Defending the indefensible! Tsk!

People, the time has come to rise up and speak out.  Speak the truth.  Reveal the truth.

Who is helping the animals of Indonesia?  Who is just talking about it?  Some people just talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.  Who is faking it? Who is leading you on a twisted, winding road of lies and deceit?


Ms Rodriguez and Ms Holmes created seperately, a gigantic fundraiser for the “starving sun bears” of Bandung Zoo and a petition to the Indonesian President, Widodo, to shut down the Zoo, claiming the animals were eating their own feces, begging for food and are held in abhorrent and terrible conditions.  To date, we are still confused at their opposing viewpoints and struggle to identify which was the real goal?  To help Bandung Zoo or close Bandung Zoo?

the deceiver

Their on-going consistent efforts to scrutinize and specifically target Bandung Zoo in Bandung, Indonesia, alleging that certain individuals and organizations are “defending the indefensible” will be discussed.

Upon investigation, we discovered there are 61 zoos in Indonesia.  Of these, Bandung Zoo is rated number 14!  If Bandung Zoo, according to Ms Rodriguez and Ms Holmes, is “horrific”, then that leads us to question the voracity of their statements and to uncover what conditions are like for animals in zoos rated, say, below 40 or even 50?  We cannot understand why Ms Rodriguez and Ms Holmes aren’t “exposing” ALL the other terrible Zoos of Indonesia, those rated say 28 or 35 or even 50?

It also leads us to ask WHY Bandung Zoo is specifically being targeted?

We can reveal that Ms Rodriguez has raised approximately USD $54 000 plus an additional approximately USD $12 000 for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” plus the various other animals named in Ms Rodriguez’s GoFundMe campaign.  What gives us pause and concern is to date, none of the beneficiaries (the animals) have received even USD $1 from Ms Rodriguez’s campaign. Furthermore, Ms Rodriguez refuses to publish any accounting of this money.

It would appear, thus, Ms Rodriguez is attempting to divert attention away from the massive amount of funds donated by the public for the animals of Indonesia and several specifically named animals within the campaign, onto the “purported conditions of animals at Bandung Zoo”, who she promised to help.  It would seem to us a giant “smokescreen is being created” for very specific and obvious, unethical reasons.

What has either Ms Rodriguez or Ms Holmes accomplished for any animal of Indonesia?  Nothing!  There is no tangible help to a single animal.  But their claims of being “animal advocates” and aspiring “visible animal heroes” all have been debunked.  All their talk, all their blogs, all their lies have done what?  Nothing!  Not a single piece of fruit or a timber pole been proferred to assist a single animal of Indonesia! But they continue their agenda unabated.  

Taman Safari Bogor is rated as the number 1 out of 61 zoos in Indonesia.  They have an excellent hospital and rescue facilities for wild animals.  They too have been and continue to be a valuable resource for Bandung Zoo due to the strong relationship between Bandung Zoo’s original owner and themselves.

And Bandung Zoo received help.  First PKBSI stepped up in May 2016. They in turn reached out to Cee4Life who joined in March 2017.  Concerted efforts into improving the living conditions, enclosure upgrades, nutritional feeding guidelines, standard of veterinary care etc. was immediately undertaken.  Thus far, the Elephants have received a new enclosure and are unchained for the majority of their lives.  However, please note, at times the Elephants WILL be chained by one leg.  These include impending veterinary checks and oftentimes on a rotational basis due to displays of agression by Shelma towards Ira and vice versa.  At night they sleep in their individual holding enclosures.

Further minor upgrades have been made to the enclosures of the Zebras, Binturongs and Casowarys plus Ozone the Orangutan’s enclosure was upgraded with enrichment.  The Tiger’s enclosure is also being upgraded. The new plans for the completely new Sun Bear’s enclosure were approved and construction is underway.  As is evidenced, it would seem strange that Ms Rodriguez and Ms Holmes persist with their specific, targeted harassment and agenda of hatred towards Bandung Zoo and not any other Zoo in the whole of Indonesia!

Thanks to Ms Rodriguez and Ms Holme’s campaign of hatred, poor Bandung Zoo who are trying desperately to upgrade the Zoo, keep getting targeted.  This is very, very suspicious.  As stated, we wonder where the scrutiny of Zoo rated 30 or 35 is?!


Surabaya Zoo

surabaya bearsurabaya elephant 1surabaya giraffesurabaya tigersurabaya white tiger

Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia has one of the worst reputations possible.  Multiple events that can only be described as some of the worst animal cruelty ever witnessed have been publicized all over the world.

How can Surabaya Zoo, coined as “Indonesia’s zoo of death” with it’s history of diabolical and demented mistreatment of animals, be rated on Google reviews, HIGHER than Bandung Zoo?  Does this seem possible?

surabaya rated 4.1 on google reviews

And Bandung Zoo

bandung zoo rated on google review lower than surabaya

Medan Zoo

medan orang in cagemedan zoo elephantmedan zoo lionmedan zoo primate

Medan Zoo rated higher than Bandung Zoo!

medan zoo google ratings

Life for the animals at Medan Zoo can only be described as highly upsetting with compelling evidence of abject cruelty, neglect and apalling living conditions for it’s animals. 

In Medan Zoo, the animals have no access to fresh drinking water, and some don’t have access to any water at all. Many social animals such as primates are kept in isolation and some serious medical conditions lacking treatment were observed.” wrote Animal People Forum blog.

Then there are those who do indeed “defend the indenfensible”…………


Where are all the funds donated by a generous public to assist the “animals of Indonesia”, the sun bears, the orangutan Mikey, the tigers and the others?

The full story of Rebecca Rodriguez can be found here :










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