Rebecca Rodriguez : Just be honest! How hard can it be?

We’ve unravelled a history spanning almost 30 years of self-proclaimed “animal advocate” Rebecca A. Rodriguez.  fugly cropped

Via multiple web domains, Facebook pages, company registrations and fundraising efforts, Rodriguez has been attempting to get the public to fund her dreams and ideas of appearing on TV and her own YouTube Channel – Animal Time TV – regarding various “animal-related” projects.  However, unfortunately, she has only been “partiallly honest”, if that.

Through carefully worded campaigns and fundraising endeavors, Rodriguez has led the public to believe she was/is at any given time, directly involved with various projects surrounding “animals”.  And she needs your money to help the “animals”!

This can encompass alleged projects such as “We are building a new enclosure for sun bears Tegan and Bedhu”. Rodriguez uses imagery of said sun bears, she writes she cried over their plight, asks the public to donate towards the alleged project, and it seems, at first glance, legitimate so many people donated.  What actually happened to $65000 given by the public to her purported projects?

proof of bedhu and tegan

However, what Rodriguez does not say is as damaging and dishonest as what she does say.  Firstly, months after this supposed “project” was highlighted by Rodriguez in her campaign, we managed to locate these 2 sun bears.  The sanctuary who actually house the 2 sun bears Tegan and Bedhu have never even heard of Rodriguez!  They have had zero dealings with her.  They know nothing about her.  So why is she fundraising to build their sun bears a new enclosure?  Blatantly dishonest and misleading! Rodriguez after raising $65000 donated not $1 towards Tegan and Bedhu!

The truth is Rodriguez is actually fundraising for filmmaking.  But she isn’t honest and doesn’t write that.  Perhaps if she did ask for investors or even the public to fund the production costs of taking a team to Sumatra to film the construction of the new enclosure for the sun bears aswell as contribute the total amount needed to build the enclosure, it would materialize.  The problem is Rodriguez is deceptive and misleading.  And somewhere, deep down, she knows the public is not going to cough up $15 000 to fund her ideas.  So she manipulates everybody through carefully crafted wording and imagery and stretches the truth, hiding the real objectives which usually involve taking “her expert team members” (friends) along, the cost of flights and accommodation and of course film production costs.

after rr stopped crying over tegan and bedhu

Rodriguez IS a highly manipulative narrator.  She understands film production.  She uses these tools to her advantage.  But one thing Rodriguez IS NOT is honest!

Just like the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”.  Just like “Mikail the orphaned Orangutan”.  Just like “the 150 dogs of Fasano”.  Just like “sun bears Tegan and Bedhu”.  None of these animals ever see even 1 dime.  None of these animals benefitted.  $65000 raised and around 10% spent on “animals of Indonesia”, if that.  The funds ended up actually being utilized for “her expert team members” (friends) and film production costs.  Even flying to multiple, international destinations with her best friend Alycia Barlow – supposedly “identifying film opportunities” is what the donations end up being utilized for!  Those animals really, desperately needed help.  None was given.  Ever.

mikand the orang in tiny cage

Rodriguez is not honest.

Rodriguez is not interested in helping any animal, UNLESS there’s a filmmaking opportunity. 

How many people in your group of friends / animal network works for and on behalf of animals? What about you?  How many animals have you rescued?  Plenty!  Fosters dogs and cats? Helps with spay/neuter projects? Transports a dog to a new home?  Hundreds if not thousands! But none of them turn every “good deed” into a film production or photo op.  Nor do they ask for money.  They help animals because they want to.  They don’t want infamy, attention or the public’s money to do it either!

Look at her projects spanning 30 years.  It’s the same, repetitive dialogue claiming to want to help animals but somehow the animals always end up with nothing.  And Rodriguez ends up with all the donations.

gfm update 9 money will be used for enclosure repairs and immediate needs like food


How many times must we read the tedious history constantly presented by Rodriguez in her world of “animal advocacy” work?  “President of One Animal World”?  “Lead consultant of One Animal World”? One Animal World is a Facebook page with 150 followers!!!!!  “Critically acclaimed independent filmmaker”?  “In 1989 on the island of Guam she founded a shelter”?  Ad nauseum.

Rodriguez never ever counted on being watched and scrutinized.  She never banked on true animal advocates / individuals questioning her real objectives and plans.  She never thought she would be held accountable.  These are the reasons Rodriguez has lashed out to slander and defame those individuals.  All Rodriguez needed to do is be honest.  But she couldn’t even do that.  And after 30 years, it’s just not going to happen.

habitual liar

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