Rebecca Rodriguez reaches into depths of hell and reveals HER true character!


Just in from Briony Wolf, one of the whistleblowers regarding Rebecca Rodriguez’s illegal and fraudulent GoFundMe campaign for “the animals of Indonesia”! This is the type of retaliation you get for asking difficult questions of Rebecca Rodriguez!  You know, the questions about the ANIMALS who were meant to BENEFIT from Rodriguez ‘s FUNDRAISER!

Apparently Rebecca fuglyhas to go down to a level where she feels comfortable…. the bowels of the Earth, the pits of hell, where she reaches out to try and punish the people exposing her for what she really is!  An outright liar and an outright conwoman of epic proportions.

Because Ms Rodriguez has been exposed in “all her glory”, (we can back up what we allege but can she?  Nope!) she has taken to retaliating and posting the nastiest, most vicious lies she can conjure up! 

She now alleges Ms Briony Wolf subscribes to zoo porn, amongst other things.  All of this because Ms Wolf won’t let up about the animals Rodriguez PROMISED she would help from the $63000 Rodriguez raised!  Ms Wolf has done NOTHING but ASKED QUESTIONS!  This is how Rodriguez deals with that!

Rodriguez is utterly desperate now!


We couldn’t make this up if we tried!  And just because Ms Briony Wolf is psychic does that mean there’s something amiss?  It seems Ms Wolf is proud of the fact and openly admits to it!  Whoop de doo, Ms Wolf is psychic!  So?  We were contacted by Ms Wolf who claims she has a pscyhic prediction for Rebecca Rodriguez.  It involves jail time!  LOL!


And horrors of horror, Ms Wolf apparently called a certain someone a “mail order bride”! <gasp> How awful of her!

Briony_Psychic_Twitter_LI (2)

You are the most vile person we have ever encountered Rebecca.  You clearly suckle from Satan’s teet!

None of these IP addresses is associated with Ms Wolf. And she has provided us with the information we need to PROVE IT!  

Rebecca Rodriguez we hope you have a very, very good lawyer and very, very good insurance.  


zoo porn ip address

what is my ip address


ps For clarity – Ms Wolf is NOT the Author of this site – Dig deeper, pay more and keep up with the desperation.  Maybe spend some time with your “foster dogs”?!

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Revealing people who exploit animals for their own ends - usually money. Exposing people who are cowards and are associated with hate campaigns. These are the stalkers, trolls, harassers, intimidators and bullies. They are responsible for targeting innocent animal advocates in an attempt to silence them. Show-casing frauds, con-artists and charity scams who steal from animals and legitimate organizations. With special mention of Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World and Animal House : Around the World and her accomplices Alycia Hadfield and P Ooi Holmes.

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