29 Months of Harassment by Rebecca A. Rodriguez!

This is the story of Rebecca A. Rodriguez of
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One Animal World (For-profit “subsidiary” of RebRod LLC)
One Animal World Foundation
Animal Centric
Animal House : Around the World aka AHAroundtheWorld,
Animal House International aka AHInternational
Animal Time LLC
Animal Time TV
Evacsac / EvacPet
Clearance Puppy
Barlow Animal Connection
FLIGHT Indonesia
Pacific Animal Society
Lights, Camera, Animals!
Rebrod LLC!
Cook Vegan For Me (CVFM)
Toward a Vegan World,
her accomplices/team members/friends – and the story of the starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo and the mystery of the missing donations!
rat team
This investigation began because the GoFundMe fundraiser for the sun bears of Bandung Zoo, created by Ms Rebecca Rodriguez was closed on 29 December 2017.
None of the GFM funds are accounted for, nor is there an accurate tally of total donations received of direct contributions. To date, not a single named beneficiary has received even $1 from this fundraiser.  We guestimate around $65000 USD was raised in total – $53531 paid via GoFundMe and $12000 in direct contributions.
Where is the fiscal accountability? Where is the transparency?  Simply, where has the money disappeared to? 
This is a complicated, convoluted story spanning the globe, multiple individuals and organizations. We trust you will stay on this journey with us as it might seem tedious at times.
The massive plans and deception perpetrated by Rodriguez and her “team” needs to be unveiled as scamming the public with concerns of “animals in crisis situations” to raise donations has reached epidemic proportions.
This is about identifying the underlying motives of people who consider and portray themselves as “animal advocates”  or “fighting for animals” who seem to be saying one thing to the public, but doing the opposite in reality behind the scenes, never believing anyone would investigate their claims.
If you do not wish to read the entire article contained herein, this is the simplistic summary :
All parties involved with the GoFundMe fundraiser for the allegedly “Starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo” and the petition to close Bandung Zoo are frauds.  We know this because ALL parties had independent verification from a multitude of sources that the animals and specifically the Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo were not starving.  They had never been starving.
If they were all privy to this information and they were, why did they forge ahead with a misleading http://www.gofundme.com/sunbearsindonesia campaign and a dishonest, lie-ridden petition to close Bandung Zoo?
If the Sun Bears were never starving, the GoFundMe campaign is fraudulent and the Change.org petition is fraudulent. 
Not even Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group an Indonesia-based group, supposedly catching and prosecuting wildlife traffickers, recommended that Rodriguez and Holmes try and remove the Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo Indonesia to the USA!
Factually, to date, not 1 named animal beneficiary in Rodriguez’s campaign received $1.  Not only that, it has been confirmed that all the “animals” that were featured in Rodriguez’s campaign as “beneficiaries” – the Zoos and Sanctuaries where these animals were housed – had never ever even heard of Rebecca Rodriguez!
The Change.org petition developed into the private, disturbing psychological toilet of P Holmes with outrageous, slanderous and false misinformation and psychotic rantings, all this on an official petition to a President of a Country!
A total of approximately $65 000 USD was raised by the public for the specific, named beneficiaries in Rebecca Rodriguez’s campaign.  Not 1 animal received $1 from Rodriguez!
For full evidentary proof of our claims, continue to read the story contained hereunder :
rebecca in puerto rico suntanned with bathing suit on

Rebecca Rodriguez looking nice and sun-tanned on one of her “official missions” in Puerto Rico

This is about Rebecca A. Rodriguez who uses multiple names and web pages and company registration.
http://www.oneanimalworld.com initially registered as a for-profit company and subsequently registered as a charity “One Animal World Foundation”. More to come on the explanation of the widespread manipulation of various intermingled companies, organizations, LLCs and charities.
Ms Rodriguez used a 2 years old video from 2016 and related pictures of “starving” sun bears of Bandung Zoological Gardens and other animals to spearhead her fundraiser, allegedly for the animals featured in said video.
donate to sunbears or directly to one animal world

One Animal World a FOR-PROFIT company owned and operated by Rodriguez to “raise funds for the starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”

The GoFundMe fundraiser for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” –
fundraiser for

Note the wording : “Help the Starving Sun Bears”

hitched onto the back of a Change.org petition started several months ago for the President of Indonesia – Joko Widodo – to shut down Bandung Zoo –
president widodo shut down bandung zoo now

Note the opening paragraph of the petition to shut down Bandung Zoo : Holmes can’t even get it right – even at the beginning!  2 outright lies – Giraffe never died at Bandung Zoo and it’s not referred to as the “death zoo” – Surabaya Zoo is responsible for both of those, not Bandung Zoo!

Both the GoFundMe fundraiser and the Change.org petition are severely and fatally flawed with massive, purposeful, fraudulent, highly slanderous information and defamatory content and purported “facts” which have been presented to the public.  These platforms were used to manipulate the public into donating to fund a mission that was dishonest and to bolster a petition that was mendacious, misleading and almost 100% incorrect. The more outrageous the petition, the more people donated to the fundraiser.  A very clever plot indeed!
At this juncture it is critical to note that all parties involved with this scam – that is Rebecca Rodriguez, Alycia Barlow, Tracey Kleber, P Ooi Holmes (P Holmes) and Marison Guciano knew beyond reasonable doubt that the Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo were not starving and had never been starving!  They had all been given this information from multiple, independent sources including a Wildlife Sanctuary in Colorado!
pkbsi working with bandung since may 2016

Undeniable and absolute proof that PKBSI were working and assisting Bandung Zoo in early May 2016 long before Rodriguez and Holmes arrived on the scene and  hatched their misleading fundraiser for the “starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo”!

wild welfare sun bears ok

Dave Morgan, wildlife expert of Wild Welfare investigates claims that the Sun Bears are starving.  He finds the bears “looking fairly good”! (Note : NOT starving!)

Furthermore, the video footage used was a sting video produced by a then member of an Indonesian-based wildlife trafficking organization -Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group representative- His name is Marison Guciano. marison2
More on Guciano and his direct relationship with Rebecca Rodriguez to follow.
The sting video of the “starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo” was produced in June 2016! Interestingly, Marison Guciano who produced the sting video had already met with the Management of Bandung Zoo at the time and acknowledged and AGREED the sun bears were not starving.  However, Marison Guciano purposefully released and re-released the sting video no less than 20 times, asking for donations to Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group every time!
Timeline of Scorpion releasing videos in relation to sunbears and Bandung Zoo
More on this organization later.
Marison Guciano orchestrated yet another sting video at Bandung Zoo in early 2018 which he alleges a “colleague” filmed whilst just happening to be the individual who mysteriously appeared with a video camera at the exact moment a lit cigarette was tossed into the enclosure of Kalimatan Orangutan named Ozone. 

