Rebecca A. Rodriguez has done NOTHING for any animal besides the odd dog!


Rebecca Rodriguez (Rebecca A. Rodriguez, Beccy Rodriguez etc.) the GoFundMe campaign organizer for the “starving sun bears” of Bandung Zoo and other named animals in her fundraising campaign has actually done NOTHING for ANY animal, besides the odd dog she has “transported” (while already being in Puerto Rico on holiday) or “fostering a dog or 2” (wow so impressive!)

Now bearing in mind she raised $64 000 for various “animals in Indonesia”, then closed the fundraisier in December 2017 and then simply went AWOL, hiding out and then subsequently taking international trips with her best friend Alycia Hadfield to Puerto Rico, Italy and Indonesia and other exotic locations.

Well, what about the animals she promised she would help? 

You do remember the F U N D R A I S E R for the following desperate animals, some of which Rebecca “cried over” :

  • Starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo

  • Animals of Bandung Zoo

  • Mikey the Orangutan at Kandi Wildlife Park

  • Tegan and Bedhu the other 2 Sun Bears at Jogja

  • Animals of Indonesia


So here is an “animal advocate” who is supposedly a “visible animal hero” – her words, not ours – who claims some kind of “status” as being an individual who cares for and helps animals and also happens to be an expert on ALL ANIMALS, WORLD-WIDE! 

By her own actions, we can see that is simply NOT TRUE!

But she hides behind her Facebook page, criticizing the work of qualified, dedicated real animal heroes who are trying to make the lives of some animals better.  What the hell have YOU accomplished?????????  FOR ANIMALS???????  Nothing!!! 

Animals are a film and photo op for you.  They are a pay out and a pay off so you can fund your lifestyle and dreams of appearing on TV!!!!

rr going on cee4lies march 2018

Rebecca Rodriguez you have done NOTHING for ANIMALS without FILMING THEM.  If you can’t turn helping an animal into a TV production or FILM production, you turn your backs on the animals.  What kind of “animal advocate” do you actually think you are?

No film op = No help!

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