Who stopped the project for the rescued Tigers of Tiger Temple Thailand at DNP?

Proposed project by Cee4life and Tiger Awareness uncovered, offered to the DNP in June 2016 shortly after the confiscation of 147 Tigers from the killing grounds known as Tiger Temple Thailand.
Khao Prathab Chang DNP Project
A brilliant project that would have ensured the confiscated Tigers from Tiger Temple Thailand, removed to DNP facilities, (Department of National Parks in Thailand) lived in suitable enclosures with enrichment and areas to roam freely has been uncovered.
Why would someone, anyone, prevent the construction of these beautiful new enclsoures?  Defies logic, right? These would have made the lives of the Tigers so much better.  And worst of all it could have occurred 2 years ago!
This was a brilliant project that would have secured the tigers within the DNP facility and offered them a better life.
How many Tigers have suffered and died since June 2016?  And why? The answers are simple – 1) Due to the inter-breeding at Tiger Temple the Tigers’ immune systems were compromised and 2) Tigers were already infected and carrying a virulent strain of what is believed to be Distemper.
Ms Foxcroft of Cee4Life is clearly not responsible for these horrific deaths!  Ms Foxcroft used everything at her disposal to ensure the Tigers would thrive.
This proposal by Ms Sybelle Foxcroft of Cee4Life and Mr Phil Davis of Tiger Awareness, discussed with DNP in June 2016, would have gone into immediate construction phase if it wasn’t for deliberate interference by several well-known parties and a local megalomaniac who amassed 20 other NGO/Organizations and threatened to boycott DNP should they go ahead with the project.  This is the reason these new enclosures would not be built!!!!!
Why would anyone not put the Tigers first?  Politics aside!  Much of this suffering could have been prevented! This is the type of severe manipulation and lies that goes on behind the scenes of animal welfare projects and it happens most of the time!  Inexcusable!
Because of this interference and the various threats surrounding green lighting this project, the Tigers have been forced to live in sub-standard enclosures until recently when some upgrades have been undertaken.  Tigers have now died.
So who exactly is responsible for the death of multiple innocent Tigers at DNP? Who exactly is responsible for their inadequate living conditions?  Almost 2 years later and much of the suffering could have been avoided.
There was a plan all along but someone (I wonder who) prevented it from happening.
Time to tell the truth.


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