Who is the group Cee4Lies – harassing, stalking and terrorizing Cee4Life and it’s supporters?


Since the publication of Behind the Cloak of Buddha : An expose and reveal of wildlife trafficking in Thailand and the closing of the nightmarish, secretive and killing grounds of multiple Tigers – Tiger Temple Thailand, a hate group on Facebook popped up defaming, slandering, harassing, bullying and attacking Sybelle Foxcroft, Founder of Cee4Life and author of the book, Behind The Cloak of Buddha and several of her outspoken supporters.  

So suddenly this “hate group” called Cee4Lies pops up on Facebook.  Through tedious searches and investigation, we have uncovered that Cee4Lies consists mainly of ex and current Tiger Temple Thailand volunteers, members of the charity group “ForTigers” and a convicted arsonist, cons who have raised funds for animals and then disappeared with the funds, a paedophile, animal abusers, desperate narcissists, a meglomanic and much, much worse! It really doesn’t get better than this!

Some of their commentary is so vile, so disgusting, so slanderous, it cannot be published here! Every single day, copious posts are published on Cee4Lies.  These individuals will apparently stop at nothing to try and punish individuals and organizations with opposing viewpoints! They attempt to bully and silence people into submission. 

Any opposing commentary is blocked/deleted and the individual banned. If anyone dares questions any of their members they are viciously slandered online, bullied and receive death threats via phone and email, are followed around and photographed and generally stalked.  Their private and business information is published along with their social media information.  They constantly write posts, then edit and then remove posts. This is done habitually.

Do you know any of the lovely people of Cee4Lies?  Recognize any of your friends or perhaps a family member?  Recognize a trusted employee?  You should be so proud!  The “beautiful people” of Cee4Lies :

Stalkers and crazy people who have tried to hack into computers, icloud devices, email accounts, Facebook profiles etc – IP addresses

ip address close up of hacker based in pennsylvaniaip address used to register animal rescue deceiversrr's actual ip address of


Multiple vile and disgusting outright lies and highly slanderous and defamatory content has been distributed by Cee4Lies.  They continue unabated.

So who is Cee4Lies?  Look at the highlighted commentary!  Oooops! This confirms our assertions that the members of Cee4Lies are mostly ex and current Tiger Temple volunteers and individuals from the charity ForTigers and then Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World/Animal House : Around the World, Alycia Barlow Hadfield and Poop Holmes.





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