Rebecca A. Rodriguez caught red-handed in outright blatant lies about identity theft!


We wrote of this before but here is further undeniable proof

Ms Rebecca A. Rodriguez who is behind One Animal World and Animal House : Around the World 

illegally stole individual’s identities – identity theft – along with the name “” and “”.  Nothing but outright blatant lies!!!

And to top it off she states “I don’t believe anything that comes from Cee4Life says”!  LMAO!!!  Firstly, nobody cares what YOU think and secondly, we have proven over and over and over again that YOU are the LIAR!

rr i dont believe anything cee4life does lol


Ms Rodriguez publically declared and posted on multiple platforms that she never violated the law by stealing the identities of individuals who have spoken out against her fraudulent GoFundMe campaign and the disbursement of the public’s donations!

Watch first the links to “The League of Animal Rescue Deceivers” and then the SEQUENTIAL NUMBERS on the CUSTOMER’S IDENTITY (ie Rebecca Rodriguez)! 

One by one, domains were registered one after the other!  All tying Animal Rescue Deceivers to none other than……………….. Rebecca Rodriguez and ooops another snafu, intermingled with the registrations is LOL!


who is animalrescuedeceivers

who is cee4life

who is cee4life dot net

who is sybellefoxcroft

who is sybelle foxcroft dot net

who is celia athumani dot net

who is celia athumani dot com

who is paulawho is 98

who is one animal world dot net

who is briony wolf dot net

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Revealing people who exploit animals for their own ends - usually money. Exposing people who are cowards and are associated with hate campaigns. These are the stalkers, trolls, harassers, intimidators and bullies. They are responsible for targeting innocent animal advocates in an attempt to silence them. Show-casing frauds, con-artists and charity scams who steal from animals and legitimate organizations. With special mention of Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World and Animal House : Around the World and her accomplices Alycia Hadfield and P Ooi Holmes.

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