Ozone the Kalimatan Orangutan of Bandung Zoo purposefully targeted

Ozone is filmed, rather than helped.  Ozone was burnt by this act! 
A carefully crafted set-up once again attempting to tarnish the reputation of Bandung Zoo!  Perfect timing or perfect set-up?  What are the odds that Marison Guciano‘s colleague was the one who just happened to be camera-ready at the moment the cigarette is thrown into the enclosure? 1 in 1 000 000 000?
Guciano, like his colleage Rodriguez, is another wannabe animal advocate who has jumped around from and within various organizations.  Conveniently and mysteriously, it was Guciano who produced the sting video of “the starving sun bears” of Bandung Zoo who suddenly happened on another sting video of the same zoo.  Hmmmm, the chances of his colleague being there at the ready with a camera, highly suspicious and questionable.  The chances of his colleague literally “over nighting” the video for dissemination via the media also highly suspicious and questionable. 
Interestingly, Guciano

Marison Guciano

has suddenly now quit Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group and has gone to work for Rebecca Rodriguez and suddenly has miraculously appeared as the Founder of IAWS – Indonesia Animal Welfare Society and now FLIGHT Foundation in Indonesia!
marison admitting it was his colleague

Confirmation that Marison Guciano is linked to Indonesia Animal Welfare Society set up by Rebecca Rodriguez 

If people are willing to hurt an animal to get their name out into the media as an “animal advocate” of all things – is absolutely illegal and deplorable!
What kind of person hurts an animal for a photo op? 
The factually incorrect and slanderous petition created by P Ooi Holmes (aka P Holmes, Poo Holmes, Pohyee Holmes, Pohyee Ooi Holmes etc.) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which is nearing 1.2 million signatures, and the conjoined factually incorrect and slanderous GoFundMe fundraiser created by Rebecca Rodriguez of La Center, Washington, has inspired and incited continued, purposeful and on-going worldwide hatred of and confusion towards the Bandung Zoo in Indonesia, a registered Australian non-profit organisation named, Conservation and Environmental Education 4 Life (Cee4life http://www.cee4life.org), Taman Safari Bogor, the country of Indonesia, the city of Bandung, volunteers and multiple supporters of CEE4Life. 
The highly defamatory and slanderous content on both the fundraising platform and the petition site are being investigated by Law Enforcement Agencies spanning the globe.  There will be real , fiscal consequences and possible jail time for those parties involved with this scheme.
The big question is obviously WHY would these 2 specific individuals and their accomplices create and set up such a seemingly devious and cunning plan? 
And why target a Zoo who is clearly committed to improving conditions at the Zoo and for it’s animals? You do not impede improvements for your own agenda! 
There are 61 zoos in all of Indonesia.  Bandung Zoo is currently rated 14 out of 61.  Why this zealous specific targeted attack???  Currently Bandung Zoo is one of the only zoos in the whole of Indonesia committed to implementing the 5 freedoms for their animals and massive upgrades have been on-going for many months already. 
Bandung Zoo have never said they are a perfect Zoo!  They are trying to upgrade and improve at every opportunity.

sun bears at bz

Recent photograph of one of the Sun Bears at Bandung Zoo in Indonesia
Well, simplistically, to understand the plan you have to unmask the individuals behind these 2 critical acts. Our focus will be specifically on the 2 identified individuals initially – Ms Rodriguez and Ms Holmes and later on, Ms Rodriguez’s other accomplices.
Who is Pohyee Ooi Holmes (aka P Ooi Holmes, Py Holmes, P Ooi Holmes, Ooi Holmes, Poop Holmes, Pohyee Holmes, Pyoh Holmes, Poo Holmes and several variations of that name), the Change.org petition organizer?

Poo Holmes

Our investigation led us to uncover a Malaysian/Chinese individual residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who appeared to be a serial petition writer and organizer.
Further investigation revealed Ms Holmes is, unfortunately, an absolute nobody who has no formal or informal qualifications regarding animal welfare or any specialized knowledge of Indonesian animals or wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. She has no experience with wildlife, wildlife rehabilitation, wildlife rescue, animal rescue, wildlife veterinary and health needs, wildlife nutrition etc.  She apparently likes sewing and gardening. It can be inferred thus, Ms Holmes would not be qualified to create or update on an Indonesian Zoo she has never even visited or “animal issues” at said Zoo and is not competent to do so!  And trawling through individuals’ private Facebook and Instagram accounts to locate content that she utilizes on the petition is a violation of privacy to say the least.
This a mockery of legitimate petitions and legitimate fundraisers for legitimate causes!
Furthermore, even on her opening statement on the original content of her Change.org petition- it seems Mrs Holmes purposefully laced the petition with outright, blatant lies and misinformation! She can’t even get it right in her opening paragraph!  For instance, the giraffe that died with 40lbs of trash in it’s stomach was not at Bandung Zoological Gardens. The giraffe was at Surabaya Zoological Gardens.  Wrong Zoo!
Also, Ms Holmes wrote “The Bandung Zoo has been coined Indonesia’s death Zoo”! This is also incorrect. It is “Surabaya Zoo” that was given that moniker.  Wrong Zoo!
To further her agenda of hatred towards Bandung Zoological Gardens and the work of Cee4Life.org, Ms Holmes and Ms Rodriguez created a fake page on Facebook and purposefully joined Bandung Zoological Gardens with Surabaya Zoo. This promoted further loathing of Bandung Zoo as Surabaya Zoo has one of the worst reputations of any Zoo in Indonesia.
By intermingling the two, Ms Holmes purposefully fanned the flames of hatred.  What type of individual (a) has the time and (b) the evil idea to join these 2 Zoos together to ensure the public is confused and associates Surabaya Zoo with Bandung Zoo who are completely unrelated and interestingly one has to wonder if Bandung Zoo has such a terrible reputation already, as alleged, why is it necessary to join them with Surabaya Zoo?
We also established that Ms Holmes, purposefully directed members of the public to leave bad reviews for Bandung Zoo, which is highly illegal and is currently being investigated by Google Analytics.
fake bz page

Facebook page created by Rodriguez and Holmes, joining Surabaya Zoo and Bandung Zoo together.  They are not even at the same location!

