Have your donations been spent on holidays to Puerto Rico, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, Greece and Latin America! Thanks for the $$$ suckers!

So at the end of December 2017 the alleged, self proclaimed “animal advocate” Rebecca Rodriguez

fugly cropped

of then One Animal World and Animal House TV (but now Animal House International / Animal Time TV) suddenly closed her GoFundMe fundraiser having received news that a petition was started to ensure the public’s donations from her massive fundraiser for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” were to be spent “responsibly” and on the intended beneficiaries.  Her goal of $75,000 USD was not reached but she closed it off at $53,531!  But in reality, $65,000 for direct payments and donations via the fundraising platform!  So where did the money actually go?

We have proof that Rebecca Rodriguez and her best friend (alleged “team mate”) Alycia Barlow (Pacific Animal Society) have been travelling the world and holidayed in Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Italy, Greece and Mexico assumingly spending the donated money from http://www.gofundme.com/sunbearsindonesia campaign on identifying filming possibilities/opportunities and of course, on having a good time 🙂 

This is the real reason she outright refuses to produce or publish fiscal accountability of the fundraiser! 



Where do the animals actually feature in all of this?  You do remember the beneficiaries as listed by Rebecca on her fundraiser?  The sun bears of Bandung Zoo, the other animals of Bandung Zoo, animals of Indonesia, Mikail the orphaned Orangutan at Kandi Wildlife Park and the 2 sun bears Tegan and Bedhu!! 

We have written proof that not a single cent has been received by any one single beneficiary!  That’s over $65 000 USD unaccounted for!

What we can confirm is the “Indonesia mission” has been abandoned as Rebecca could not get permission to remove the sun bears and FILM their relocation to the USA.  Her plans to be a “force driving animal welfare” in Indonesia also fell by the wayside.  Then her “Italian mission” to force the Mayor of Fasano to build a shelter proved to be an outright lie and completely false, having never even been in contact with the Mayor!  Slowly, Rebecca’s “world” was caving in.

We then subsequently found out that despite Rebecca asking for donations for Mikail the orphaned Orangutan at Kandi Wildlife Park she started yet another separate fundraiser for him with an objective of $7,000 USD.  The disgusting truth about this “mission” is that it would only cost around $3,700 to build Mikail a brand new enclosure so why was Rebecca trying to raise $7,000??  (Plus she had a considerable amount of money in her coffers already!!)

We believe by her own actions, the additional money was to cover the cost of flying a team over to Sumatra and FILMING the construction of the new enclosure!!!  To make matters even worse, Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group wrote on their Facebook page that Rebecca only pledged $375 to Mikail!  Why was she trying to raise $7,000 for Mikail but only willing to give $375????  This is totally fraudulent and just one more lie in a series of lies.

scorpion highlighing mikail need for 4000 so why fundraiser for 7000

The bottom line is if there is NO OPPORTUNITY TO FILM AND PROFIT from these animals then the promised financial help disappears.  If she can’t film, she doesn’t fulfil her promised objectives!

It has been proven, beyond the slightest, remotest chance, Rebecca A. Rodriguez is dishonest and her actions highly questionable.  She is an individual who has promised the moon and delivered nothing but dirt!

Force Rebecca to refund your donation or utilize the funds for their intended purpose.  This money was never meant to fund her and her friend’s lifestyle and dreams!

animal time is animal house

Contact GoFundMe for a refund here : https://www.gofundme.com/mvc.php?route=contact/suggest

Contact Interpol to report wire fraud here : https://www.interpol.int/Crime-areas/Financial-crime/Social-engineering-fraud/How-to-report-a-scam

Contact FBI Cybercrime unit to report fraud here : https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx/

Contact Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson here : https://fortress.wa.gov/atg/formhandler/ago/ComplaintForm.aspx

(Rebecca A. Rodriguez resides in La Center, Washington)












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