The biggest scam of 2017 – Bandung Zoo

Rebecca Rodriguez and her associates Alycia Barlow, Poop Holmes and Tracey Kleber along with Marison Guciano have told nothing but lies for the past 15 months!  FACT :



Here is the factual account of how and why these people ripped off the public and attempted to crucify Bandung Zoo and it’s associates.  You have NOT been told the truth!

Sun Bear of Bandung Zoo
  1. They ALL knew the sun bears of Bandung Zoo were not starving prior to starting their “starving sun bears” “mission”.
  2. Marison Guciano released and re-released the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” video countless times and asked for donations.
  3. Marison Guciano allowed Rebecca Rodriguez to utilize the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” video as the main focus and impetus for her “fundraiser”.
  4. Rebecca Rodriguez allowed Poop Holmes to utilize the video and images of the supposed “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” for the petition to close Bandung Zoo.
  5. Together a giant conspiracy was created to malign Bandung Zoo.  Each individual who utilized the sting video did so for their own reasons.  Let’s dissect the reasons the public were duped into donating large sums of cash and coerced into signing a factually incorrect petition to close Bandung Zoo.
  6. Marison Guciano hates Bandung Zoo.  They refused to work with the organization Guciano was affiliated with at the time.
  7. Marison Guciano spoke with management of Bandung Zoo and AGREED the sun bears were NOT STARVING, prior to releasing the sting video!
  8. Marison Guciano still went ahead and released and re-released the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo video” and called for donations to the organization no less than 20 times!  Timeline of Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group videos in relation to sunbears and Bandung Zoo.
  9. Marison Guciano secretly met with Rebecca Rodriguez when she went to Indonesia with her “team mates”.  Together they decided to continue with their scheme to rip off the public and target and harass Bandung Zoo.  They formed IAWS (Indonesia Animal Welfare Society) hoping to become a driving force on animal welfare issues in Indonesia.  Both of them are desperate for fame.
  10. Hitched onto the “fundraiser” for the sun bears of Bandung Zoo, a petition created by another completely unknown individual appeared to close down Bandung Zoo.  We have evidence that the petition creator – Poop Holmes or Pohyee Ooi Holmes – also knew the sun bears were not starving!
  11. Poop Holmes also purposefully wrote the most outrageous lies and slanderous, defamatory commentary about Bandung Zoo and Cee4Life and supporters.  On her opening paragraph of the petition she even writes that a giraffe died with 40lbs of plastic in it’s stomach at Bandung Zoo.  This never happened at Bandung Zoo!  This occured at Surabaya Zoo!  The petition continued to be lie-ridden over many months. It continues to be highly defamatory and slanderous with dire impending consequences looming.
  12. Poop Holmes who is an unemployed Chinese/Malaysian individual from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia wrote firstly about a Zoo she had never visited, secondly, laced it with completely made-up and fabricated lies and thirdly joined up with Rodriguez to cause as much damage to Bandung Zoo as possible.  The public started asking questions and Poop Holmes turned off the commenting section of the petition to stop the truth getting out.
  13. Both Rebecca Rodriguez and Poop Holmes (the petition creator) knew from multiple, independent sources, including Marison Guciano, that the sun bears were in fact NOT starving.  They did however, need a new enclosure.
  14. Rebecca Rodriguez then still continued to update her fundraiser with images and information that was COMPLETELY FALSE.  The worse the pictures and information, the more the public donated.  As animal lovers we are always moved to help an animal in need, and this is what Rebecca Rodriguez utilized – the public’s emotions and ultimately, their money.
  15. Because Rebecca Rodriguez had NO PRIOR DEALINGS with BANDUNG ZOO before she left the USA and arrived in Indonesia at their door, Bandung Zoo found out for the first time that Rodriguez had been “fundraising” for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”!  Essentially, Rodriguez arrived at Bandung Zoo and was denied entry for not having the correct paperwork.  Bandung Zoo were obviously stymied as to why an American nobody had arrived at their premises demanding all sorts of things of the Zoo!
  16. Bandung Zoo approached the Authorities about Rodriguez’s “fundraiser” and Rodriguez fled Indonesia under threat of arrest.
  17. Having now had her real plans thwarted, on Rodriguez’s return to the USA, she immediately changed the fundraiser.  She wrote “the campaign has evolved”!  No longer was she “fundraising” for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”!
  18. Now the public had up until that point been specifically donating to help the sun bears.  At that time Rodriguez had approximately $55000 USD in her coffers!
