BAMBOOZLED : The Art of Deception

Greed.  Infamy.  Bamboozled?

Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World, Animal House International and Animal Time TV

fugly cropped

took the public on a fantasy journey of lies and deception, all carefully crafted to maximize the flow of donations into her purported “project”.  The alleged “project” was to help specifically the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” who apparently were so hungry they ate their own feces to survive, plus the other “needy animals” of Bandung Zoo and then over time morphed into assisting an orphaned, juvenile Orangutan named Mikey (Mikail) and finally 2 sun bears Tegan and Bedhu who were promised a new enclosure.

mikand the orang in tiny cage
Mikey the orphaned Orangutan desperate for new enclosure


oneanimalworld were building a sun bear enclosure
Tegan and Bedhu desperate for a new enclosure


reaching up for food sun bear
Alleged sun bears of Bandung Zoo starving and eating their own feces to survive

Any person on Earth who has any empathy whatsoever would never be able to turn their backs on those animals.  For any reason.  According to Rebecca Rodriguez their plight – all of them – was dire and extreme.  Critical even.

We have revealed that there was never any real intention to assist those sun bears.  The plan/project all along was to relocate the sun bears.  Even though only her team were privy to this information.  However, ask yourself this.  Even if your plans were foiled, as an authentic, legitimate “animal advocate” “fighting for animals”, would you be able to walk away?  Would you be able to turn away from those imploring eyes?  Those critical situations?  There’s no way anyone with an ounce of decency and compassion would be able to leave those animals to fend for themselves and not offer even $1 or medication or enrichment or food!

Pohyee Ooi Holmes tweeting
Pohyee Ooi Holmes tweeting about the removal of the sun bears from Bandung Zoo to a sanctuary in the USA before any of the public knew this was the real “project” / intention of Rebecca A. Rodriguez

That’s the crux of this issue.

The truth is Rebecca Rodriguez, after being denied the opportunity to remove the sun bears of Bandung Zoo made the decision – all on her own – to utilize the funds from the fundraiser for “other projects”.  That’s why the campaign repeatedly changed and evolved.

The fact of the matter is Rebecca Rodriguez spent the majority of the money given for the animals, on international travel to Indonesia, Greece, Puerto Rico and Italy with her best friend Alycia Barlow – to multiple locations.  For “other projects”.

alycia at steps beach in puerto rico
Alycia Barlow “helping animals” in Puerto Rico


rebecca in puerto rico suntanned with bathing suit on
Suntanned Rebecca A. Rodriguez “helping animals” in Puerto Rico


Then she closed the campaign citing that she “couldn’t help the animals because her reputation was damaged”. There’s no legitimate reason for not helping the animals.  Bottom line. 

The truth is the majority of the money was gone.  Spent. And spent on “other important things” like updating her various web sites, registering domain names – online impersonation – of the people who dared to question her real objectives, motivation and actions and mostly international travel!Almost $65000 given by the public for the specifically named beneficiaries – the animals!!!  

This is the real reason Rodriguez cannot and will not publicize official accounting of the GoFundMe donations and the direct contributions paid to “One Animal World” aka “Rebrod LLC”.  It proves that the “animals” did not benefit in any way and she got to walk away with $65000, tax free.

You have all been BAMBOOZLED. 

This has nothing to do with helping animals.  This has everything to do with greed and infamy.  Rodriguez, we have proven, has over the past 30 odd years tried time and time again to raise funds for her “projects” and none of them were successful.  Ever.  Until she utilized the 2016 imagery and video of the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”.

In summation, Rodriguez pretended she was on an important animal-related mission wherein she would swoop in to rescue and relocate sun bears from Bandung Zoo and be a “hero”.  Her objective was to film this all and sell it onto TV production companies.  Even from the outset she was blatantly dishonest.  This was a mission of film production.  Not helping animals. 

dorothy rodriguez my sister rebecca and hollywood is watching the likes on the page
Rebecca A. Rodriguez’s sister talking of “Hollywood is watching the likes on her page” proving her game has always been about appearing on TV for infamy and money, NOT helping animals!


She manipulated the “truth” along the way with various cover stories claiming everything from Cee4Life demanded “her” money, Cee4Life prevented her from entering Bandung Zoo, Cee4Life tarnished her reputation, Cee4Life ruined her affiliations, Cee4Life supporters are tarnishing her name.  The list is on-going and tedious and still doesn’t provide cover for why Rebecca A. Rodriguez “couldn’t” help those animals.  With $65000!


Let’s be honest.  No real, authentic and legitimate animal advocate could walk away from those desperate animals.  Even if she couldn’t film and profit from it!  Rodriguez should have done the legal and moral thing.  She should have done what any animal advocate would have done! She and she alone chose not to do anything whatsoever!  You see, it’s all about greed and infamy.  If there’s no opportunity to film and appear on TV or YouTube, there’s no willingness to help any animal.  And this from an alleged “animal advocate” “fighting for animals”!

It’s called social engineering!  Abusing the natural tendency of humans to blindly trust


Sorry, there’s no justification for her “choices”! It’s mind-boggling that she has the gall to appear in public and show her face after what’s she’s done!

The art of deception in full swing.




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