Liar Liar Pants on Fire! Nope! No I never violated the law and stole individual’s identities! Who moi?


Shhhhhh it was the “Animal Rescue Deceivers” fairy who did it!

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LOL!!!! Tsk tsk tsk.  Now who is calling whom a liar?! Tsk tsk tsk.  Rebecca you wouldn’t lie would you???? 😉


According to Ms Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World and Animal Rescue Deceivers, she did not and has never registered certain individual’s domain names!  We surmise it was the fairy who did it!  The “Animal Rescue Deceivers” fairy!  Of course it was!


Hmmmm, who is Animal Rescue Deceivers?  Why Ms Rodriguez, by her own admission!

proof animal rescue deceivers is rebecca rodriguez

She DID buy several individual’s domain names but then realizing the significant legal ramifications of such a serious, illegal crime, ie that of IDENTITY THEFT, the domain registrations were quickly dumped!  After several days the “domain registrations” became available.  Whilst registering all these individual’s identities, there was a small snafu!  Ms Rodriguez slipped up and forgot to register but did in fact remember to register .  Luckily, the mistake was picked up and the rightful owner apparently immediately registered her own .com before it could be abused by Ms Rodriguez.

It was then later on Ms Rodriguez went to and entered all the individual’s domain names, which showed as “AVAILABLE”!  Tsk tsk tsk!  Naughty naughty!

Here are the screenshots of some of the domain names registered by none other than “The League of ANIMAL RESCUE DECEIVERS“!  0 tie the league of animal rescue deceivers animal rescue deceivers registration1 with red highlight

Tsk Tsk Tsk! Bad fairies!



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