No Good Deed! “The documentary”!

Is this a joke?  Upcoming 2019! A documentary “No Good Deed” produced by “critically acclaimed and award winning filmmaker and rescuer”, Rebecca Rodriguez” (yawn) with 30 years of “experience” in “animal rescue”!  (yawn) (Millions of other people around the globe are rescuers and animal advocates for 30+ years.  Very impressive”.)  This ridiculous documentary should be called “THE BLAME GAME”!

Now it just struck me.  There is a record, a public record and literally hundreds of thousands of private screenshots of the entire fundraiser and the petition for President Widodo to shut down Bandung Zoo.  Plus the timeline of with dates and then of course Rodriguez’s varying on-line hate/smear Facebook pages and web pages which contain more records. 

Exactly how does poor, “cyber-bullied victim” Rodriguez think she is going to make a documentary in which the evidence is diametrically opposed to her timeline and story?  Spanning over 16 months?  The evidence repudiates all Rodriguez will allege!  How on Earth is she going to DENY THE EVIDENCE which will be contrary to what she claims? 

Her claims of being a “critically acclaimed and award winning filmmaker” is true but in reality are miniscule and of no real significance or importance whatsoever. On closer examination, these “wonderful” films include Floater and Soul Collectors, produced in 2000, 18 years ago.  Floater is about a poo that won’t flush down the toilet and Soul Collectors is a movie about 2 men who try and convince a woman that she is dead.  Both movies were made in a week-end!  She won a tiny award in 2005, 13 years ago and a small, unremarkable award in the Pacific Northwest.  Not exactly Hollywood! Not exactly Bollywood!

She’s also the President of One Animal World (an organization which consists only  of Rodriguez herself – very impressive), contributed to creating a humane society in Guam in 1989, almost 20 years ago, built a shelter in Othello, Washington 5 years ago which was a complete and utter nightmare fraught with complications and chaos, and since then has been fundraising spanning a 20 year period to fund her lifestyle and dreams!  Fact!  

This couldn’t get more bizarre! 

Rodriguez’s diversionary tactics in full operation right now.

Instead of simply publishing the accounting records of the donations – $65000 raised via – to prove that Rebecca A. Rodriguez used the public’s funds to specifically help the animals she named as beneficiaries, Rodriguez is now wasting more time and money on trying to convince the public she is “innocent” and is being targeted by “cyber bullies” who, in reality, have done nothing but ask her very specific questions about the disbursement of all the funds she raised and her real intentions to help those animals! 

So STILL, what are the valid reasons Rodriguez couldn’t support the animals in her fundraiser?  There aren’t any so this is the latest ploy of utter rubbish – a documentary!

Why create an entire documentary when all you have to do is publicize accounting records and all the accusations would stop?  Think about that.


Rodriguez knew the sun bears of Bandung Zoo were not starving.  We have proof of this.

Rodriguez, who named the fundraiser after the sun bears, specifically stated that funds would be personally delivered by her and her team to assist the animals named in her fundraiser.  We have proof of this.

As written before these are :

  • Starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo

  • Animals of Bandung Zoo

  • Mikey the orphaned Orangutan in Sumatra

  • Sun bears Tegan and Bedhu in Jogja

  • “Animals of Indonesia”

So if it was Rodriguez’s intention to help these animals why didn’t she? 

Does she not have access to the internet?  Paypal?  Western Union? 

Plus she left her team members in Indonesia when she left Bandung.  Did any of them offer any aid or help – to buy a pole? A rope? Some enrichment?  Veterinary supplies?  Building materials?  Fruit?  Food?  Medicine?  For even 1 animal named? NO!  (And the 2 otters purchased at an illegal wildlife market, dumped at a sanctuary who died from a communicable human/animal disease and 2 kittens rescued and dumped at a shelter DO NOT COUNT!)

Rodriguez comes up with a host of excuses as why she can’t help the animals – from she was “cyber-bullied” and harassed and her reputation was damaged.  All this because the people asking direct, specific questions about the alleged “offer of help” and “disbursement of the PUBLIC’S donations” were supposedly envious and greedy and this somehow hindered her! 

If Rodriguez has nothing to hide why all the ducking and diving? Why resort to making an entire documentary – on yourself – when all you have to do is publicize how and on what $65 000 raised for the “animals of Indonesia” was spent!

