Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group / Scorpion Monitor org are idiots!

You’re Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group or Scorpion Monitor Org.  An organization created, supposedly to highlight the plight of animals in Indonesia.  (Once upon a time, you highlighted the plight of Orangutans in Malaysia.)  sean whyte

So you have all this “expertise”, right?  You have individuals who actually have lived in Indonesia their entire lives, with the animals of Indonesia and BKSDA, also Indonesian………. and UK resident Sean Whyte of Nature Watch, now Scorpion.

You even fly to Nepal to receive an award for your “hard work” – aka producing sting videos  made by Marison Guciano and acknowledged and applauded by your allies! (It’s strange because anyone can go into a zoo and produce a video on some animal or another)!

scorpion doing hard work lol

Well answer this, Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, Marison Guciano and Sean Whyte….. Why can’t you correctly identify an animal you’ve “rescued”?  You and BKSDA both????

I’m at a loss for words. 

Scorpion/Guciano and BKSDA rescued a “Clouded Leopard” and took it to Bodichita Sanctuary in Barumum.  Sounds fantastic right?  ONE BIG PROBLEM THOUGH…………… This ISN’T a CLOUDED LEOPARD!!!  It’s an Asian LEOPARD CAT – Prionailurus bengalensis , a completely different species!!

scoricloudedleopard2scorpion clouded leopardscorpioncloudedleopard3scorpioncloudedleopard4

And then you claim, in your “professional opinion” that this cub will be released back into the wild!  Are you for real?  The cub cannot ever be released back into the wild if it’s hand raised by humans and doesn’t develop any hunting or survival skills!

With tears in our eyes, we ask you how could Scorpion / Marison Guciano and BKSDA confirm the rescue of this Clouded Leopard? When it’s an Asian Leopard Cat – Prionailurus bengalensis! 

a real clouded leopard cub
An actual Clouded Leopard Cub

Well done Scorpion and BKSDA!  You really deserve to fly to Nepal to receive another award for ……. being absolute idiots!)

Yes, support Scorpion and BKSDA and all it’s affiliates like Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World and her creation : IAW Society.  Trust them!  They know EXACTLY what they are doing 😉  

Oh and don’t forget, PLEASE DONATE to the abovementioned organizations!  You can absolutely trust all of them and believe every word they say! 🙂  After all, they ARE the EXPERTS, right?

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To see the difference between the 2 cats, click on the following links :

Asian Leopard cat

Clouded Leopard in Indonesia video