Rebecca A. Rodriguez takes to terrorizing her whistleblowers

Rebecca A. Rodriguez aka Rebecca Rodriguez aka Rebecca A Tomzak aka Rebecca A Tonzik ad infinitum of One Animal World and Animal House : Around the World

takes her bullying, terrorizing and stalking to new levels, all in an attempt to intimidate and bully her whistleblowers into silence.

Rebecca Rodriguez never ever helps animals unless she benefits somehow.  Don’t believe us, do the research and examine her pattern over the past 20 years :

The sad but blatant truth is :

Rebecca used animals on multiple occasions to raise funds.

Rebecca stole $63 000 from animals of Indonesia.

Rebecca took multiple international, exotic holidays with her best friend Alycia Barlow Hadfield to Italy, Puerto Rico, Indonesia – utilizing the public’s donations  from the fundraiser – people who generously donated to very specific beneficiaries (animals), none of whom has received even $1.

In an attempt to terrorize and silence her victims, Rebecca has stolen and registered her whistleblower’s identities, organization’s domain names, is attempting to hack into computers and iCloud devices, she has published filthy, slanderous lies, publicized their businesses, publicized their social media information and of course, the on-going hang up telephone calls and death threats via Facebook, email and Skype. It seems nothing is off-limits!

Rebecca currently has multiple fundraisers on the go, all funding her lifestyle, ideas, various projects and filmmaking dreams and chasing infamy.

None of the whistleblowers are guilty of any of these acts.  Yet Rodriguez refers to them as envious, trolls, jealous and targeting “authentic animal advocates”!  I ask you with tears in my eyes who is the authentic animal advocate and who is the biggest liar, hypocrite and con?!  What type of person does this?

Rebecca has been terrorizing these people for 16 months now – the people who have questioned her motivation, her disbursement of the funds and her real objectives. If you demand answers you are simply blocked and removed.  Rodriguez has had ample time to prove she utilized the funds she raised for their intended purpose/beneficiaries.

Simply, where is the $65000 Rodriguez raised for the “animals of Indonesia”? 

What type of person will terrorize, intimidate, bully, stalk, harass and incite death threats against innocent people who have done nothing but ask legitimate questions.  

The biggest problem Rebecca has is the truth is not on her side. 

Her actions speak for themselves.  She cannot be trusted.  Rebecca needs to get a real job in the real world and earn money just like everybody else does.  Time to stop exploiting animals!

Time to tell the truth!


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