Please support the LEGITIMATE fundraiser for sun bears Tegan and Bedhu!

Despite Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World and Animal House : Around the World raising copious amounts of money for various animals in her fundraiser, including 2 sun bears named Tegan and Bedhu, they like all the other animals named in the fundraiser, never, ever, received even $1 from Rodriguez! 

She closed her fundraiser at the $63000 USD amount and nobody has heard from her since.  Not the animals, nor the public who donated!

Luckily, there are honest and real animal advocates out there who legitimately raise funds for an objective and in this case, 2 sun bears, and they fulfil their legal and moral obligations by utilizing the donations for their intended purpose!

Please support, this fundraiser for Tegan and Bedhu, hosted by Richard Bailey.  All of the funds will be utilized for the construction of a new enclosure for these beautiful and oh so deserving sun bears!

little bear


Please stop supporting scam artists who pretend they love animals and are alleged “animal advocates” who do nothing but raise funds and then disappear in the dark of night! Please do your research before parting with your hard-earned money!  Only support legitimate projects!