Calling people disgusting names STILL doesn’t change the fact that the missing $63000 raised for “animals of Indonesia” is STILL missing!


The lovely, kind “animal advocate” Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World and Animal House : Around the World has gone on a new rampage to do what exactly we are unsure.


One thing we do know is all the name calling and finger pointing in the Universe doesn’t change the facts that Rebecca A. Rodriguez LIED throughout her campaign and still LIES today!

A giant smokescreen of diversion is her latest ploy.  If she can only somehow discredit the people asking the difficult questions about where all her promised help for various animals throughout her campaign is, she seems to think that will somehow divert everyone’s attention away from the facts.  Shame on you Rebecca!  The smell of desperation is the strongest it’s ever been!

The truth is the people Rebecca is targeting in the most heinous way have never ever raised funds “for animals” and then gone AWOL with the donations.  They don’t pretend to be “animal advocates”, they are animal advocates.  None of the whistleblowers have tried over the past 20 years to appear on TV for infamy and money and none of them has stolen money meant for animals! 

Call the whistleblowers whatever disgusting thing you can conjure up. It STILL doesn’t detract from the facts!  The whistleblowers who have nothing to gain or hide, are now being victimized, bullied and harassed by the same methodology the Scientologists utilize – “If we harass and target them long enough, they will go away!”  This bullying has reached epidemic proportions!

The fact in a nutshell is Rebecca Rodriguez lied and manipulated her way into raising $63000 for “animals of Indonesia”, none of which has been received by a SINGLE ANIMAL of her campaign! 

She knew before even starting her campaign that the animals of Bandung Zoo weren’t starving.  She still forged ahead.  The campaign and petition are riddled with so many outright lies that it’s hard to keep track of it all.

The bottom line is Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World and Animal Time TV aka Animal House raised $63000 for the “animals of Indonesia” and instead of fulfilling her obligations she went on lavish international holidays with her best friend Alycia Barlow identifying film and photo ops. 

She is completely silent about where all the PUBLIC’S money has disappeared to.  Instead she spends her days trying to destroy the people who are simply asking questions. Someone is indeed very, very desperate.

These are the acts of a depraved, demented desperado.  Satan sits on Rebecca’s shoulder and the whole world sees it now.



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Revealing people who exploit animals for their own ends - usually money. Exposing people who are cowards and are associated with hate campaigns. These are the stalkers, trolls, harassers, intimidators and bullies. They are responsible for targeting innocent animal advocates in an attempt to silence them. Show-casing frauds, con-artists and charity scams who steal from animals and legitimate organizations. With special mention of Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World and Animal House : Around the World and her accomplices Alycia Hadfield and P Ooi Holmes.

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