Why would anyone do such a hateful and illegal thing?
There is clear evidence of a horrible conspiracy by specific, dishonest individuals -purposefully, to defame Bandung Zoo and it’s associates!
poo calling for bad reviews of bandung zoo on her petition site 1

P Holmes illegal use of Google Analytics (review system).  This is a crime and is being investigated!

Apparently, despite repeated attempts to advise Ms Holmes (and Ms Rodriguez) that her Petition was grossly misleading, factually incorrect, slanderous and defamatory, she/they persisted. They turned off the commenting section to prevent the truth from being revealed.  They also ban, block and delete anyone who asks a single question.  It’s also confusing to note this petition was started many, many months ago but only seemed to gain traction when it was joined to Ms Rodriguez’s fundraiser.
We can only surmise that some kind of infamy and acknowledgement of her existence is behind Ms Holmes’ Petition or, she might have been promised either access to a certain percentage of Ms Rodriguez’s fundraiser or to appear in a film produced by Ms Rodriguez. We simply cannot understand this apparently irrational relationship nor the real intentions of Ms Holmes.
Who is Rebecca Rodriguez (Rebecca A. Rodriguez, Rebecca Rodriguez, Beccy Rodriguez, Beccy Tomzak, Beccy Tonzik and several variations of those names) the GoFundMe fundraiser creator/organizer?
alycia and rr in bed

Alycia Barlow, co-producer of Animal Time TV and Rebecca Rodriguez, producer of Animal Time TV and together they operate “One Animal World”

This is an extremely complicated investigation, unravelling multiple registered organizations and charities and spans 30 years.  There is proof of an alarming pattern of misleading the public to raise funds to fund Rodriguez’s many “projects”.
Ms Rodriguez, we discovered, is an unknown, self-proclaimed “animal advocate”, “critically acclaimed” filmmaker and aspiring actress.  
Research revealed she has no qualifications pertaining to wildlife, wildlife rescue, wildlife nutrition, wildlife transportation, wildlife rehabilitation, wildlife veterinary care, wildlife nutritional needs, animal welfare or Indonesia protocol or Indonesian wildlife. The truth is there no evidence of any recognized animal-welfare experience whatsoever. We have ascertained she left school at age 16.
Her main impetus has been focused on attempts to appear on TV and or her YouTube channel called “ANIMAL TIME TV”by producing TV/Film content on animal-related issues via various platforms, namely appearing in video production on YouTube and producing one sizzle reel called “Animal House”, also released via YouTube, on rebuilding an animal shelter hopefully for widespread TV production and dissemination.  How many other people across the world are stars of their own YouTube Channel??
We uncovered one of her “critically acclaimed” films was about a floating piece of poo in a toilet bowl that could not or would not be flushed away! It’s a film called “Floaterproduced in 2000 – 18 years ago! Another supposed “critically acclaimed” film was “Soul Collectors”. This is a film about 2 men named Phil and Ed who attempt to convince a woman that she is dead. Both these films were produced in one week-end!

“Floater” produced by Rebecca Rodriguez about a poo that won’t flush away

She had limited acknowledgement for the lacklustre films she produced over 18 years ago.
In 2015 Ms Rodriguez produced a sizzle reel for an idea she had to rebuild failing animal shelters/pounds. She based this on an idea from 1989 when she assisted the people on the island of Guam. This was produced under the name of “Animal House”. The idea was being submitted to Animal Planet and NatGeo to potentially create and produce an entire series of the same name. Neither TV production companies picked up the idea and it was binned due to lack of interest. We have also learnt Ms Rodriguez recently approached Animal Planet again, proferring the “Animal House” idea.  Again, it has been binned. 
Subsequent investigations revealed a troubling jumble of bewilderment by individuals associated with the production of “Animal House”. Several individuals were targeted and threatened with legal action by Ms Rodriguez, who has a history of stalking and bullying people if they ask too many questions, for their truthful revealing of what can only be described as a quagmire of lies and confusion by staff on the set of “Animal House” and other individuals who questioned the integrity and honesty of her various fundraising platforms and film production goals. Why this is important we will reveal later.
wildlifeplanet twitter rr also threatening to sue them

Wildlife Planet threatened and harassed by Rebecca Rodriguez

stephanie buck

Stephanie Buck threatened and harassed by Rebecca Rodriguez

Another victim of Rebecca Rodriguez’s threats, intimidation and harassment was a lady who worked with Ms Rodriguez on the “set” of “Animal House”.  Ms Sandy Dye Carbaugh publically vented on Facebook about all she had endured by being affiliated with Ms Rodriguez and working on this nightmarish project.
However, to fully understand who Ms Rodriguez really is, one has to investigate her past efforts to raise funds to underwrite her ideas and ultimate goal of appearing on television.
We researched further and found multiple platforms and attempts to raise funds to fund Rodriguez’s projects, ideas, dreams and lifestyle!
First, we found http://www.femaleoutrage.com, which has subsequently been removed from the world-wide web. However, trace of it can still be seen. Ms Rodriguez wanted the public to fund her march to Washington for women who voted for Trump.  Her targeted goal for producing this film? $40 000!!!!  It has been determined nobody donated and the idea quickly disappeared from public view.

“Female Outrage” project by Rebecca Rodriguez who attempted to raise $40 000 from the public

We then stumbled upon the use of the site http://www.patreon.com wherein once again, Ms Rodriguez under the guise of “One Animal World” (a for-profit company owned by Rodriguez)  asking the public to donate to fund her “love of animals”! Now I don’t know about you but millions of people across the globe love animals but they don’t ask the public to fund their love!
patreon begging for money

Rebecca Rodriguez once again attempting to raise funds for her “love of animals” using Patreon

Again it can be noted no funds were donated by any member of the public. Generally, “animal advocates” are self-funded and work with and for animals without trying to raise capital to do it.
We then uncovered “Animal Centric” via “Animal Time TV” in 2015 on YouTube, using the search terminology “Animal House TV”. This once again featured Ms Rodriguez with her best friend  Ms Alycia Barlow, again calling for funds using the Patreon platform to fund Rodriguez’s “project” and “love of animals” : http://www.patreon.com/animalcentric
animal centric patreon

“Animal Centric” consists of best friends Alycia Barlow and Rebecca Rodriguez

animal centric is rr and alycia

“Animal Centric” consisting of Rebecca Rodriguez and Alycia Barlow and their “pertinent and important animal work” viewed by just 35 individuals

