Purposeful + Sadistic act of cruelty against Ozone the innocent Orangutan at Bandung Zoo!


The world awoke to a new “sting video” being taken and disseminated by none other than recently removed Marison Guciano of Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, now working with Indonesian Animal Welfare Society or IAWS as it’s known, founded by none other than Rebecca Rodriguez fuglyof One Animal World aka Animal House : Around the World and

Marison Guciano.  marison2

A cowardly and deliberate act of cruelty against Ozone the Orangutan at Bandung Zoo.  How low will people go?  Apparently to the depths of hell.

marison with cigarette

A disgusting, premeditated attack of blatant, wanton animal cruelty perpetrated against an innocent animal needs to be scrutinized and the individuals behind it prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  There are individuals who are trying desperately to gain a stranglehold on Bandung Zoo and get their organization IAWS in and Cee4Life out!  The depths to which they will sink are being revealed before the world’s eyes!

By Guciano’s own admission, the video was taken by a “colleague”!  A “colleague” who just happened to be at Ozone’s enclosure at the precise moment he was tossed a cigarette?  What are the chances of that? 1 in 100000????

marison admitting it was his colleague

This act of cowardice needs to be exposed and Indonesian authorities are now actively investigating the man who threw the cigarette into Ozone the Orangutan’s enclosure on purpose and the man who was filming the event.  It seems strange that Marison Guciano, working with Rebecca Rodriguez, is once again behind this “exposure” on Bandung Zoo and it’s animals.  


It’s also strange that this perfectly timed act of cruelty was filmed and somehow reached Marison Guciano for immediate distribution.  He posted on Facebook and tagged multiple individuals and organizations.  Co-incidence?  We think not!

There is not a single Zoo in the entire Universe, not even in the best Zoos in the entire world, that has security personnel or zookeepers at every single enclosure featuring it’s animals.  Ozone the Orangutan was burnt and injured by this cruel and calculated act.  If you are going to hurt animals while trying to “protect” animals then something is seriously wrong.  Only a sick and depraved individual with a hidden agenda would believe in this instance, that the ends justify the means!

We will update on the Authorities’ investigation and will be celebrating when swift action is taken against these disgusting, low-life cowards!


Man responsibly for flicking cigarette into Orangutan’s enclosure hands himself in :


However, Authorities are now investigating the connection between Marison Guciano and this individual who Guciano admitted was a “colleague”!



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