Zoos : USA / Indonesia : The good, the bad, the truth

The lovely wikipedia and google zealot, Poop Holmes, holmes aka Pohyee Ooi Holmes of Pittsburgh, PA the petition organizer to “Close Bandung Zoo” due to it’s “horrific” status and plethora of alleged animal abuse, we have to wonder why Poo Holmes and her evil consort Rebecca Rodriguez rebecca floral  of La Center, WA who are both guilty of defamation, stealing, wire fraud, libel, impersonating individuals online, harassment, inciting mass-hatred towards Bandung Zoo, Cee4Life, Cee4Life supporters, Indonesia, animals of Indonesia – all crimes in multiple countries – insist on going on and on and on and on about Bandung Zoo.  Desperate much?

Recently Poop Holmes trolled through thousands of Instagram posts which unsuspecting members of the public had uploaded to their Instagram accounts.  She utilized the image as an “update” on her petition site.  She had to dig to 4 years ago to 2014 to find anything, wherein someone posts an image that cannot even be verified as Bandung Zoo!  Also, interestingly Poop Holmes who has never set foot in Bandung Zoo assures the public this is indeed definitely Bandung Zoo!  This is the image :


Interestingly, whilst trying to identify this image, we stumbled upon copious images of Bandung Zoo, dating all the way back to 2014 too.  Enjoy a balanced and realistic view of the Bandung Zoo, Indonesia!

bz insta 1

bz insta 4

bz insta 5

bz insta 7

bz insta 8

bz insta 11

However, we digress.  What they fail to realize is they have zero influence over a single animal of Indonesia.  Neither one of them is an expert in any field which involves “animals”.  Rodriguez left school at 16, has no qualifications, no animal-related qualifications and is simply an alleged animal advocate with a camera in a sea of animal advocates.  Poo Holmes also has zero qualifications and is unemployed.  She arrived in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and is of Chinese/Malaysian origin.  She stays at home and writes petitions. For animals and about countries she really knows nothing about!

2 unknown “Americans” trying to influence the Mayor, the President, heck an entire country, and are clearly not qualified, hold no sway and are considered unimportant and irrelevant in Indonesia.  Bottom-line – their slanderous, outrageous petition means nothing and is nothing to a single Indonesian animal! Nobody in Indonesia is remotely interested in what these 2 individuals’ warped, one-sided ideas and ramblings are!

American Rebecca Rodriguez’s obsession with Bandung Zoo stems from the fact that she couldn’t remove and relocate their Sun Bears to USA!.  She created a giant GoFundMe fundraiser allegedly for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”, had no discussions with Bandung Zoo prior to arriving at their door unannounced, has no animal-related qualifications eg wildlife rehabilitation, wildlife relocation, sun bears expertise etc.  

Cee4Life reached out to Rodriguez over many months, asking her to join in with efforts to upgrade the Sun Bear enclosure and assist the other animals of Bandung Zoo.  Cee4Life reached out to Rodriguez on the basis that Rodriguez had created a giant fundraiser for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” : Rodriguez’s fundraiser on GoFundMe for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”

Bandung Zoo, having learnt about the fundraiser reported Rodriguez to the Authorities for fraud and she was pursued by Police and fled the country in shame.

Rodriguez had raised around $50000 USD at the point she arrived in Indonesia.  All that fundraising resulted in…….. NOTHING FOR THE ANIMALS.  Rodriguez simply left Indonesia, returned to the USA, closed the fundraiser and netted herself $65000 USD, tax free!

Furthermore, note that the “commenting” section has been turned off on the petition site.  This is because the truth was being published by a few “animal watch dogs”!  People started asking Rebecca Rodriguez and Poo Holmes some difficult questions and they most certainly didn’t want to address them!  Hundreds if not thousands of people have been blocked, banned and removed from both the petition site and the fundraiser.  

Zoos : The good, the bad, the truth

Once again, the delightful, “highly educated and qualified” Poop Holmes writes on her latest demented attack (update) on Bandung Zoo that Zoos do not breed.  The ignorance is mind-boggling and simply astounding!

zoos dont breed

The ineptitude! The embarassing truth! Ugh! Thousands of Zoos all over the world breed.  There are several reasons for this.  Including saving species from extinction.  Ensuring genetic diversity. etc.  Your ignorance, arrogance and incompetent ramblings are utterly ridiculous!

Taken from : Why the world needs Zoos. A scientific paper.

zoos breed

There is clearly a demented obsession with Bandung Zoo.  As outlined above, there is very real and very clear evidence that certain individuals are directly responsible and actively involved with trying desperately to tarnish Bandung Zoo and the organizations working to help Bandung Zoo to improve.  Animals have now been physically hurt thanks to this unhealthy obsession and highly questionable action like burning Ozone the gentle, innocent Orangutan by purposefully tossing him a lit cigarette to capture it on video and turn it into another “sting video”!  Would any real animal advocate perpetrate a crime against an animal like this?

Why isn’t Rebecca Rodriguez and Poo Holmes working on the evil, cruel, deplorable zoos in their own home country?  One is right on the doorstep of Holmes in Philadelphia and the other on the doorstep of Rodriguez in Oregon – what are you doing for the animals in Pennsylvania?  Rodriguez, what are you doing for the animals in Portland Oregon?  

louisville zoo kentucky
Louisville Kentucky Zoo

elephant spine

Many of these zoos are in truth, MUCH WORSE than Bandung Zoo. Trust us, we have the evidence!  

Kansas Zoo leaves Elephant to die slow, painful death

Pittsburgh Zoo : Baby Elephant suffers and dies

Pittsburgh Zoo uses electrical prods and bullhooks on Elephants

Oregon Zoo murders Elephant Packy

Happy birthday, Colo: Oldest living gorilla in U.S. turns 60
Packy at Oregon Zoo

Oregon Zoo abuses Elephants with bullhooks

Read for yourself here, the 10 worst zoos in America and the 2 in blue reflect Rodriguez and Holmes’ own home States yet they do NOTHING for these animals whatsoever:  

  1. Topeka Zoo, Topeka, Kansas
  2. Pittsburgh Zoo and International Convention Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  3. Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Omaha, Nebraska
  4. Louisville Zoo, Louisville, Kentucky
  5. Oregon Zoo, Portland, Oregon
  6. Myrtle Beach Safari, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  7. Two Tails Ranch, Williston, Florida
  8. St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis, Missouri
  9. Natural Bridge Zoo, Rockbridge County, Virginia
  10. Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, Columbia, South Carolina

10 worst Elephant Zoos in USA : Depraved cruelty and indifference

Well, why aren’t they working to help the animals in their own country?  In a nutshell there simply isn’t any money or infamy in doing that.  The plight of animals in a foreign country seems much more interesting to the people of America for some unknown reason.  There’s also no money to be raised for animals in the USA when there’s so much competition amongst organizations for donor money!



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