Again, it should be noted no funds were donated by any member of the public. Please also note the limited number of “views” – a clear indication said individuals were not known by the public and definitely not popular.
They appeared once again to simply be 2 “animal advocates” trying to produce film on “animal issues” and attempting to raise funds to do so. Apparently the public didn’t seem very responsive or interested in her proposed ideas and projects she was trying to get off the ground.  Rodriguez has been trying for years and years to get the public to pay her to live out her dreams.  Why Rodriguez cannot get a job, save up and then fund her projects is unknown.
Currently in existence are several other fundraisers for projects Ms Rodriguez is wanting to get off the ground.  One such fundraiser is yet another GoFundMe fundraiser to purportedly to assist the animals left behind after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.
It can be found here : https://www.gofundme.com/hurricane-maria-animal-fund
barks of hope ss

Strangely, Rebecca Rodriguez who is not a member of Barks of Hope, states payments/donations can be made directly to her!  How does BoH track these donations?  How does IRS track these donations?

We also have stumbled upon a very strange relationship with Barks of Hope based in Puerto Rico for which Ms Rodriguez also accepts direct payment/contributions. How does Barks of Hope keep track of donations made to Ms Rodriguez? How does IRS track these donations? Why would Barks of Hope allow an individual supposedly not recognized as a legal affiliate, to accept money on their behalf?
There is also clear evidence of Ms Rodriguez being behind the http://www.barksofhope.us web domain registration, further proof of their established “relationship”. This is a strange dynamic that needs to be closely examined. It would appear Ms Rodriguez is much more involved with Barks of Hope than she leads the public to believe.  We cannot understand the relationship but it needs to be investigated.

Barks of Hope domain registered by Rebecca Rodriguez

The Barks of Hope situation expose will be revealed via a different report.
barks of hope gffm

Pay directly to Rebecca Rodriguez for and on behalf of Barks of Hope.  Strange isn’t it?

Thus, throughout her life – spanning 30+ years – Ms Rodriguez has attempted on multiple occasions to raise public donations to fund her lifestyle and filmmaking dreams and endeavours to appear on television.
All of these previous attempts show a disconcerting pattern of behaviour of trying to get the public to donate their hard-earned cash to fund Rodriguez’s dreams and lifestyle, but more importantly reveals that, until Ms Rodriguez used the video of the “starving sun Bears of Bandung Zoo” and created a fundraiser on their behalf, she remained, simply, one more “animal advocate” in a pile of unknown members of the public. Essentially, she is merely some unknown individual living in Washington, USA.
Rebecca A. Rodriguez’s multiple, complicated, inter-linked “names”, “web sites”, “Facebook Pages”, “LLC registrations”, “Twitter Accounts” , “job titles” and more, all seemingly created to provide Ms Rodriguez with an air of legitimacy and competency and apparently, an easy way to confuse a willing public. Please note, a number of these pages/items have been edited and updated and continue to be updated over time causing further confusion. Still more have been deleted or unpublished.
Animal CentricFormed with Alycia Barlow, Pacific Animal Welfare Society of Vancouver, Washington.
animal centric

“Animal Centric” aka “Animal Time TV” consists mainly of Rodriguez and Barlow

Animal House on Facebook
animal house back from mexico

Animal House on Facebook operated by Rebecca Rodriguez

Animal House TV
animal house tv

Animal House TV also operated by Rebecca Rodriguez

Animal House TV/Animal House Gen 1
animal house gen 1

Animal House TV/Animal House Gen 1 operated by Rebecca Rodriguez

Animal House International aka Animal House : Around the World
Formed with Tracy Kleber, a United States citizen currently residing in Fasano, Italy.

animal house international who we are 2

Animal House International LLC operated by Tracey Kleber and Rebecca Rodriguez

animal house international who we are 1

Animal House International LLC operated by Tracey Kleber and Rebecca Rodriguez
 Animal Time TV
Owned and operated by Ms Rodriguez to produce “quality entertainment for awesome, animal people”.
original animal time tv

Old “Animal Time TV” operated by Rebecca Rodriguez

And revamped and updated to :
animal time and animal house about its rebecca and alycia now

Animal Time / Animal House allegedly trademarked and operated by Rebecca Rodriguez

Animal House TV
animal house tv

Animal House TV operated by Rebecca Rodriguez

Animals of Indonesia on Facebook – disbanded after “mission” failed.
One Animal World – initially listed as a subsidiary of RebRod LLC – a for profit company owned and operated by Ms Rodriguez assimilated donations from her GoFundMe fundraiser for the sun bears and other named beneficiaries, despite registering a Charity on 3rd February 2017prior to the creation of the fundraiser for the sun bears which would have attached very specific conditions and fudiciary accountability as required under the Charity laws in the USA.  Simply why did Rodriguez not use her Charity to amass the donations?  Why did she use her for-profit Company RebRod LLC to siphon the funds into? 
one animal world FOR PROFIT

One Animal World is a FOR PROFIT company owned and operated by Rebecca Rodriguez

Exactly why did Ms Rodriguez not make use of “One Animal World Foundation” Charity to amass the donations from http://www.gofundme.com/animalsofindonesia ?
It would appear she purposefully used “One Animal World” and “RebRod LLC” specifically. These are very important questions with serious implications and are critical and vital evidence as to her real intentions and integrity.
oaw in the begining

One Animal World “featured project” : Help the Starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo who allegedly eat their own feces to survive, claimed Rodriguez and Holmes

The name “One Animal World” and it’s associated web pages and Facebook accounts have been updated to make use of the “Charity” status vs a business known just as “One Animal World”. Why this is important will be revealed later.

Newly registered NON-PROFIT with SAME NAME as original FOR-PROFIT “One Animal World” purposefully confusing?

Then Rebecca Rodriguez created a Charity based in Washington named “One Animal World Foundation” in early February 2017.  See above.
And is now calling for further donations to the now registered “One Animal World Foundation” Charity.
The public have now unwittingly been led to believe that their donations previously given for http://www.gofundme.com/sunbearsindonesia was given to a Charity which adds a form of safety and implies legitimacy and accountability, and not a for-profit company with the same name.
Ms Rodriguez continues to use http://www.oneanimalworld.com but it no longer references in any way, the original “One Animal World”’s for profit status!
one animal world donate to REGISTERED CHARITY

Newly formed “non profit” One Animal World claiming 501 (c) status owned by Rebecca Rodriguez

Ostensibly having confused the public, Ms Rodriguez via http://www.oneanimalworld.com has switched to high gear and has highly publicized the Charity status and asks for donations for some already completed and finalized projects or projects she is truly not involved with!
Why would she be asking for donations to fund goals/missions already completed/finalized? This is outright lying and highly fraudulent!
For instance “Building a reading house in Sumatra”. This project was already finished/completed around November 2017 last year. All trace of the actual building and construction of the reading house in Aceh Sumatra in conjunction with Scorpion Monitor Org has been removed by Ms Rodriguez.
since returning from indo we have done reading house

Proof the “reading house” formed part of the original “mission” of Rebecca Rodriguez and was completed in 2017!

