Lord have mercy!  The same people guilty of banning, blocking and deleting their slanderous lies from various Facebook pages, social media GoFundMe and Change have the temerity to accuse others of the very things they are 10000% guilty of!  And the double standards – Unbelievable!!!

poo perfectly describing rebecca accusing sybelle of the stuff rr did

It matters not that you went and retraced your steps and removed your prophetic comments.  We have screenshots of all your outright lies and deception.

Hypocrites, liars and delusional narcissists seem to pervade our lives at every turn.

Here are Rebecca Rodriguez and P Holmes (Poo, Pyoh, Pohyee, P Ooi, Ooi P) discussing Sybelle Foxcroft, accusing her of the EXACT THING they have done to almost 1 million people and the innocent members of the public who donated some serious money to Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World/RebRod LLC’s campaign to help the allegedly “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”, “animals of Bandung Zoo”, “Mikey the Orangutan at Kandi Wildlife Park”, “animals of Indonesia” and “for Bedhu and Tegan’s enclosure”!

Hypocrite much?!

rebecca stating sybelle went in raised money raised hell and did nothing omg that's what rebecca did

Please be aware! Since there is zero accountability and no legitimate or other accounting of any of the donations other than the payment made to Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group (who provided the “sting video” of the “starving sun bears” for Rodriguez to use in her campaign and who weren’t even a named beneficiary) we can infer from photographic evidence that major $$$$$ of the $63000 raised has been spent on Rebecca Rodriguez and Alycia Barlow (Hadfield – Tony had enough?) – “Rebecca’s team members” and their international travel – identifying film and photo ops (with animals) and holidays and other expenses? What has been “donated” to P Holmes we wonder?

rebecca in puerto rico suntanned with bathing suit onalycia at steps beach in puerto rico 

The “beneficiaries” of their campaign received ZERO!

This is an undisputed FACT.

Tragically, the animals that needed that money – desperately – received not a single Dollar!  In fact, not a single cent! Those animals are STILL SUFFERING yet Rodriguez refuses to donate even 1 dime!

Remember the sun bears that “Rebecca cried over”??? (They too got nothing despite her “tears”!)



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Revealing people who exploit animals for their own ends - usually money. Exposing people who are cowards and are associated with hate campaigns. These are the stalkers, trolls, harassers, intimidators and bullies. They are responsible for targeting innocent animal advocates in an attempt to silence them. Show-casing frauds, con-artists and charity scams who steal from animals and legitimate organizations. With special mention of Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World and Animal House : Around the World and her accomplices Alycia Hadfield and P Ooi Holmes.