Truthfully, there is not a single valid reason those animals weren’t helped and Rodriguez kept the public’s donations.  There was NOTHING that stopped Rodriguez from helping the beneficiaries.  Nothing!

These supposed  envious and greedy”cyber-bullies” were in reality, simply members of the public who, having asked questions of Rodriguez, were blocked and banned from her pages and their comments removed.  If you are a legitimate “rescuer” and “animal advocate” you would have no problem whatsoever answering any questions about a fundraiser you are hosting.  If there’s nothing to hide, what’s the problem?  Why all the cloak and dagger?

How is asking questions and holding someone accountable the actions of cyber-bullies who are envious and greedy individuals?  Does that make sense?  To anyone?

Factually, Rodriguez never helped a single named beneficiary / animal in her fundraiser.  Why not? 

She refuses to allow independent accounting of the funds from and therefore proof that the animals benefitted from the fundraiser.  Why create an entire documentary on utter nonsense if she has proof she helped the animals / used the funds for their intended purpose?  Why create a documentary when YOU are the person guilty of stealing money from desperate animals?

Rodriguez’s documentary needs to be about people, such as herself,  who scam the public for donations using heartfelt pleas about some animals somewhere in the world who desperately needs help! Do a documentary on cons who use animals for money.  Title it “The Blame Game” which is something you’ve artfully mastered.  You’ve had years of experience doing it!

We have proven that Rodriguez had no intention of helping the starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo.  Not in the way the public was lead to believe.  Her plan all along was to film the removal of the sun bears from Indonesia to sanctuaries in the USA.  That’s the real reason the sun bears didn’t get any help.  That’s the crux of the matter.  The money was to cover the expenses of her film production team, cost of flights for the relocation etc.  Nobody but her team members knew that until her “team member” Ms P Ooi Holmes mistakenly tweeted about it on Twitter!  That’s how it became public knowledge.  Up until the tweets, nobody knew about the real plan.

We have spent 15 months analysing both the fundraiser and the petition.  We have written about everything as it has unfolded.  There is 100% undeniable proof and clear evidence of a conspiracy by Rodriguez (and her many accomplices) plus her side-kick Pohyee Ooi Holmes specifically to tarnish the reputation of Bandung Zoo and Cee4Life and to instigate specific, targeted harassment, stalking, bullying, terrorizing and intimidation of anyone who dared to question them!

Yet she claims she is the victim?  She is the perpetrator here.  And she has done nothing but lied and continued to lie to cover up her actions.

Rodriguez has lied about her intention of helping the starving sun bears.  She has lied about the enclosure for Mikey.

and the enclosure for sun bears Tegan and Bedhu. 

She has lied about her involvement with the organizations she listed as being affiliates.  She has lied about her involvement with the dogs of Fasano, ItalyShe has lied about her “current projects” under One Animal World as many of these projects are already completed!  Why are you fundraising for goals/projects that have been finished?  Her actions are not our actions.  If Rodriguez was honest and upfront and complied with her moral and legal objectives, none of this would be happening.  That’s a fact.  We have proof.

Rodriguez will and is trying desperately to spin this all around but we have evidenced all the lies, spanning 15 months.  A documentary on being cyber-bullied with her as the “victim”?  Are you kidding?  After she incited death threats? Hacked into computers? Abused animals for sting videos? Registered individuals’ identities? Has multiple smear blogs on social media?  Created a fake Bandung Zoo/Surabaya Zoo Facebook page?  Created and conjoined with a completely false, lie-ridden petition? The victim?  There are the actions of a very crafty, cunning manipulator and story teller who surprise, surprise is telling more lies! THIS is NO innocent person! This is clearly NO victim!

Rodriguez, where is the $65000 you raised for the animals of Indonesia?  Bottom line. Where is proof that the ANIMALS the public donated to, received any form of real help?

Follow the links, read the entire history and then decide for yourself who is the cyber-bully guilty of envy and greed.  Who raised $65000 “for animals” and then used every excuse in the book to keep all the funds for herself?

Truthfully, nobody stopped Rodriguez from “helping animals”.  She didn’t want to.  The Blame Game in full swing!


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