Rebecca A. Rodriguez of Cook Vegan For Me caught red-handed in felony identity theft and criminal online impersonation!

We wrote of this before but here is further undeniable proof
Rebecca A. Rodriguez who is behind One Animal World aka Animal Time (TV) now is on to her 50th company called “Cook Vegan For Me”)
rebecca floral
Criminal Rebecca Rodriguez
illegally stole individual’s identities along with the names “ and” and is therefore guilty of identity theft and criminal online impersonation.
These are very, very serious crimes some of which are FELONIES : Identity theft under RCW 9A.60.040, RCW 9A.60.045, RCW 9.35.030 and electronic impersonation RCW 4.24.790!
She denied doing this!  And quickly dumped the domain registrations when she was exposed, hoping nobody would notice!!!!! 
Nothing but continual, outright blatant lies!!!  Nothing is off-limits to this con, including CRIMINAL, PROSECUTABLE ACTS OF ONLINE IMPERSONATION!
stop lying
And to top it off she states “I don’t believe anything that comes from Cee4Life” and “It’s all one big publicity stunt” Much like what Rodriguez is guilty of herself!  Hypocrite!!! Firstly, nobody cares what YOU think and secondly, we have proven over and over and over again that YOU are the HABITUAL AND COMPULSIVE LIAR!
Ms Rodriguez publically declared and posted on multiple platforms that she never violated the law by stealing the identities of individuals and organizations and committed criminal online impersonation by all who have spoken out against her fraudulent GoFundMe campaign and the disbursement of the public’s donations! These acts are criminal!
Here is ABSOLUTE PROOF Rodriguez was behind felony criminal online impersonation!  Watch first the links to “The League of Animal Rescue Deceivers” (Rodriguez’s hate page aka Animal Rescue Deceivers) and then the SEQUENTIAL NUMBERS on the CUSTOMER’S IDENTITY 1241915390.  Watch how it clocks over and one by one, domains were registered one after the other!
who is animalrescuedeceivers
All tying Animal Rescue Deceivers to none other than, surprise surprise……………. Rebecca A. Rodriguez and ooops another snafu, intermingled with the registrations is! (Rodriguez’s main website is LOL!) Silly oversight that further proves it is Rodriguez behind this illegal online impersonation!
See customer 12419115391 is and so it keeps going as Rodriguez registers these domain names!  FELONY CRIMINAL ONLINE IMPERSONATION! And Rodriguez is soooooooooooooo stupid.  Check out how she links some of the registrations directly back to Animal Rescue Deceivers! LOL! Nope, she never lied about registering all these domain names.  You are trash Rodriguez, absolute trash!
who is cee4life
who is cee4life dot net
 who is sybellefoxcroft
who is sybelle foxcroft dot net
who is celia athumani dot net
who is celia athumani dot com
who is paulawho is 98
who is one animal world dot net
who is briony wolf dot net
And then to top it all off, Rodriguez with her high IQ and amazing intelligence, registers and operates Cee4Life on Twitter!  We kid you not!  Rodriguez is an absolute joke and an absolute criminal.  Her desperation is showing but it’s not very clever now, is it?
rebecca admitting to be cee4life on twitter
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