The biggest liar of 2017?


We need to highlight the blatantly illegal, dishonest and frankly psychotic manner in which the petition creator – 

W P Ooi Holmes aka P Holmes, Py Holmes, Poo Holmes, Poop Holmes, Ooi Holmes, Pohyee Holmes ad infinitum of Ben Avon, Philadelphia


has specifically and underhandedly lied to and manipulated the public and suckered them in, in the most deplorably heinous way.  She has delighted and relished in every single lie written.  She has trashed Bandung Zoo, Indonesia, Cee4Life and Cee4Life supporters.  She has hurt multiple animals.  These are not the actions of a rational, kind-hearted “animal lover”!

Poo Holmes has been reported to the Authorities in multiple countries for multiple violations.  She is outrageously dishonest and unethical and must be brought to justice.


Exactly how did an unknown Chinese/Malaysian individual who has never visited Bandung Zoo create and disseminate derogatory lies and defamatory content?  From the beginning it seemed Poop Holmes would stop at nothing to destroy Bandung Zoo.  Just from analyzing her original content, it was blatantly obvious that after teaming up with Rebecca A. Rodriguez, they had developed a plan used to manipulate the public into believing anything they could conjure up.  And conjure they did!

There are so many lies, we cannot list them all.  There are easily a thousand lies contained within the petition to close Bandung Zoo.  This begs the question why would someone purposefully lie and manipulate the public?  Truthfully, there are massive egos at play here.  For the first time in her life, Poo Holmes is being associated with something outside of her small sphere of loneliness.  Together, she with Rebecca Rodriguez have stroked their egos and enjoyed their malevolent plot and all the attention it’s given them.

The worse the lies the bigger the pay-off : More signatures and more donations!

Here is a small sampling of her purposefully misleading lies :

Lie #1 : Giraffe died at Bandung Zoo with 40lbs of trash in it’s stomach (This occurred at Surabaya Zoo)

poo zoo lie2

Lie #2 : Bandung Zoo is coined “Indonesia’s zoo of death” (This moniker is used for Surabaya Zoo)

Lie #3 : There is no vet at Bandung Zoo (There are several vets)

Lie #4 : Tourists report animals are emaciated and weak (No animals look emaciated and weak. Some animals like Ramadan the Camel had undergone gastric surgery and had lost some weight as a result)

poo zoo lie1

Lie #5 : Sun Bears are starving, eating their own feces (Multiple independent wildlife experts stated and repeatedly confirmed Sun Bears had never been starving, were not starving and were in overall very good condition.  Kardit the Sun Bear with his “ribs showing” is 27 years old, around the equivalent of a 75 year old person hence he does not have much body fat.  Animals in the wild often eat their feces!  Just research that fact!)

Lie #6 : Zoo is overcrowded (The zoo is definitely not overcrowded.  If Poo Holmes had actually been to Bandung Zoo she would know this!)

Lie #7 : Camels are ridden until they drop dead (Camels are rarely ridden at Bandung Zoo and what camel has died at Bandung Zoo?)

Lie #8 : She created a fake page of “Bandung Zoo” on Facebook and joined it with Surabaya Zoo to further confuse the public and incite unwarranted hatred (What type of sick loser purposefully sets out to tarnish the reputation of Bandung Zoo by associating them with Surabaya Zoo?  Poo Holme’s actions are actually reprehensible and so dishonest)

fake bz page

Lie #9 : She illegally called for false reviews using the Google review system also currently being investigated by the Google Analytics’ team (It is illegal to utilize and encourage fake reviews using the Google system.)

poo calling for bad reviews of bandung zoo on her petition site 1

Lie# 10 : Cee4Life promote animal cruelty (No words for this one. Check out the work of Cee4Life and decide for yourself who is the outright liar lying and deceiving the public)

Lie #11 : Ramadan the camel is being starved and neglected (Ramadan underwent massive surgery to remove a tumour from his digestive system)

cee4lies camel 3

This is plain evil in our midst!

Report this illegal activity and violation of multiple laws spanning several countries and social media platforms such as Twitter and and bring Poop Holmes to justice. 

Contact the following :

Allegheny County Law Enforcement :  Allegheny County Police Department

 FBI : Contact FBI : to report multiple policy violations throughout the campaign

 GoFundMe : GoFundMe to report multiple violations throughout the campaign including no funds delivered to ANY beneficiary

Interpol : Interpol to report multiple violations of multiple laws spanning the globe

 IRS : IRS for tax fraud and tax evasion

 Indonesian government : Indonesian government for defaming Bandung Zoo and Indonesia

Tweet to Mayor of Bandung : Tweet to Mayor of Bandung about P Ooi Holmes for inciting hatred of Bandung Zoo and Indonesia

Tweet to President of Indonesia : Tweet to President of Indonesia regarding P Ooi Holmes inciting mass-hatred of Bandung Zoo and Indonesia