Evil masquerading as goodness

Rebecca A. Rodriguez and her associates Tracey Kleber, Alycia Barlow Hadfield and Poop Holmes have blamed Cee4Life supporters for being the reason her recent project has failed.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  People are tired of being ripped off!

project on hold
More lies as to why Rodriguez’s plans to fundraise once again, create film and acquire infamy, failed miserably.

We have examined Rodriguez’s history spanning 20 years.  Almost every single project besides 1 has failed.  This has had nothing to do with any individual.  Simply, Rodriguez has repeatedly tried to raise funds for her various projects and 99% of the time it has failed simply due to lack of interest by the public.  Examine Rodriguez’s history :


The only project which had a blip of success was rebuilding an animal shelter in Othello Washington, several years ago.  Even that project was fraught with complications and chaos.  Rodriguez continues to mention this project as a means to present the public with her “many successes”.  Other than this project, Rodriguez has had zero success.

She also continuously and repeatedly mentions the “fact” that she’s a “critically acclaimed, independent filmmaker”.  Yes, almost 20 years ago she produced 2 films created in 1 week-end.  One was a film called “Floater” about a piece of poo that won’t flush down the toilet and the other is about a film wherein 2 men try and convince a woman that she’s dead.  Um, yes, “critically acclaimed, independent filmmaker”!

But back to evil masquerading as goodness.

Rodriguez had a plan very early in 2017 to make a lot of money to fund her filmmaking objectives.  She stumbled upon a sting video released by Scorpion Wildlife Trafficking Group of “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”.  Rodriguez had the idea to create a fundraiser for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” but through carefully crafted and highly manipulative and deceptive wording, she does not specifically state exactly how this help will be delivered, other than a few minor slip ups!

Note Rodriguez’s Update 10 :  “We made a commitment to the animals and our contributors to personally establish the type of care these animals are receiving and the conditions they are living in.  In addition, we promised to spend our supporter’s contributions responsibly and in the best interest of the animals”  We intend to keep that promise by personally delivering support to these animals”.

Well, where is the $65000 Rodriguez raised?  Not a single animal received even $1!!!

gfm update 10 specifically naming helping the sun bears and delivery support to these animals

Unbeknown to anyone other than her immediate circle of friends – friends who had worked on the Othello, Washington project and the same friends she flew to Indonesia – Rodriguez never had any real intention of helping the sun bears in any way.  Rodriguez wanted to remove the sun bears from Bandung Zoo Indonesia to a sanctuary in the USA!  This she would then turn into a film production and hopefully sell it on to Nat Geo or Animal Planet for profit!

The innocent and gullible public honestly believed Rodriguez would be delivering specific help to the sun bears who were “starving” such as food, veterinary supplies, construction of a new enclosure, upgrades, help, assistance.  Nowhere was Rodriguez honest with her real intentions – that this was all about film production!  Would YOU have donated so Rodriguez could create a film of the sun bears?

Multiple individuals and organizations started asking some very difficult questions about the disbursement of donations.  Bandung Zoo itself had never heard of Rodriguez or the fact that she was “fundraising” supposedly to help the “starving sun bears”.  In fact, nobody anywhere in the world had heard of Rodriguez.

Bandung Zoo, having heard of the fundraiser, reached out to their English-speaking partner organization – Cee4Life.  They instructed Cee4Life to approach Rodriguez about working together to improve the lives of the “starving sun bears”.  Instead, Rodriguez went into a psychotic rage and viciously attacked Cee4Life and Bandung Zoo.  Rodriguez went on to publicize via the fundraiser and the petition created by her associate Poop Holmes, that Cee4Life had demanded the money of Rodriguez!  We have proven this never happened.

The truth was Rodriguez’s plans to remove the sun bears was thwarted when Bandung Zoo denied her entry and asked Indonesian authorities to investigate Rodriguez’s fundraiser.  Rodriguez upon her return to Washington, USA suddenly updated the fundraiser to say “the campaign has evolved”!  The truth is Rodriguez never ever had any intention whatsoever to help the sun bears.  Rodriguez was only helping herself!

Rodriguez continued to lie and manipulate the public via the fundraiser and the petition to close Bandung Zoo.  She refused to answer any questions about the donations.  The campaign included random pictures of animals such as Tiger cubs and Elephants.  Rodriguez also, besides the starving sun bears specifically mentioned fundraising for Mikey (Mikail) an orphaned Orangutan who needed a new enclosure, animals of Bandung Zoo, “animals of Indonesia” and also 2 sun bears named Tegan and Bedhu who also needed a new enclosure.

gfm help the starving sun bears

We now have written confirmation regarding the named beneficiaries of this fundraising campaign that NONE of them received anything.  Not a piece of fruit, a pole or $1!  The public donated almost $65 000 USD.  Where is the money? Gone! What animals have benefitted?  None!

mikand the orang in tiny cage

Rodriguez continued to heavily slander and defame Bandung Zoo, Cee4Life and Cee4Life supporters.  She stole their identities, registered their domain names, publicized their private information, publicized their business information, social media accounts and incited death threats, on-going hang up phone calls, attempts to hack computers, created a Dropbox account with videos, imagery for use by the public to further defame Bandung Zoo.  She has illegally manipulated the Google review system which is also currently being investigated by the Google Analytics team.  She has constantly changed and updated the Wikipedia Bandung Zoo page to fulfil her agenda.  Rodriguez created multiple smear blogs and web pages and continued to harass, stalk and bully anyone who dares to question her.  Are these the actions of a victim as claimed by Rodriguez? Are these the actions of an honest “animal advocate”?


She has attempted, over a period of 15 long months to severely target and harass Bandung Zoo, Cee4Life and Cee4Life supporters in a desperate attempt to divert the public’s attention elsewhere.  She has attempted to incite mass-hatred of a Zoo undergoing major upgrades as we speak and Bandung Zoo is the first Zoo in all of Indonesia committed to implementing the 5 freedoms for it’s animals.  Bandung Zoo is rated 14 out of 61 of all zoos in Indonesia, hardly the “worst zoo” in Indonesia as Rodriguez would have the public believe!

Then we investigated Rodriguez’s “current” plans under her company “One Animal World” and lo and behold we found several already completed projects from 2017, listed as “current goals”!  She was fundraising for already finished projects.  eg she was calling for funds to “build a reading house in Sumatra” as recently as March 2018.  This project was completed last year around November 2017!

oaw donate to reading house in sumatra with date

She was also asking for donations for “the dogs of Fasano Italy”.  Be advised the Mayor of Fasano has had NO dealings with Rodriguez whatsoever.  How can she be fundraising for something she has no involvement with?

one animal world current projects dogs of fasano with date

This is totally fraudulent and outright lying!

Thus, spanning 20 years, there is a distinct pattern by Rodriguez to get the public to cough up money to fund her lifestyle, dreams of infamy and film projects.  Nobody has been interested and 99% of the projects never materialized.

Rodriguez’s behavior and lies have resulted in the consequences she now faces.  Lying to the public, deceiving the public and ripping off animals is the reason nobody wants to fund any of her dreams/projects or work with her.  Not only is Rodriguez a liar but she is the biggest hypocrite we’ve ever encountered.

There is only one person to blame!  Herself!

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