The venom and the response


Best of the Worst from the smear blogs, Facebook pages and DMs posted and maintained by Rebecca Rodriguez


Poo Holmes


and Alycia Hadfield

alycia at steps beach in puerto rico

and of course their lovely friends whose “integrity” and “honesty” is revealed in various posts… Do these posts reveal the actions and words of true animal advocates or visible animal heroes who are working to HELP animals? (threats courtesy of various people from across the world, thanks to the hatred and targeted ongoing harassment incited by said individuals and their accomplices

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 There is simply way too many screenshots of all the abuse.  We could fill 100 volumes easily! Are these the actions of victims feigning “being attacked” and “harassed”? Or are these the actions of individuals out for blood for their own nefarious reasons? 

They don’t seem to care who gets hurt as a result of their targeted harassment and abuse.

Their victims have undergone all sorts of attacks from menacing death threats via mail and phone, being followed and photographed, attempts to hack into icloud devices, twitter and facebook accounts……  All of this because a certain “animal advocate” refuses to be honest. 

It’s very, very sad and their actions are dangerous and extreme.

Laughable that these individuals consider themselves “animal advocates” and “visible animal heroes”! Are you joking?????

Pretending to want to “help animals”, raising funds to “help animals” and then spending the donations on international travel to exotic locations including Italy – for certain individuals, eating at nice restaurants and lying on the beaches in Puerto Rico!  Yeah right, “real” animal advocates for sure!

My Response to All Accusations and Claims…

Will be upcoming shortly.  Stay tuned.

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Revealing people who exploit animals for their own ends - usually money. Exposing people who are cowards and are associated with hate campaigns. These are the stalkers, trolls, harassers, intimidators and bullies. They are responsible for targeting innocent animal advocates in an attempt to silence them. Show-casing frauds, con-artists and charity scams who steal from animals and legitimate organizations. With special mention of Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World and Animal House : Around the World and her accomplices Alycia Hadfield and P Ooi Holmes.