Who is Rebecca Rodriguez? RebRod? One Animal World? Animal House?



rebecca in puerto rico suntanned with bathing suit on

Looking nice and suntanned in her bathing suit “helping the animals of Puerto Rico” ūüėČ

Our full report on the history of Rebecca Rodriguez’s actions, spanning 20 years, can be found here.¬† Be aware it is an indepth investigation that can, at times be tedious.¬† We apologize but hope you will stay with us on this journey of discovery!¬†


Rebecca A. Rodriguez is a previously unknown, unheard of aspiring actress and in her own words “a critically acclaimed, independent filmmaker”. ¬†She’s also an “animal advocate”. ¬†So we investigated these claims and found the following :

In 2000 she created some films. ¬†One was called “Floater”. ¬†We kid you not, it’s a film about a poo that won’t flush down the toilet.¬†floater

In 2010 under her company “Lucky Head Films” she created a commercial for big game hunter Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy!! (Animal advocate with Hunter of animals????)

godaddy commercial by lucky head films

Subsequently, she tried all sorts of ways to raise public donations to fund her lifestyle and dreams of producing an animal-related documentary/TV show.

Then she asked YOU to PAY HER to march to Washington and film the women who voted for Trump and created http://www.femaleoutrage.com.  $40 000 was her fundraising goal! Yikes!


Suffice to say, NOBODY DONATED!  She runs a blog about political issues in USA.  http://femaleoutrage.com

Then she created “Animal Centric” with her best friend Alycia Hadfield. ¬†She asked for donations again. ¬†NOBODY DONATED! ¬†

animal centric is rr and alycia

She also asked you to DONATE to her every month via Patreon to pursue her “love of animals”! ¬†Again, NOBODY DONATED. ¬†¬†

patreon begging for money

Then she produced a sizzle reel called “Animal House” in 2014/2015 as “Animal Time TV”! ¬†She tried desperately to get it “picked up and hosted by an animal TV channel like Animal Planet or National Geographic“. ¬†It failed and the “series” came to an end after one production.¬† Our investigation reveals Ms Rodriguez has again approached Animal Planet and her dreams of appearing on TV, once again, binned. ¬†


It gets very confusing because she has all these inter-linked, interwoven companies, names, Facebook pages, YouTube accounts, LLC registrations, domain names – all promoting herself and her work.¬† This lends her apparent “credibility”.

Then she suddenly re-appeared in 2017 with a fundraiser for “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” and rode on the back of a petition to close Bandung Zoo. ¬†Here she achieved her first real success at raising the public’s donations in the form of a GoFundMe fundraiser with the listed beneficaries as “Sun bears at Bandung Zoo”, “animals of Bandung Zoo”, Mikey the orangutan and then “animals of Indonesia” and finally” 2 sun bears Tegan and Bedhu”!¬†

None of the named beneficiaries have received any money whatsoever and there is zero accounting of the almost $63000 USD raised! Where are the donations?¬† The public’s money given to help the animals has been utilized where?¬† Nobody knows!

update24 with large letters 50 percent raised for help the sun bears of

To date, the $53 531 plus an additional $12 000 in direct contributions has assumingly been spent on the following, since no proof of disbursement of donations has been provided :

$10,000 on her “team members”

$2,500 on “Indonesian mission”

$4,000 on her trip to Puerto Rico with her friend Alycia Barlow


$4,000 on her trip to Italy with her friend Alycia Barlow plus trips to other exotic locations!


NO ANIMAL OF INDONESIA OR “STARVING SUN BEARS OF BANDUNG ZOO” HAVE RECEIVED A PENNY!! ¬†People continued to donate believing their hard-earned donations will somehow benefit these animals. ¬†This is 100% false and inaccurate.


These funds are missing!

Write to Rebecca and demand answers/action for these animals and demand to know WHY the sun bears and other animals of Indonesia like Mikail the orphaned Orangutan are not being helped with her massive accumulation of public money. ¬†Don’t be fooled by her “letter of offer to Bandung Zoo”. ¬†Read it carefully. ¬†It really offers NOTHING.

Contact Ms Rodriguez and demand SPECIFIC VERIFIABLE PROOF AND ACCOUNTING OF THE ALMOST USD $65 000 RAISED! Ask for EVIDENCE that the beneficiaries of her campaign are in receipt of the funds raised to assist them and do not accept claims of “future projects” or “Bandung Zoo refused our help”!¬† This is not true! Why would Bandung Zoo turn down $45 000 for the new sun bears’ enclosure currently being built??!



Horrifyingly we have discovered even more fundraisers in existence by none other than Rebecca A. Rodriguez who is again asking for more moolah to fund her lifestyle, dreams and projects!  Uh oh!

piles of money

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