Yet now asking for donations for the “reading house” under “current projects
oaw donate to reading house in sumatra with date

One Animal World “current projects” : “Building a reading house in Sumatra” which was completed in 2017 already!

Also, other projects are being “highlighted” and Ms Rodriguez is calling for funds for the dogs of Fasano Italy.
one animal world current projects dogs of fasano with date

“Current project” of “One Animal World” aka Rebecca Rodriguez who has zero involvement with the Mayor of Fasano or the 150 dogs sequestered there.  What is she fundraising for?  The 150 dogs and their management fall under the laws of Italy and cannot receive help from an unknown American filmmaker!

It has been ascertained by independent reports that Ms Rodriguez has no direct impact or involvement with said dogs other than getting her team member to photograph the dogs. Why would Ms Rodriguez attempt to raise funds for a shelter in Fasano Italy that will not and cannot accept her alleged help?
tiberio animal house international mayor zaccaria of fasano

Rodriguez arguing on Facebook about the 150 dogs and displaying her embarassing ignorance of the situation

Ms Rodriguez wrote that she had spent several months working to inspire/work with the Mayor of Fasano and there were individuals who had “undermined her influence”!
Ms Rodriguez had no influence and continues to have no influence on the dogs of Fasano Italy. Yet she continues to insist under her current One Animal World projects section, wherein she asks you to donate, that she is somehow involved with this issue. She is not in any way involved with the building of a new Pound and has zero influence over the Mayor.
animal house stating 600 000 euros and mayor zaccaria when will politicians ever learnt that, the cover up is always worst than the ccrime wries poo holmes

600 000 Euros put aside for this Italian dog shelter.  Why then is Rodriguez attempting to fundraise on behalf of said dogs?  Is it for cost of her “team” who are always present when Rodriguez FILMS?  Has the Fasano Shelter saga potentially been looked at to turn into another “episode” for Animal House?  Remember re-building an animal shelter?????

The Mayor of Fasano has had no dealings with Ms Rodriguez whatsoever and has spoken out and released a public statement regarding the 150 dogs currently being held in the pound including current and future developments.  By all means lets put some pressure on the Mayor of Fasano to help these dogs but don’t pretend you’re somehow involved with the project and ask for MONEY from the public!!!!!
the mayors statement regarding the kennel

Fasano Mayor address the issues surrounding the 150 dogs in the shelter.  Nothing to do with Rebecca Rodriguez.  Why is she fundraising?

Thus is must be again inferred that this a ploy to target the public with gut-wrenching tales of abuse and neglect, whilst raising funds for fabricated “projects” that will never transpire and for which Rodriguez is not responsible for or involved in!
It seems to us that Ms Rodriguez and her associate Ms Holmes truly believes they are in a position of power and hold authority over other countries, their Mayors and oftentimes their Presidents!
There is even a fundraiser plea to support Ms Rodriguez’s activities as a “foster parent” under “projects”! Yes really. We unearthed this whilst analysing her latest update on the page http://www.oneanimalworld.com
Again, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of individuals all over the world who foster animals. They do not ask for donations to do so. This is done as a “sign of love” and commitment to animals by the public on their own dime!
This exact same ploy has been used under “Animal Centric”!

Pay Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World because she fosters dogs! (Very cute picture but millions of people foster dogs and don’t ask the public to fund it!)

And then there’s the NEW “Indonesian” mission.  Ms Rodriguez asks you to donate in order to produce educational materials on humane education (whatever that means but implies FILM PRODUCTION), “speciality projects” (whatever that really means, more FILM PRODUCTION) and “pressure campaigns” (and again yet more FILM PRODUCTION) – we assume some kind of watchdog group PRODUCING FILM and TV SERIES, but really, what does that mean precisely? Again, ambiguous wording and projects which are very misleading!  
Furthermore, Rodriguez already raised $65000 for the “animals of Indonesia” via her http://www.gofundme.com/sunbearsindonesia and not one animal in that campaign received $1 so what has Rodriguez done with $65 000 for the animals of Indonesia????? What was she fundraising for?
Please read Rodriguez’s strange “offer of assistance to Bandung Zoo” after fundraising for their “starving sun bears”.  She claimed Bandung Zoo replied NO to her supposed “legitimate” offer.  This is laughable. Did you know Rodriguez made no prior contact with Bandung Zoo even though she wanted to remove their Sun Bears from their rightful owners – Bandung Zoo’s owner – and fly them over to a Sanctuary in Colorado, USA!  Unbelievable!
Where is there any legitimate offer of help in any way other than Rodriguez trying to gain a stranglehold on the Zoo and it’s animals by inserting herself and her newly formed Organization – Indonesia Animal Welfare Society – who would provide “education”?  Since Rodriguez accumulated real money in the form of donations for the Bandung Zoo animals, why hasn’t she turned over those donations to the rightful beneficiaries?  There are rules and regulations of GoFundMe one has to conform with.  You can’t just do whatever you want with the donations because your mission didn’t go as planned!
Rodriguez had raised almost $55000 at the time she sent them the following letter.  Where is the offer of contributing towards the new, planned sun bear enclosure upgrade? Where is the offer to buy building materials?  Anyone see any offer of veterinary equipment and medicine?  Anyone see any offer of food?  Money for enrichment?  Upgrades?  There is absolutely nothing of substance contained within this letter.  It’s another carefully crafted offer of total rubbish which Rodriguez then uses as justification for not fulfilling her moral and legal obligations with regard to the $55000 USD she raised! ie she kept ALL THE MONEY for herself!  It’s insulting that Rodriguez actually believes that all the members of the public are that stupid!
the fake letter offering nothing to bz by rr

Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World offers what to Bandung Zoo?  She offers “education” and in return wants ………….. control over Bandung Zoo!  Mind boggling!  And this from someone with zero wildlife experience, credentials or qualifications!

