Breaking news! Upcoming next! All about Rebecca Rodriguez’s new plans uncovered!

Awww hell no!  Coming to a YouTube Channel soon! 

And it’s all morphed into “Animal Time TV”!!!!!!!  More to come on this latest endeavour!

A series featuring none other than the work of Rebecca Rodriguez, asking YOU to cough up the money for her lifestyle and dreams so she gets to create, feature and appear on her own YouTube Channel after accumulating 1000000 views thanks to her exploitation of the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” sting video went viral!  

Nice one!  Please donate your hard-earned cash AGAIN (because the $65000 already raised for the “animals of Indonesia” fundraiser is missing/spent) so Rebecca and her “team” (friends) get to travel the world producing content (film and TV episodes) for their own YouTube Channel on “animal heroes”!  Yep, sounds familiar doesn’t it?  That way Rebecca and her friends live it up across the globe, using YOUR money.  And they benefit once again, by distributing the content via their own YouTube channel!

In a nutshell?  You pay/donate so Rodriguez can fly across the world with her friends, funding her projects – creating “content”/film, edit and produce video utilizing her own film production company – Lucky Head Films – AND then gets to showcase it via her OWN YouTube Channel – Animal Time TV!  Which then further encourages other companies to support her/work with her (financially)!  Does that just sound so wrong?  Anyone notice any animals? Any animals being helped?

Prior to using the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” sting video, Rebecca Rodriguez and Alycia Barlow Hadfield got 11 views of Animal Time TV and we can prove it! They were/are unknown and nobody donated to their projects!

Read more about their multiple, failed projects here :

animal centric

Rodriguez used those sun bears to raise $65000, closed the fundraising campaign, went AWOL with all the money, disappeared underground and went totally silent, took multiple international holidays with her bestie, Alycia Barlow Hadfield, however none of the beneficiaries from the campaign got even $1 (or a piece of fruit, a pole, a rope) and then she further exploited them by amping up her YouTube channel with views after the video of the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” went viral.

Who has benefitted?  Not 1 animal has been helped!  Think about that. 

The 1000000 views is so potential “sponsors” and/or affiliates can see that Rebecca Rodriguez has a large audience (is “popular” enough and a “worthwhile association”) and all the while she is suckering the sponsors into believing they are helping some animals somewhere in the world! 

This is really sad because there ARE indeed animals all over the globe who need help!

animal house around the world

Some people just don’t seem to learn.

If you buy into this ploy you DESERVE to be taken. 

Rebecca Rodriguez, please know this, every single sponsor, donor, and unknowing company that gets involved with your project in ANY WAY will be informed and debriefed as to your on-going attempt at amassing funds to fund your lifestyle and dreams – produce and feature in YOUR OWN CONTENT on YouTube, just so you can travel the world living it up at their expense!



For far too long you have ripped off the public, ripped off the animals and ripped off organizations working with you!

“Animal House” : “Around the World”  And here, once again, featured project “Barks of Hope”!  Barks of Hope raise around $150 000 per annum in donations already!  And who knows how much Rodriguez has taken in for and on behalf of Barks of Hope as she admits to accepting donations which she will then “transfer via Paypal” to BoH.  Verrrry fishy???!!!

Let us guess, the first “animal hero” will be Barks of Hope!  Duh!  And Rebecca Rodriguez and her bestie Alycia Barlow Hadfield spent almost a month in Puerto Rico in December 2017 living it up but now wants you to pay them to RETURN to Puerto Rico  for the hundredth time to show you a “visible animal hero”!!  WTF people?

Check out the strange direct relationship Rebecca has with Barks of Hope here as it seems Rodriguez is much more involved with BoH than she implies :

puerto rico barks of hope project

Yes marketing and promotion of HERSELF!!!  Yet again, asking the PUBLIC to DONATE to fund Rebecca Rodriguez’s lifestyle and dreams of appearing on TV/YouTube and creating “content” on “animal heroes”!

Why doesn’t Robriguez get a job in the real world, save up for her projects and go from there? Why is it always the public who have to cough up the money for her projects?  Do it the hard way, the right way, just like everyone else does!

And Rebecca wants you to believe that a project she did several years ago proves she is a professional and able to do the same thing again!  Here are the words of someone who has the misfortune of working with Rebecca on that project!  We will let you decide for yourself if this is the person you want to be associated with!





funding goalThe same nonsense excuse she used in her fundraiser for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”!  She raised $63000 not her $75000 target so couldn’t give any of the donations to the named beneficiaries!  Rebecca kept ALL of the money!  That was her excuse!  Aw, hell no!

how funds will be used

animal house around the world 11

So Rebecca Rodriguez will get 15%, her best friend Alycia Barlow Hadfield will get 8%, Tracy Kleber will get 8% but in actuality, because they are using Rebecca Rodriguez’s production company, all those little other percentages will still go into Rebecca’s coffers! A total of 58% of $31 000 target will be hers!

Here we go again – under the guise of “helping animals”, YOU the public must AGAIN DONATE so Rebecca Rodriguez and her “expert team members” (friends) get to travel the world revealing “true animal heroes”, it gets made via Rodriguez’s own film production company – Lucky Head Films – and then it gets distributed via Rodriguez’s OWN YouTubeChannel- Animal Time TV –  to raise HER profile and hopefully get other companies and organizations to work with her so she makes more money

The animals?  What animals?  Pffffftttt!!!  Disgusting! The animals are only helped if Rodriguez benefits in some way.  FACT!

And this is what $10 000 gets you!  Your name appears on the scroll of the film as it’s shown as “Presented by”!!  Seriously!  A certificate of appreciation and a pin! A pin??!!!

To the real, honest, ethical animal advocates out there, we wish you  all the luck in the world because with this as an example of how individuals “fundraise” for “legitimate purposes” such as “directly helping animals”, you are really going to struggle!  Just because someone is ambiguous and a good story teller, doesn’t mean that their work isn’t dishonest!  It means they are good liars!

Donors who love animals and are kind-hearted are being purposefully suckered into supporting projects that really don’t benefit or help animals!

10000 perk