Why create a fake page of Bandung Zoo on Facebook?



Donors and supporters of Rebecca A. Rodriguez fundraiser and Poop Holme’s petition to close down Bandung Zoo, were sent to this page, a fake page, conjoining Surabaya Zoo with Bandung Zoo.  This was to further the perception that Bandung Zoo was the “zoo of death”. (Surabaya Zoo has one of the worst reputations in Indonesia!)  

In so doing, people were further outraged and constantly donated to Rodriguez’s fundraiser for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” and also signed the petition to close Bandung Zoo created by Poop Holmes.

This is the link to the vile hate page posing as the “Bandung Zoo” page which was created by Rebecca Rodriguez who runs One Animal World and Animal House and Poop Holmes to fuel their GoFundMe fundraiser :

Fake intermingled Bandung Zoo and Surabaya Zoo

fake bz page

These people have NO BOUNDARIES!  They did this so people would see the petition (updates) and be referred to the fundraiser page.  The worse the things they wrote, the more people donated!

Rebecca Rodriguez continues to be obsessed with Cee4Life and Cee4Life supporters together with Bandung Zoo (who have reported Rebecca to the Indonesian authorities for fraud) who have spoken out about the illicit fundraiser and dishonest petition!  She has called these people liars, they’ve received death threats and are being subjected to targeted harassment and hatred all because they spoke up for the animals!

A hateful “Bandung Zoo” page was created on Facebook by Poo (P Ooi, P, Pohyee) Holmes of Ben Avon, Pennsylvania and Rebecca Rodriguez of La Center, Washington. This Facebook page purposefully joined both Bandung Zoo with Surabaya Zoo. It has a picture of Surabaya Zoo on the front page implying it is one and the same as Bandung Zoo.  This is an attempt to confuse the public.

Due to the confusing page, which at first glance seems legitimate, people had been fed 100% lies and outright slanderous and fraudulent status updates on the page.

This evil plot was purposefully created to continue the agenda and hatred towards Bandung Zoo and Cee4Life and Cee4Life supporters by none other than the petition creator Poo Holmes and her team member, GoFundMe fundraiser Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World to fuel their fundraiser!

The level of mass exploitation of the public has reached new heights!  Not only is the petition completely false and flawed, the ensuing fundraiser has garnered $63 000 USD and not a single cent will go to any single animal of Bandung Zoo or Mikail the Orangutan at Kandi Wildlife Park despite Rebecca saying so.  All the money has been funneled directly into the bank account of Rebecca Rodriguez via her for profit LLC called Rebrod LLC!

Who was the campaign for

The more hatred, the more outrageous claims regarding the animals condition, living space, enrichment and behavior, all of which is extremely negative – the more people donate!  You are being duped by a deceptive individual with no shame and a black heart who thinks this all very amusing!  This is being planned so that the public continue to donate their hard earned money without knowing the truth about Bandung Zoo.

Surabaya Zoo has a terrible reputation and this is the reason the 2 zoos have been purposefully interlinked as one and the same.  The truth is currently Bandung Zoo is rated 14 out of 61 zoos/sanctuaries in Indonesia!  

Animals’ lives are at stake!  This is not a get quick rich scheme for dishonest supposed “animal advocates” who steal from animals via illegal, illicit fundraisers and pumping out false information to an unsuspecting public!  Absolutely disgusting!

Please immediately  report the fake page : 

Fake Bandung Zoo page on Facebook implying its the same as Surabaya Zoo

Please note, this is Surabaya Zoo entrance


and this is Bandung Zoological Gardens entrance


The 2 zoos ARE IN NO WAY RELATED TO EACH OTHER.  EACH IS A SEPARATE ZOO IN INDONESIA at very different locations as can be clearly seen from the photos!


Links to Surabaya Zoo (Clearly NOT Bandung Zoo) :

All about Surabaya Zoo via tourism link

Lion found hanging in Surabaya Zoo

Giraffe died with 40lbs of plastic in its stomach at Surabaya Zoo

Surabaya Zoo referred to as “death zoo” or “zoo of death”

Petition President of Indonesia to close Surabaya Zoo

Tiger dies at Surabaya death Zoo in 201


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