Your funds – a total of almost $65000 USD – have already been utilized on international trips last year that Rodriguez took with her best friend Alycia Barlow????  Any of that money helped any animal anywhere in the world????
oaw donate to indonesia mission with date

Rodriguez, no longer helping the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo who allegedly ate their own feces to survive” which the public donated for – is now “producing pressure campaigns”!!!  If the Sun Bears were starving and in such a dire predicament to allow Rodriguez to fly over a bevy of “experts” how is it that she donated ZERO to those starving bears?  Oh that’s right, she couldn’t turn it into a film so she withdrew from the “mission”!

We also wonder what happened to Ms Rodriguez’s claims that she was “building a new enclosure for 2 sun bears named Tegan and Bedhu”, for which she happily called for and embraced public’s donations for this project.
Currently the new sun bear enclosure for Tegan and Behu does not even feature under One Animal World’s current projects.  This is all OUTRAGEOUS! WHERE ARE THE FUNDS FOR TEGAN AND BEDHU’S NEW ENCLOSURE?
oneanimalworld were building a sun bear enclosure

So did you build the Sun Bear habitat for Tegan and Bedhu?  Did they get any help from Rodriguez’s $65000?  That the public donated for?  NO!  They too got ZERO!!!  Remember the bears Rodriguez claimed she “cried over”?

What areas of expertise is Ms Rodriguez qualified to act as a “watchdog group” for Indonesia? We have scrutinized all records and Ms Rodriguez has absolutely no qualifications or any credentials and more worryingly, no experience whatsoever with “Indonesian animals” that would ordinarily be required for someone to assimilate, analyse and scrutinize conditions of animals in Indonesia.
Also, none of her “team” members she flew to Bandung Zoo Indonesia, have any related qualifications whatsoever either. We fail to understand why Ms Rodriguez believes she is competent to analyse anything with regard to Indonesia and animals!
Ms Rodriguez in her earlier GoFundMe campaign made some highly idiotic and ridiculous claims and embarrassing statements. For instance, apparently there was a sun bear who appeared to be lactating at Bandung Zoo, but no cub seen, there were 28 zoos in Indonesia (there are 61). The sun bears apparently were starving and eating their own feces.  She made numerous embarrassing snafus exposing her lack of professional education and credentials. 
Her alleged, current projects are purposefully misleading and no precise, unambiguous, well-laid out plans are listed for which she can be held accountable.
The only manner in which Ms Rodriguez can gain access to Indonesian Zoos, illegal wildlife trafficking markets and animal exploitation in the country of Indonesia is if she coughs up a large sum of money for her “investigative spies” on the ground, the same ones that she admitted to sending to Bandung Zoo last year. We have been advised Ms Rodriguez is currently being investigated in Indonesia by Authorities who were approached by Bandung Zoo officials regarding the fundraiser. This could be the reason she has turned to Marison Guciano. Time will tell.
A complete look at the multiple LLCs registered by Ms Rodriguez.  Please note all data and information we have assembled is already in the public domain and is not considered private :
all rebeccas llc registrations

Multiple company registrations by Rebecca Rodriguez all providing some kind of legitimacy for each other

Now updated :
rodriguez new llc list

Additional companies registered by Rebecca Rodriguez.  Why does Rodriguez need and utilize all these LLCs??

An in-depth analysis into the goals and objectives of the http://www.GoFundMe.com/sunbearsindonesia fundraiser :
Firstly, of critical importance, pre-dating the creation of http://www.gofundme.com/sunbearsindonesia, both Ms Rodriguez and Ms Holmes received communiqué from independent Wildlife organizations based both in the UK and USA, that the sun bears of Bandung Zoo were not and had never been starving in early 2017.
They were also further informed that both PKBSI – Indonesian Zoo and Aquariums government arm and Taman Safari Bogor together with an Australian-based NGO named Cee4Life.org were already working to improve the conditions of the animals of Bandung Zoo, including the sun bears, long before Rodriguez and Holmes started sniffing around to try and come up with some ploy to exploit Bandung Zoo. Massive enclosure upgrades were underway and pivotal educational programmes were being held. Multiple aspects of Bandung Zoological Gardens were undergoing modernisation and advancement.
Secondly, Ms Rodriguez’s GoFundMe fundraiser for Bandung Zoo was never sanctioned by the owners and management of Bandung Zoo. In fact, nobody in the “animal world” had ever even heard the name of Ms Rodriguez. She was unknown in USA and most certainly unknown in Indonesia!
We don’t know about you, reading this report, but try raising funds for the animals being rescued by Four Paws or PETA without their prior knowledge and or consent.  I’m sure in no time at all you would be investigated for fraud.  Also, we are quite sure legally, you would be forced to hand over any donations you had acquired on their behalf or spend time behind bars!
In fact, it came to Bandung Zoo’s attention that Ms Rodriguez had created a fundraiser for the animals of Bandung Zoo who then in turn reached out to the Australian-based NGO, Cee4Life.org – the zoo’s English-speaking partner – to communicate with Ms Rodriguez and ask if she would partner with them to expedite the upgrades and improvements being undertaken by the Zoo. Cee4Life.org at no time asked Ms Rodriguez to hand over the funds directly.
Thirdly, Ms Rodriguez named the fundraiser platform after the sun bears, she repeatedly and specifically used the terminology “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” on Twitter for instance and also used by her colleagues repeatedly stating “Please donate to the starving sun bears” and promoted the sting video produced in June 2016 by Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group along with imagery of the “dire conditions” for the sun bears.
Please read through the updates very carefully about specifically how the money would be for the benefit of the sun bears and animals!  It was ALL LIES!!  NONE OF THE ANIMALS IN THE CAMPAIGN EVEN RECEIVED $1!!
gfm 11 stating now there are even more funds available for the animals because air travel covered

Unsuspecting members of the public supported the supposed “mission” fabricated by Rebecca Rodriguez including donating air miles to cover flight expenses

gfm update 9 money will be used for enclosure repairs and immediate needs like food

Interestingly, in the end, NOT 1 ANIMAL BENEFITTED from this massive fundraiser which included “Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo”, “animals of Bandung Zoo”, “Mikey the Orangutan” and “2 Sun Bears Tegan and Bedhu”.  Did the public donate to fund Rebecca Rodriguez’s lifestyle and dreams or did they donate to the animals?

