The heartbreaking tale of “Mikey” the orphaned Orangutan + Rebecca’s refusal to help him despite having cash on hand!


Rebecca Rodriguez started a GoFundMe fundraiser for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” in conjunction with a petition to close down Bandung Zoo in Indonesia. The petition was started first.  The GFM fundraiser followed.  It was claimed that the funds raised would go to directly help/benefit the sun bears of Bandung Zoo, who they claimed were starving, eating their own feaces and one was lactating but there were no cubs. Apparently the situation of the sun bears was dire and critical.

Rebecca flew to Indonesia with her team mates but was denied entry and access to Bandung Zoo.  On her return to the USA, Rebecca “updated” her fundraiser and stated the “campaign has evolved” and one of the “new beneficiaries” was now a non-identifiable entity – “ANIMALS OF INDONESIA”.

What is MIKAIL the orphaned Orangutan if nothing than an “ANIMAL OF INDONESIA” in desperate need!??

Well who and what is Mikail the Orangutan in Sumatra? 

Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group – an organization formed to identify, arrest and prosecute wildlife traffickers in Indonesia – knew about Mikail in December 2016 and produced a  sting video about Mikail and his deplorable conditions.  This information was subsequently passed on to Ms Rodriguez.

However,  we the “general public”  first heard about “Mikey” in April 2017 when a plea was made by Ms Rodriguez via her first fundraiser for the sun bears of Bandung Zoo, to donate towards helping him – Mikey.  

What is of critical importance is to note that at this juncture Ms Rodriguez had already raised around $45,000 USD!!!!!!  Mikail’s circumstances were CRITICAL and VERY DIRE.  His mother had been attacked and brutally murdered, leaving “Mikey” contained and cramped within a tiny cage with no enrichment and no real life.  The most obvious question is thus why would Ms Rodriguez not dip into the $45,000 USD already raised to build a new enclosure for Mikey and provide him with the veterinary care, food, enrichment and life he so desperately needed?

mikand the orang in tiny cage

If you know anything about Orangutans you will know they are highly sociable, extremely intelligent little beings.  Mikail was already suffering the death of his mother!  Orangutans are known to DIE from stress and loneliness! 

Suddenly, Ms Rodriguez then created a seperate, additional fundraiser for “Mikey” on 29 September 2017 and asked the public to donate towards a new enclosure and better life for this innocent being!

5 months ago she posted about the baby orangutan and asked for donations 1

appeal for mikey part 2

Confusingly, she had already asked for donations in April 2017 and the public kindly donated.  Now here was another fundraiser for the same purpose – for MIKAIL! How much had the public already donated and contributed to Mikey?  Nobody knows!


This time though the designated target amount was a grand total of $7,000 USD for a new enclosure!!!! 29 september fund raiser for mikand knew about him in april recipient is rralthough states wanicare will receive money and oversee enclosure all donations go directly to rebeccababy orang


Subsequently we found out, via Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group’s statement against Ms Rodriguez  that she had only pledged $375 towards helping Mikey!  Why then, the fundraiser for R7,000 USD?  This is all very distressing and confusing.


scorpion highlighing mikail need for 4000 so why fundraiser for 7000.JPG



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