Who is Carole Hughes? The very vocal and outspoken supporter of the hate group Cee4Lies!

Who is Carole Hughes?  Well, simply, she is RATTY, TATTY and BATTY in our humble estimation!  These are our opinions and observations based on the actions and writings of Ms Hughes!

These are a sampling of the vicious, defamatory and ugliness she aimed at Sybelle Foxcroft, Cee4Life and Cee4Life supporters, none of whom she has ever met! 

They are referred to as “shit”, “vomit-inducing”, “fat”, “delusional”, “Australian saddo”, “fugly”, “dishonest”, “liars”, “self-absorbed”, “cons”, “supporting animal abuse”, “disgraceful”, “drunks” and the list goes on.

Very, very nasty and very, very vile!

carole saying sf is a delusional pos and that melani diedcarole saying sf is fat and uglycarole hughes saying sybelles ass is bigcarole standing up for edwincarole hughes saying shit gathers shitcarole stating sybelle supports animal abusecarole stating sybelle is full of shit

Factually, she is an unemployed individual who spends the majority of her days on the hate/smear blog on Facebook called Cee4Lies.  Her constant harassment, stalking and slander of Sybelle Foxcroft, Cee4Life and other individuals is out of control. 

She seems to believe that because she’s behind a computer screen in the UK, she can get away with it. 

She also seems to believe that it’s her right to trash, abuse and defame people, yet she herself is off-limits.  Double standards much?  Hypocrite much?

caryole hughes bashing sf saying shes on a drunken holiday

carole hughes stating sybelle is responsible for deaths of tigers

For an old lady and someone who is meant to “love animals” (I wouldn’t dream of entrusting an animal into her care) she certainly has a very repugnant and obnoxious mouth and seems to be outraged that she is being observed while slandering the hell out of Sybelle Foxcroft, Cee4Life and supporters. 

Some of the most distasteful statements I’ve ever read come from this “dear old lady”!

carole gopher at caroles madhouse

Carole claims she loves animals so much, and has a house full of pets (what animal lover doesn’t) but she still doesn’t go out and get a job.  Nope, she is yet another unemployed “animal advocate” who has time to sit online all day victimizing individuals and climbing as far as possible up Edwin’s ass!  I don’t think she can even breathe! (BTW this inference has nothing to do with the recently discovered news that you have asthma!  It was merely a reference to your being a brown-noser!)

Just like her friends who create fake fundraisers and steal money directly out of the mouths of animals, she wants YOU to PAY her BILLS and RENTAL, RELOCATION COSTS and pay her VET BILLS and FOOD BILLS.  Ha! Ha! Ha!  Read this, it’s classic!!!! Pot calling the kettle black!!!


She also wants YOU to DONATE YOUR HARD EARNED CASH to her directly so she can move to a new residence, feed her pets and feed herself.  Carole, are you envious that Sybelle Foxcrcoft can travel the world, helping animals AND eat?  Is it that you don’t have funds for food dear?

But why not get a job then Carole?  No need to hate people because they eat their vegan meals every day!  You too can get a job in the real world, right? 🙂  And it’s also very, very interesting to note that multiple individuals suffer from various illnesses, some even extreme illnesses but they are FORCED to work for a living.  But no, not you!

carole and her fundraiser for 3000 pounds

Just because you are a lonely old, ugly hag doesn’t mean you should hide behind your computer hurling insults at others and denigrating their hard work.  How convenient that you’ve got money for the Internet Carole, dear, but no funds to feed your pets or yourself.  Your priorities are a little skewered, don’t you think?

It’s not the public’s fault you’re losing weight and hair in equal measure and appear frazzled and zoned out!  Maybe, if you got off your old ugly, skinny ass and got a job like the rest of the world, you wouldn’t have so much time to spend criticizing and maligning others.  You do realize what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!??  You have not been very nice if the above commentary is anything to go by.  Don’t cry foul when you are the foul one!

We’re also confused because it was Edwin Wiek who claimed he was behind bringing the Tiger Temple crashing down.  By that logic, isn’t it Edwin Wiek then who is thus responsible for the Tigers dying at DNP?  Very confusing dear!  

carole stating sybelle is full of shit

You are certainly the most ugly person we know and not only on the outside! 

The company you keep says it all.  No decent animal advocate/lover would sit alongside the very people who are behind the suffering, torment and ultimate death of majestic Tigers and people who have stolen directly out of the mouth’s of innocent animals!  

please give carole 3000 her hair is falling out and her weight plummeting

Let’s face it, you could always go and live with your friend Jon Williamson, Carole. He’s in the UK. Together you 2 “lovely individuals” can help each other out.  Since he’s another one who steals from the animals, he should have a Pound or 2 for you!



Yes some idiots donated 160 Pounds to Carole Hughes, out of the 3,000 Pounds she was hoping you ignorant workers would donate to her!  

You are nasty, vile, evil, old, foul-mouthed, heartless human being by your own actions!  I hope you get every single thing you richly deserve!  Where do you get off denigrating other individuals and their hard work and dedication to animals

Wow! And harassing and slandering people who have never even heard of you?

carole hughes orangutan

Why can’t you keep your nasty opinions to yourself?  Really?

Ratty, tatty and batty Miss C!

Oh and please explain why it’s okay for you to criticize, viciously malign and attack persons you’ve never even met or even had a meaningful discussion with!  You can’t have one set of rules for yourself and one set of rules for everyone else.  Funny how people don’t seem to like getting a dose of their own medicine

I am sure the Facebook Police are investigating this critical matter right now.  And every single word written here is the truth so I don’t know what you’re going to do with “an investigation”!  Don’t forget to print out this entire article when you file a report with the local plod!  Remember to include all YOUR defamatory and derogatory comments too!