Furthermore, she claimed the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” would receive vital and critical assistance. The sun bears were repeatedly and obviously named as the beneficiary of the campaign. At one point Ms Rodriguez even claimed “the sun bears appreciate you”. So where is the help? Where is the money? The sun bears can’t and don’t appreciate anything because they haven’t been helped at all! 
The resulting commentary by the public on the GoFundMe platform, also added a level of corroboration that in general, people donating assumed their funds would somehow be specifically given or utilized for and on behalf of the sun bears of Bandung Zoo!
See P Holmes (the petition creator) in her own words stating “HELP FOR THE STARVING SUN BEARS”.  Well, where is that help? Interestingly Holmes turned off the “comments” section of her petition as too many people started asking questions about the money and how it would be utilized to benefit the “animals of Indonesia”.  Other important questions were raised like specifically how were donations being utilized and specifically which animals that were featured throughout the campaign would gain possession of donations whether in the form of building supplies, medical supplies food etc.?!
poo i donated to help the starving sun bears

This time as PY Ooi-Holmes, the petition creator to close Bandung Zoo, is mysteriously tweeting to help the “starving Sun Bears” of Bandung Zoo whom she KNOWS are NOT STARVING.  Close the zoo or feed the “starving” animals?

alycia tweeting proof campaign is for sun bears and animals of indonesia

Alycia Barlow, Rodriguez’s best friend tweeting to help the “starving Sun Bears” whom she knew were never starving!

Fourthly, what is absolutely vital to note is nobody other than Ms Rodriguez’s “team” were privy to the real plans and intentions of the fundraiser and what the real motives were “to assist the sun bears of Bandung Zoo”! This is of highly critical significance as it reveals Ms Rodriguez never, ever intended to part with $1 to directly assist the starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo.
funds will be spent

Rodriguez’s cleverly crafted, highly manipulative wording about her promises of delivering help to the animal beneficiaries SHE named in her fundraiser.  The animals got nothing and Rodriguez walked away with $65000!

We are now fully aware why Ms Rodriguez refused to join with Cee4Life.org and Bandung Zoo. She created a fabricated, carefully-crafted “reason of refusal” after a “strange offer of help” as to why the $45000 raised at the time could not be given for the benefit of the sun bears.
Confusingly, the sun bears’ enclosure was about to be upgraded so if Ms Rodriguez didn’t want to “hand over the funds directly” as she alleged, citing possible misuse of the funds, why wouldn’t she pay directly for building materials and associated costs with contruction of the new enclosure or veterinary supplies or even food?
Rodriguez attached several new contingent “terms and conditions” suddently with regard to the funds. These t & c’s were never mentioned on the initial fundraiser. Even with the “new contingent terms and conditions” Ms Rodriguez could easily have assisted the sun bears if those were her real intentions! (ie the sun bear enclosure building and upgrade). Furthermore, Ms Rodriguez may not withhold the donations from the named beneficiary/ies. It is not in her legal capacity to do so under GoFundMe’s t & c.
So people, where is the money??? The donations??? AWOL that’s where!!
Ms Rodriguez claims Bandung Zoo refused her offer!  Why would Bandung Zoo say no to $45 000 when they had almost immediate plans to upgrade the sun bear’s enclosures? (And the Elephant enclosures and the Tiger enclosures!) That is totally illogical and an outright lie!
gofundme you cannot lie or not deliver funds to beneficiary

GoFundMe violations!

Unbeknown to the public, Cee4Life.org and Bandung Zoo, Ms Rodriguez had “other plans” for the funds she raised. The truth is Ms Rodriguez never wanted to part with donations unless she could do so on her terms. What did that mean? 
At that time the tally stood around $45000 excluding direct contributions. Ms Rodriguez’s plans were only uncovered when her associate/team member and Change.org petition creator Ms P Holmes, revealed via Twitter, the actual objectives.  In essence, Ms Rodriguez’s real plans were never to utilize the funds to directly help the sun bears. Her real intentions were to facilitate the removal and relocation of the sun bears to sanctuaries in the USA and turn the story into a TV/film production. Did you donate for the animals or did you donate for film production???
This claim is further backed up by an analysis of her “team members” and the succeeding, on-going changes to the GoFundMe fundraiser of which the beneficiaries and plans seemingly changed before our very eyes. More on the “team members” later.
poo stating release sun bears of bandungpoo independent film maker in indonesia nowpoos agenda with rr re the sun bearspoo sun bears to sanctuary in usa
We now had hard proof that Ms Rodriguez, using cleverly worded updates, posted on http://www.gofundme.com/sunbearsindonesia and regurgitated via Ms P Holmes’s Change.org petition to close Bandung Zoo, never, ever had any intention whatsoever of really assisting the Bandung Zoo’s sun bears!
The campaign continually changed.
Even the original wording from the campaign’s inception was changed repeatedly to cover up certain promises and claims by Ms Rodriguez. The campaign “evolved” throughout it’s history.
The named beneficiaries throughout the campaign were :
1) “Starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”
2) “animals of Bandung Zoo”
3) Mikey (Mikail) the orphaned juvenile Orangutan based in Sumatra at Kandi Wildlife Park
4) “animals of Indonesia” an unidentifiable, unrecognized, ambiguous “entity”
5) New enclosure construction for “Tegan and Bedhu” 
There is undoubtedly absolute confirmation that these funds were earmarked for the Sun Bears initially. The campaign however, suddenly “evolved” when Ms Rodriguez’s attempts at removing the sun bears were thwarted when she was denied access to Bandung Zoo.
Not only did Ms Rodriguez ask for donations to be given for the sun bears and animals at Bandung Zoo, she specifically updated the fundraiser with a pleas for multiple animals using random pictures of Tiger cubs and Elephants and also asked for funds/donations to be given for an abandoned, juvenile orangutan named Mikey (Mikail) situate at Kandi Wildlife Park in Sumatra and sun bears Tegan and Bedhu who needed a new enclosure!
please donate for mikey

Mikey the baby Orangutan will “receive relief and joy” and a new enclosure.  Where is the new enclosure?  Nowhere!

appeal for mikey part 2

We do not know how much the public gave believing their funds would benefit Mikey either in http://www.gofundme.com/sunbearsindonesia campaign or in the subsequent fundraiser Ms Rodriguez created for Mikey. We unravelled even more worrying information regarding what specifically the funds “earmarked for Mikey” actually entailed!
Ms Rodriguez started a separate fundraiser for an on behalf of Mikey with a goal of $7000, hoping to film the construction of a new enclosure and fly a team over to Sumatra to do it.

