily turning all the raw footage of their jaunts to various animal shelters across the world into a docu-series/episodes for their YouTube Channel, utilizing the funds raised for very specific beneficiaries – “starving” sun bears of Bandung Zoo, all of whom were independently named in Rodriguez’s fundraiser!

alycia and rat on train to puglia

Yes, it’s “A new docu-series launching on YouTube Summer 2018.  The show will take audiences on a journey to meet amazing animal rescue heroes around the world and shine a spotlight on the work they’re doing, often on the margins of society.”

alycia comforts dog in pr

greece dog rescue

Rodriguez has been pushing for years to feature “animal heroes”.  But she never had the funds to produce the docu-series.  Until she raised $65 000 on GoFundMe.  For the alleged “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”!  Rodriguez has used every excuse in the book to divert attention away from that money and away from that fundraiser.  It’s all been hushed up with months of silence.  Until now.

We determined that approximately $5 000 was spent on “Indonesia-related missions” despite this being in direct violation of many of GoFundMe’s terms and conditions. 

For instance, donating to Uli’s Cat Sanctuary where “2 rescued kittens from a market” were dumped, a large payment of $2 700 to Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group (who were never even named beneficiaries) to build a reading house in exchange for the film and photographic footage of the “starving sun bears” which drove Rodriguez’s campaign.  Small donations were made to Wanicare Foundation where Rodriguez dumped 2 illegally purchased Otters (wildlife trafficking in Indonesia has a 15 year jail sentence).  Also, Indonesia Animal Welfare Society received a small start up fee.  An “injured monkey needed to see a Vet”.  And there was the “electronic equipment” given to an “animal rights activist”!

Possibly $5 000 actually spent on anything Indonesia-related.  $10 000 spent on expenses of her “expert team members” (friends).  $65 000 – $5 000 – $10 000 = $50000 “missing donations” was utilized for Rodriguez and Barlow’s filmmaking endeavors in Italy, Greece, Germany, Bali, Puerto Rico, Indonesia and Mexico!  $50 000 that was meant to benefit the SUN BEARS OF BANDUNG ZOO!

These are not the actions of authentic, honest animal advocates or legitimate animal heroes.  Where is the transparency and accountability?  No honest organization would behave this way.  These are the actions of a con artist with accomplices, who has just found a way to finally film, produce and feature in her (their) own productions!

project on hold animal house around the world 1 indiegogo

It’s no longer viable because their thievery, exploitation and manipulation has been exposed! Thank goodness because the next thing you know the public has funded Rodriguez’s lifestyle again.  $33000 was the target of this fundraiser but what percentage would be used on actually helping any animal? 5%? 10% These people are outrageous!

animal house around the world project on hold indiegogo 2

Your docuseries would not “shake up the status quo”! LOL! Why would it? You are not targeting anyone you are “filming animal heroes around the world” what has that got to do with shaking up the status quo? You people write the biggest load of bullshit I have ever encountered.  We don’t want LEGITIMATE, AUTHENTIC ANIMAL ADVOCATES + ORGANIZATIONS to ever stop fighting for animals but you are a bunch of scammers, liars and thieves.  End of! 

The public has been duped into funding Rodriguez’s plans, lifestyle and dreams.  All the while the animals of Indonesia are still suffering and are in dire predicaments (according to Rodriguez) yet somehow she couldn’t find it in her heart to help them! 

What type of self-proclaimed “animal warrior” scams the public, rips off the needy animals and then has the gall to produce content for her own YouTube Channel with the funds?


Rodriguez made the decision to use every last Dollar she could muster from her sun bears campaign on funding her international travel itinerary with Alycia Barlow.

THIS IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN ABOUT FEATURING RODRIGUEZ AND BARLOW IN “ANIMAL-RELATED” CONTENT FOR ANIMAL TIME TV YOU TUBE which they’ve tried to raise funds for repeatedly in the past.  We have all the evidence. 



animal time tv creating inspirational entertainment

Yes, “creating inspirational entertainment” with donations meant to help the “animals of Indonesia”! Dishonest. Fraudulent. Morally reprehensible!

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