The Blame Game. The movie.

Where to start with the Blame Game?

A documentary film titled the “Blame Game” will be created and disseminated to multiple news and media outlets.  It will be a documentary about con artists who steal from animals and then use any vacuous, excuse they can come up with as to why the animals never received any of the money or any help whatsoever!

A classic example of this is Rebecca Rodriguez of : One Animal World, Animal Time TV, Animal House International and Lights, Camera, Animals!


who led the public on a merry-go-round of lies and deception, raised $65 000 using “animals of Indonesia”, (remember the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”) then disappeared into silence with all the donations who is now claiming she is a victim of cyber-bullies who are envious and greedy.  Of? Well, that’s still to be revealed.


Let’s give you a classic example of the merry-go-round of lies and deception perpetrated by Rodriguez.  Using one of her many Facebook pages, this time as Animal House, she created a petition to force the Mayor of Fasano Italy Europe to move forward with helping 150 dogs currently housed in a delipidated shelter.  She gained access to the information regarding the 150 dogs because her partner in Animal House, Tracey Kleber, moved from the USA and settled into the town of Fasano.  Now the key words here are “delapidated shelter”.  Remember those words.  Their importance will be revealed.


Rodriguez writes how she personally is directly involved with the Mayor of Fasano (100% FALSE).  Not only is she alleging she is personally involved (100% FALSE) – she also refutes our claims – that she has been “respectful” (100% FALSE) – yet chooses to create a petition stating the Mayor of Fasano is “holding the dogs hostage”???  This is her way of being respectful?

Please further note, we view the welfare of the 150 dogs sequestered in Fasano as devastating.  However, European law dictactes how this unfolds.  An unknown, aspiring actress and filmmaker from Washington was never going to impact the Mayor of Fasano or the conditions at the shelter.

As a side note, Rodriguez has approximately $50 000 USD left from her fundraiser at the time yet she couldn’t donate $1 to the 150 dogs of Fasano?  She couldn’t donate to local shelters in Fasano who are utterly desperate for any kind of help? An animal advocate? Fighting for animals?

She also writes how she will solve the problems of the dog’s current living conditions. She even has the gall to write that the Mayor of Fasano is holding the 150 dogs hostage.  We should have known then and there no way was the Mayor working with Rodriguez!

animal house int 1

Rodriguez gets into a fight on her Facebook Animal House page with some individuals who physically live in Fasano Italy regarding the 150 dogs.  It becomes very clear that Rodriguez actually doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  The laws in Europe are extremely different to the laws in the USA regarding animal welfare and the public’s involvement in political institutions and laws.  Rodriguez doesn’t seem to realize this.  She continues to argue several key points. Update : We have nothing to do with Rodriguez’s argument with members of the public.  This is ALL Rodriguez herself.  See screenshots for evidence :

animal house italy bs with tiberio

tiberio potenza with actual info regarding the shelter

Watching all this unfold, Rodriguez is called out on the 150 dogs of Fasano Italy “project”.  We imply her claims have been investigated and that the Mayor of Fasano denied any contact or involvement with Rodriguez whatsoever.  At that stage – it was a bold-faced lie! 

But the strange thing here is this : If Rodriguez really was directly involved with the Mayor of Fasano she would have known that!  LOL!  (Please note, for those who are “mentally challenged” this LOL is aimed directly at Rodriguez’s inability to tell the truth.  The LOL has nothing to do with the 150 dogs.  Apparently, we have to point this out as Rodriguez infers we find this situation amusing.  No Rebecca, the state of these dogs in Fasano is no joke.  The only joke here is you.) 

Instead, she goes on to blame Sybelle Foxcroft, Celia Athumai, Paula Mc Kenzie Mu’nin and Briony Wolf specifically for “undermining her influence” with the Mayor of Fasano!  

fasano project is being undermined by others

Months later we enquired and then received confirmation that Rodriguez had never, ever been involved with the Mayor of Fasano or his office!  The Mayor of Fasano spoke out about what exactly was transpiring regarding the 150 dogs in a public statement :

the mayors statement regarding the kennel


FACT : Rebecca Rodriguez was definitely NOT respectful! (The Mayor is “holding the dogs HOSTAGE” (her exact words) and according to Rodriguez is not fulfilling his promises).  Here are the screenshots from the petition (yes another one by P Holmes and “Animal House International” aka Rebecca A. Rodriguez and Tracey Kleber) of just how “respectful” Rodriguez has really been!

And even if Mayor Zaccaria ever considered working with Rodriguez more recently (apparently this is false) we’re sure after reading these respectful statements by Rodriguez he will be simply overjoyed to welcome her special kind of help!  😉

Screenshot evidence from 20 April 2018!




