This could all end. But there’s a small problem!

Simplistically, this expose of Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World and Animal House : Around the World could immediately stop.  Just like that.

But how?

Well, all Rodriguez has to do is publish her accounting records of the fundraiser.  Get an independent accountant to examine and then publicize the accounting of the donations, proof of the disbursement of funds to the named beneficiaries – the various animals – and poof, this would all be gone.  Simple right?

But there’s a small problem.

The oodles of boodles have gone toodles!

Rodriguez has lavishly spent the $65000 raised.  And there’s the small problem of not one cent was spent on any of those named animals in the fundraiser! Fact. We have written proof.

This is the reason Rodriguez has disappeared underground.  It’s also too late to get a refund from GoFundMe because it’s been more than 3 months since the fundraiser closed and you, the donors, weren’t paying attention.  Maybe you were waiting for an update or an announcement?

Nope, will never happen.

Rodriguez has now also taken blaming the whistleblowers for her “problems”!  Well, they weren’t involved in the fundraiser.  They never spent any of the money.  They never took in donations on Rodriguez’s behalf.  All they did was ask direct, specific questions about ensuring the animals named in the fundraiser, got the help Rodriguez promised.

Rodriguez has for months used terroristic methodology to try and silence the whistleblowers.  This has been previously addressed and proven.

The money is gone.

Shockingly, not one animal benefitted.

Nobody wants to work with Rodriguez now.  For good reason!  Her reputation precedes her. 

And as for all those animals, all their “horrific conditions”, all their “suffering” , the alleged “starving sun bears”, little Mikey living in a tiny cage – it still continues today because not one of them received even $1.

(Currently those animals are being helped by Australian NGO Cee4Life who Rodriguez trashed publically!)










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