Rebecca Rodriguez tries to intimidate, harass and terrorize her whistleblowers so they go away!

Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World and Animal House : Around the World was presented with the opportunity to simply fulfil her legal obligation to the animals she raised funds for in her campaign.  Sounds easy right?

The problem is she can’t fulfil her obligations because the money has been spent on international holidays with her bestie Alycia Hadfield who vacationed in multiple, exotic locations for months on end last year whilst identifying photo and film ops for “future projects”.

$65000 raised but none of the beneficiaries received 1 dime, not 1 penny, not 1 dollar.

Only hitch is, there are yet again, multiple additional fundraisers being hosted by none other than Rebecca A. Rodriguez asking YET AGAIN for YOU to FUND her lifestyle, dreams and filmmaking ops! 

Now what sane, rational human being would cough up MORE MONEY for her to utilize for her own purposes?  She’s just taken in $65000! 

What happened to all that money?  NOT ONE ANIMAL BENEFITTED FROM THE PUBLIC’S DONATIONS … Think about that, really think about it.  s(besides the 2 Otters bought at the illegal wildlife market who shortly thereafter died and 2 kittens who were rescued off the streets)!

Once again, you are asked to donate to fund a FILMMAKING OP and once again, all of this is contingent on her reaching her “funding goals”!  You do remember this is the exact same ploy used by Rodriguez before! 

Furthermore, she is essentially asking YOU to FUND her FILMMAKING project for the “pilot episode” which will be firstly, created by her own filmmaking production company – Lucky Head Films – and then secondly, distributed by her own YouTube Channel.  So who is actually benefitting from this campaign?  Most certainly NOT the ANIMALS!

how funds will be used

Nothing happens unless she reaches her “funding goal” of $32000 in this instance!  So, based on her actions/history, the campaign will be halted at the $30000 goal and she will disappear with the donations –  underground – just as she did with the sun bears campaign and claim “I couldn’t fulfil my obligations because they were contingent on me reaching my funding goals”! Uh oh!

funding goal

Now seriously, what fool is buying into this?







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