We can prove the money was NEVER going to be spent on helping the Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo


In January 2017 a petition was started to close down Bandung Zoo.  It was FALSELY claimed that the Sun Bears there were starving, eating their own faeces, pacing, begging for food and the Zoo itself was referred to as the “death zoo” – This is 100% incorrect.  This moniker was given to Surabaya Zoo and further that a giraffe had died at the zoo with 40lbs of plastic in it’s stomach.  This was another lie.  This giraffe died at Surabaya Zoo!



The GoFundMe fundraiser was FATALLY FLAWED at INCEPTION with almost ALL FALSE INFORMATION!

Not only that, subsequent to this false and misleading petition on 16 March the GoFundMe for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” was started by Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World and Animal Time TV.  She personally was listed as the DIRECT BENEFICIARY of these funds which she was channeling through her FOR PROFIT LLC – RebRod LLC. (This is a private, for profit, limited liability corporation registered in USA which allows Rebecca to claim all sorts of “expenses” like flight costs, accommodation, food, camera equipment, “team” costs etc.)


She claimed her main objective was to get help to those “starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo”.  The public donated for THIS VERY REASON.  They never donated, and were never told that these funds were NOT in fact going to HELP the Sun Bears!

Two major things occurred at this junction.

  1. We found evidence, via Twitter and the petition creator Poo Holmes, that the plan for the Sun Bears was to REMOVE THEM from Bandung Zoo.  NOT help them!  poos agenda with rr re the sun bearspoo sun bears to sanctuary in usa
  2. We found evidence that the GoFundMe creator Rebecca Rodriguez had been informed by INDEPENDENT wildlife experts in November 2016 that the Sun Bears at Bandung Zoo were NOT STARVING and never had been.

So, this clearly shows the GoFundMe fundraiser was FRAUDULENT from the very beginning!!  The petition also, is FRAUDULENT and FALSE!


Rebecca Rodriguez’s plans were to FILM THE REMOVAL of the SUN BEARS from Bandung Zoo to sanctuaries in the USA.  There was NEVER any INTENTION whatsoever to actually HELP the sun bears.

What the public didn’t know is Rebecca produced a one-time TV episode (sizzle reel) called Animal House.  The production was about rebuilding an animal shelter.  She was hoping that a TV network would pick up the episode and Rebecca would be able to fund her continuing Animal House with further episodes.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) no TV production network picked up Animal House so it was quashed.


Also, the public didn’t know that Rebecca considers herself “a critically acclaimed, independent filmmaker and actress” and her lifelong mission has been to feature on TV, along with her friends (those that appeared in Animal House and those she took with her to Indonesia) to basically get rich and get famous!

poo independent film maker in indonesia nowi am a filmaker

Furthermore, Rebecca’s plans all along were to get her “team” to Indonesia and arrive at Bandung Zoo basically unannounced.  We can further substantiate our claims of her intentions to remove the Sun Bears because amongst her “team” was a “placement expert”!  

Unfortunately for Rebecca, who had by this time accumulated $45,000 for the Sun Bears, Bandung Zoo had heard about her “fundraising efforts” and reported her to Authorities. The police were now looking for Rebecca for “fraud”!  She left Indonesia in a hurry but left her “team” behind!  (What kind of arrogant person would think they could march into a Zoo with a list of demands?  Bandung Zoo only knew about Rebecca because of her fundraising campaign!  Can you imagine the confusion and anger on the part of Bandung Zoo?  The arrogance of Rodriguez is astounding! )

She returned to USA and ferociously attacked Cee4Life claiming it was they who prevented her from entering Bandung Zoo.  With her plans thwarted and being very angry, she launched an unprecedented attack on Sybelle Foxcroft, Cee4Life, Cee4Life supporters, Bandung Zoo, Indonesia etc.  Just scroll through the petition and fundraiser! 

This was an attempt to deflect the public’s attention away from the “supposed mission of helping the Sun Bears” and all the money the public had donated!  YOU BE THE JUDGE ON WHAT TYPE OF PERSON REBECCA RODRIGUEZ REALLY IS! WHO IS THE MASTER DEFLECTOR?

Rebecca altered the beneficiary from the “starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo” to include “Mikey the orphaned Orangutan at Kandi Wildlife Park who needed a new enclosure”, 2 sun bears named Tegan and Bedhu in Jogja who needed a new enclosure” and finally “animals of Indonesia” an unidentifiable entity. She also used random pictures of Tiger cubs and Elephants interspersed with her fundraising appeals!  So dishonest and misleading!  

People actually donated for those specific beneficiaries and guess what?  None of those animals saw $1 from Rodriguez’s fundraiser!

reaching up for food sun bear   mikand the orang in tiny cage

ASIANELEPHANT   proof of bedhu and tegan


Then closed the fundraiser and simply kept all the money.  To date there has been complete silence with regard to the donations.  Rodriguez can account for approximately $15 000 of the $65 000 she raised! 

Where is the balance – around $50000?




Rebecca Rodriguez is a FRAUD!


If Rebecca can’t film, she won’t help!  That you can take straight to the Bank!!!








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