The full story of Rebecca A. Rodriguez’s history of attempting to fleece donations from the public!”

These are Rebecca A. Rodriguez’s attempts at getting the public to donate and fund her filmmaking aspirations!

fugly cropped

Rebecca A. Rodriguez

They ALL failed!

There was :

“Female Outrage”,

“Animal Centric”,

“Animal Time TV”,

“Animal House Gen 1”, “

“Animal House Gen 2”,

“Animal House”,

“Animal House International”

“One Animal World”,

“One Animal World Foundation”

“Lights, Camera, Animals!”

“Pacific Animal Society”

“Barks of Hope”

“Animals of Indonesia”,

“become a “patreon” and donate monthly to Rebecca for her “love of animals”. etc. etc. etc. via “”

You get the general idea.  Do you finally see the pattern????????????????

Until she started the GoFundMe for the starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo which was fuelled by the fake, misleading petition to close down Bandung Zoo!  That’s when she started raking in the money by an unsuspecting, unknowing public!

If Rebecca A. Rodriguez cannot FILM and advance HERSELF she will not HELP ANY ANIMAL!  That’s a fact you can take straight to the Bank!

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