FACT : Rebecca Rodriguez never, ever made contact with the Mayor or his office at the time she created the petition for the “150 dogs of Fasano Italy”.

FACT : Rebecca Rodriguez never inspired the Mayor to work with her due to her totally uneducated assumptions that the Mayor would want to work with a completely unknown aspiring American actress and filmmaker with zero expertise, zero experience, zero qualifications and zero credentials – from somewhere in the United States!

FACT : The Mayor has never heard of Rebecca Rodriguez and apparently he wasn’t interested in her filming the rebuilding of the shelter in Fasano and turning it into a production for Rodriguez’s YouTube Channel : Animal Time TV.

FACT : Rebecca Rodriguez blamed Briony Wolf for dogs dying at the Fasano based shelter.  If Rodriguez was never involved with the Mayor to “help the dogs”, never donated to the Fasano shelter where the dogs are housed, never did anything for the dogs, how is it that Briony Wolf is responsible for dogs passing away? What did Wolf do other than ask questions? And by asking questions, how did this impact on the Fasano dogs? The real question is WHAT DID RODRIGUEZ ACTUALLY DO FOR ANY OF THOSE DOGS AT THE SHELTER WHEN SHE WAS THERE?  Did she donate financially?  Did she buy food?  Did she buy medicine?  Did she buy warm blankets?  NO! Rodriguez took video and pictures.  So who is responsible for dogs dying in Fasano Rodriguez?

animal rescue deceivers blaming whistleblowers for the 150 dogs dying

FACT : Why is Rebecca Rodriguez fundraising again for something she is NOT involved with and what exactly are the donations for? Read anything about “contributing directly to purchase of food”, “contributing directly for veterinary care” or any other legitimate purpose? No! More like funding “expenses of team” – the film production “team”, that’s who!! 

donate animal time tv or not for profit one animal world

Remember the “key words” of “delapidated shelter”?  The truth is Rodriguez was hoping to produce another film for her “Animal House” show on YouTube, based on her experience of rebuilding an animal shelter in Othello Washington, 4 years ago. Which was a total disaster, by the way.

In reality, yet again, this had nothing to do with helping animals!  Rodriguez wanted the opportunity to FILM the construction of the new shelter in Fasano, thereby claiming not only was she the savior of the 150 dogs of Fasano Italy but she got to produce another film.  For her own YouTube channel.  We can guarantee there would have been a fundraiser attached to this “project”.  The money/fundraiser story for the 150 dogs of Fasano Italy doesn’t end there. There’s more to come!

She would have again carefully crafted an ambiguous plan about “rescuing and helping the 150 dogs of Fasano Italy” but she would have really been using the donations to fund the cost of her film production and team members etc.  Just as she had planned with the sun bears of Bandung Zoo.  Get it?

Rodriguez is rushing in as an experienced “animal advocate” of 20+ years, as a “savior and hero” and the public would all be gushing over her “work” for animals, all the while she is craftily funding her filmmaking objectives which result in infamy and money for Rodriguez directly!

It get’s worse.  If that’s possible.  After first suspecting that Rodriguez was conjuring up more “projects” and “missions” and asking for donations we found, once again, reference to the 150 dogs of Fasano and more direct fundraising for this “project”.  Now remember, Rodriguez is not working with the Mayor of Fasano or his office!  This time under Rodriguez’s company : One Animal World under “current projects” what do we find?  Yet again, asking for donations for the 150 dogs of Fasano Italy!


We kid you not!  If this isn’t evidence of a clear pattern of outright lying and ripping off animals and abusing the public’s kindness, I don’t know what is!

Exactly why is Rodriguez fundraising for the 150 dogs of Fasano with whom she has zero involvement? (More likely fundraising for flying her “team members’ ” (friends) to Fasano to cover film production costs! Ring a bell with Bandung Zoo’s “starving sun bears”?

Check out the date and time of this screenshot :

one animal world current projects dogs of fasano with date

It’s this type of behavior that gives genuine animal advocates and animal lovers a bad name.

Now go ahead and buy into Rodriguez’s “documentary” that she is an innocent who is being cyber-bullied by envious and greedy individuals and organizations!  This is just one example of the compulsive lying by Rodriguez who continually tries to get the public to fund her lifestyle and dreams.  It also shows a highly developed sense of entitlement and narcissism. We will continue to break down every single lie perpetrated by this habitual and chronic liar.  Read it, watch it.  Decide for yourself just exactly what the hell is going on here? 

And who is being bullied and threatened and why!

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