$7000 campaign objective.  How much is that for an enclosure and how much is that for film production?  Either way, in the end, Mikey got ZERO!

poo tweet for mikails fundraiser

Pohee Ooi Holmes tweeting for funds for Mikey

Again, of critical importance to note is Ms Rodriguez’s GoFundMe campaign had reached almost $50000 in donations and an additional approximately $10000 in direct contributions. She was in a direct position of funding the new enclosure for Mikey in its entirety without further delay.
She ignored his desperate plea for help and kept all the donations given to assist him!  NO MONEY HAS BEEN GIVEN TO HELP MIKEY!  NOT $1!!
mikand the orang in tiny cage

Mikey used originally in main fundraiser for the sun bears but seperate fundraiser started also by Rebecca Rodriguez supposedly specifically for Mikey’s new enclosure.  In all, Mikey received ZERO!

Furthermore it was subsequently discovered that a full enclosure upgrade for Mikey would only cost around $3700. So why the fundraising target of $7000?
Finally, Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group who had been associated with Ms Rodriguez published that Ms Rodriguez had only pledged a total of $375 to Mikey!!!!!!!!!! This again raising the alarming question of why Ms Rodriguez needed $7000? We infer that Ms Rodriguez had plans to film the construction and upgrade of an enclosure for Mikey which would entail the costs of Ms Rodriguez’s “team members” associated with such a production.
scorpion highlighing mikail need for 4000 so why fundraiser for 7000

Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, on Facebook, speak out against Rebecca Rodriguez’s fraudulent fundraiser and instructed her to utilize funds for the intended beneficiaries, which she refused to do

To date, none of the beneficiaries named in Ms Rodriguez’s various GoFundMe campaigns has been given or are in receipt of any of the funds.
Ms Rodriguez has the gall to accuse the whistleblowers of extortion! We do hope Rodriguez has proof of this because law enforcement are looking into all this illegal fundraising and all the allegations made by Rodriguez.  To be clear, we should point out that holding someone accountable for the promises they made and their legal obligations in terms of a fundraiser is NOT extortion!
What is the purpose of a fundraiser?
A fundraiser is created to raise public donations to fund named beneficiaries.
What is the purpose of naming a beneficiary?
A beneficiary is named so the public may clearly identify the “receiver” (beneficiary) of money donated. Usually either specifically identified animals or individuals they are donating to.
Legally, a campaign organizer has to fulfil their obligations.
The organizer many not “pick and choose” which of the named beneficiaries may or may not receive donations given by the public.
If the organizer raised funds for and on behalf of specifically identified entities, the organizer must realize these obligations.
The organizer may also not privately profit from the fundraiser.
Thus, holding Ms Rodriguez legally accountable for her obligations in terms of this fundraiser, is not and can never be considered extortion!
Via http://www.gofundme.com/sunbearsindonesia
Ms Rodriguez raised a total of $53 531.
It is unknown at this time how much was raised in direct contributions. We do know that around the $11 500 mark, $2500 was received via direct contributions.
We assume, therefore an approximate additional $12500 has been received by Ms Rodriguez, also unaccounted for.
rr stating x from gfm and x from direct contributions

Rebecca Rodriguez attempted to hide the direct contributions she received but she left a trail of proof

Summary thus far of the illegitimate GoFundMe fundraiser and flawed Change.org Petition :
GoFundMe violations :
Misleading statements
Changing beneficiaries
Funds not delivered to beneficiaries
No defamation of organizations and individuals is allowed
Privately profiting from fundraiser
No violation of international and local law
Change.org violations :
Misleading statements
Defamation of organizations and individuals
No hate speech allowed
No violation of privacy of others
No bullying
No violation of international and local law
Who are Ms Rodriguez’s professional “team members” for her “Indonesian mission”?
Her “team members” are actually a collection of friends with whom she worked on the sizzle reel of “Animal House”.  Whenever there’s “film production” the same familiar faces will show up :

Always the same “expert team members” who accompany Rebecca Rodriguez on all her film productions : Alycia Barlow, Dan Allen and Miguel Abi-Hassan

Who are these “qualified team of experts” and what are their fields of relevant expertise and training with regard to Indonesia and Indonesian animals, if any? Most are completely unknown and unheard of in the animal welfare arena.
Alycia Barlow is another “team member”.

Alycia Barlow Co-Producer of Animal Time TV and best friends with Rebecca Rodriguez

Qualifications? Zero! Ms Barlow operates “Pacific Animal Society” an almost completely unknown organization in Washington. She is not really known in the animal welfare community. She does love animals, so I guess that makes her an expert.
“Dr” Daniel Allen – is an “Otter specialist” residing in the UK. He is also, by his own admission, not opposed to Zoos! One immediately garners respect for this person as he’s a “Doctor” right? Nope! Not in the “medical sense”! He has a PhD in human geography! It gets better.
“Daniel’s doctoral research explored, ‘The cultural and historical geographies of otter hunting in Britain, 1830-1939’ and he is referred to as “The Otter Man for obvious reasons.
dr daniel allen bio

Dan Allen “Otter expert”

Miguel Abi-Hassan has a degree in occupational psychology. However, an occupational psychologist is someone who studies the behaviour of people at work. We have no idea what this has to do with animals.

Miguel Abi-Hassan of Halifax Humane Society

Also Hassan, in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer of the Halifax Humane Society is involved in an investigation into “missing rabbits” who are thought to have been given to a “predator facility” as food.
Internationally, Rebecca Rodriguez’s actions and intentions have been publically questioned with regards to her Sun Bears’ campaign and people all over the world are finally paying attention! Ms Rodriguez seems to believe if she disappears behind a veil of silence she has no accountability to fulfil her obligations either legally or morally.
There is outright evidence and proof that Rodriguez, over the past 30 years has a fundraising pattern “for and on behalf of animals” for multiple filmmaking projects.  Also, very clearly, there is never a specific plan for which she can be held accountable.  Her wording is always carefully crafted so that she can raise funds and utilize them for herself via her multiple LLC registrations.  The animals never benefit.  The only person to benefit is Rodriguez!  If there is no film/photo op from which Rodriguez can privately profit, the donations for the animals seem to disappear into thin air!
Latest independent news and expose of Ms Rodriguez can be found here –
To date, none of the animals featured as beneficiaries in her numerous fundraisers have benefitted in ANY WAY! If there’s no opportunity to FILM all “proferred help” disappears into thin air! 
Donate at your own peril.
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