  19. Rodriguez changed the “fundraiser” to now include Mikey (Mikail) the orphaned Orangutan at Kandi Wildlife Park whose mother had died plus 2 additional sun bears named Tegan and Bedhu who needed a new enclosure and “the animals of Indonesia”!
  20. All the while, the months dragged on.  There were copious updates littered with outright, blatant lies about Cee4Life, Cee4Life’s supporters and Bandung Zoo!  You see Cee4Life, upon hearing about the “fundraiser” for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo,” approached Rodriguez to join in with their efforts TO HELP THE SUN BEARS OF BANDUNG ZOO!  Instead of joining in and helping with a new enclosure and upgrades/enrichment, Rodriguez, not wanting to part with any of the money, became a vicious, hate-filled sociopath and went on a pscyhotic rampage.
  21. Rodriguez, now desperate to divert attention away from her promises to help very specific named beneficiaries, attacked Cee4Life. She lyingly stated Cee4Life had demanded the money from the fundraiser.  This was NOT true!  We have proven this is not the case at all.
  22. Rodriguez, Holmes and Guciano had set up a diabolical conspiracy to make a lot of money, punish the zoo that refused to work with them and attack Cee4Life the Australian-based NGO working desperately to upgrade Bandung Zoo and improve the lives of it’s animals.
  23. After raising approximately $65000 USD, Rodriguez closed the “fundraiser”, donated not $1 to ANY NAMED BENEFICIARY and took multiple international holidays with her friends Alycia Barlow Hadfield and Tracey Kleber!
  24. Subsequent contact revealed that NONE of the beneficiaries named in the “fundraiser” received ANY money.  Nothing.  In fact, we have confirmation that the animals/organizations Rodriguez named in her “fundraiser” were not even involved with Rodriguez in ANY way!  Again, she had led the public to believe that donations would benefit these animals!  None of the animals were helped. They never got a piece of fruit, a pole, a rope or $1!
  25. An elaborate plan that got Rodriguez and her accomplices $65000, tax free!
  26. In a further attempt to crucify Cee4Life and Bandung Zoo, surprise, surprise, Marison Guciano produced and disseminated yet another sting video of Bandung Zoo!  This time a cigarette was purposefully thrown into an Orangutan’s enclosure which he then picks up and smokes.  Anyone who knows anything about wildlife knows that primates are highly intelligent and can mimic human behavior.  Orangutans have 97% of DNA common with humans.  Guciano tried to spin it off that Bandung Zoo was negligent.  If you have half a brain you would know that there isn’t one Zoo in the entire world that has 24/7 security at every single enclosure.  Guciano again, purposefully set out to try and defame Bandung Zoo and Cee4Life.  How was it that Guciano’s “colleague” just happened to be the person at the ready with a video camera at the exact moment the cigarette is lit and then tossed into the enclosure? The fact that Ozone the Orangutan was burnt doesn’t seem to matter to these sly, evil perpetrators.  They will clearly stop at nothing to promote their malevolent plans.
  27. In summary, all these individuals have their own reasons for acting out this evil plot.  Rodriguez got $65000, tax free.  People learnt her name.  She got some acknowledgement.  Holmes for the first time in life got noticed.  She views this as a game and some kind of fun for her boring, uneventful life.  Guciano, like Rodriguez is desperate for acknowledgement and notoriety.  He will do whatever it takes to get his name out there and he doesn’t seem to mind using and abusing animals to do it.
  28. Cee4Life will continue to assist and work with Bandung Zoo.  Bandung Zoo is the 1st Zoo in all of Indonesia committed to ensuring their animals experience the “5 freedoms”.
  29. Cee4Life is dedicated to helping Bandung Zoo in whatever way possible.  The Zoo needs work and upgrades.  They have never denied this.  Isn’t it better to support organizations and institutions who want to make things better for their animals?  Do you turn your back on them because it’s not perfect?  Or do you dig in to do the hard work and do what is necessary?
  30. Unfortunately, to those who donated and those who signed : You have been led on a long and winding road of deception and greed.  You haven’t helped a single animal.  You might be able to get a refund from GoFundMe but I think your time has run out.  Rodriguez has been silent for a reason.  Time has elapsed and again, people have not paid attention.  Apparently, it’s possible to get your name removed from that false and highly defamatory petition.
  31. Before you donate and before you sign, do your RESEARCH.  There are so many scams out there that use animals and our hearts and goodwill for nefarious reasons. 
  32. Sorry you’ve lost your money and sorry you’ve been manipulated into believing one of the biggest animal-related scams of 2017! Not one animal has been helped.
  33. This is why legitimate organizations find it impossible to fundraise!  The public’s trust and confidence is utterly trashed with scams like this!
sun bear made of money from rr gfm update
Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo made Rebecca A. Rodriguez $65 000, tax free!
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