Edwin Wiek closed Tiger Temple! Right? So HE is responsible for the Tigers suffering and dying at DNP!!!

There have been many articles on WHO exactly exposed the Tiger Temple situation.  It was claimed that Ms Sybelle Foxcroft of Cee4Life.org uncovered the horrible nightmare and ultimately brought Tiger Temple down.  This was confirmed by multiple independent sources.


However, there is  supposed “proof” dating back to the early 2000s wherein Edwin Wiek himself claims that HE brought scrutiny to the “Tiger Temple situation” and it was HE who ultimately shut down Tiger Temple.  He gleefully appeared repeatedly in multiple articles and videos online, claiming his direct involvement and basking in the glory of all the press attention.

wiek has been exposing tiger temple since 2001 he alleges

Then we stumble upon the group Cee4Lies on Facebook wherein Sybelle Foxcroft of Cee4Life is horribly criticized and accused of being the person behind the Tigers suffering and dying at DNP – the facility where the ex Tiger Temple Tigers are now housed.  She is viciously and repeatedly attacked for the distemper that ran rife amongst the Tiger Temple Tigers (who had the disease already – at Tiger Temple) and their untimely deaths as a result.  In fact, Ms Foxcroft is blamed for everything that has ever happened……………………….

edwin asking sybelle how are her tigers on cee4lies

sybelle denied by dnp and blamed for tiger deaths

Now you can’t have it both ways.  Either it was Ms Sybelle Foxcroft or it was Mr Edwin Wiek.  Let’s go with Mr Wiek in this instance, as an example. (And confusingly Ms Wiek is on Cee4Lies blaming Ms Foxcroft repeatedly). 

edwin being praised for helping shut down tt

edwin statement early jan about tt with carole admitting its because of corruption

His subsequent on-going commentary and apparent delight at dragging Ms Foxcroft across the coals for being responsible for the suffering and death of multiple Tigers at DNP (Department of National Parks) can be seen repeatedly.  He relishes in blaming the poor conditions the Tigers are being housed in at DNP.

Thus, if it WAS Mr Wiek who exposed Tiger Temple Thailand, how and why is Ms Foxcroft being accused of being responsible for the conditions and deaths of Tigers at DNP?  Also, if nothing was going on at Tiger Temple why did DNP have to step in and remove the Tigers?  This is ALL the fault of Tiger Temple and the volunteers! 

dead tigers


Now I don’t know about you but I’m confused.  If Edwin Wiek brought Tiger Temple to it’s knees, why is he sitting within the hate group “Cee4Lies”, joining in with ex and current Tiger Temple members and volunteers and blaming Ms Foxcroft for what he alleges he did!