P Holme’s “expertise” on world-wide animals and animal issues ;)

Poop Holmes is making a serious t**t of herself.  We can’t stop laughing!  Seriously!  The on-going tirades and criticism of Cee4Life and Sybelle Foxcroft has now reached fever pitch!  P Holmes, P Ooi Holmes, Poo Holmes or Poop Holmes – whichever name she chooses is okay with us – seriously needs to find another hobby besides sewing and creating and signing multiple petitions all day long! 
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 No really!
unqualified defintion
See “NOT COMPETENT OR SUFFICIENTLY KNOWLEDGEABLE TO DO SOMETHING”!!  She, in her own mind, is some kind of “expert” on animals of Indonesia or, um, just animals in general.  What Poo doesn’t seem to understand is you need to have something called QUALIFICATIONS and EXPERIENCE before you can become an “authority” on something.  Just because you have a computer and access to “Google” does not make you educated or qualified to expound your alleged “knowledge” about animals!  This is like having a conversation with a child.
N O  Q U A L I F I C A T I O N S and NO U N I V E R S I T Y  D E G R E E = uninformed, ignorant assessment of animal-related issues!
bitch is dumb
Case in point – Ramadan the camel of Bandung Zoo!  Poo along with her friends at Cee4Lies aka ForTigers first claimed the camel was starving, sick and malnourished and produced images that some poor innocent soul unwittingly published on Facebook.  Never mind the violation of privacy which seems totally lost on these bigots!  They all absolutely delighted over the “state” of this Camel and continually trashed Cee4Life and Sybelle Foxcroft again.   
Poop further went on to study the images of Ramadan tirelessly hoping to find evidence of what?  We don’t know! LOL!  She demanded PROOF of his SURGICAL WOUND! LMAO!  Oh please, I can’t stop laughing!  Zoos, Veterinary Clinics, Universities etc. do not release graphic imagery of surgery to the public dear Poo!  Not even when demanded from a Malaysia-mail-order-bride sitting in the armpit of America!  No m’am! Not even the foot-stomping, hair pulling, cheeto-eating nobody in USA necessitating the publishing of them could co-erce them to publish the gory, bloody tumour removed from poor Ramadan!
Lord, please give this “lady” something to keep her busy!
cee4lies camel 3
Stay calm and sew a scuzzy bear!
 scuzzy sun bear
ramadan on the mend
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