Rebecca A. Rodriguez is a self-proclaimed “inventor”!

Rebecca Rodriguez, loves to describe herself on her many blogs and websites as a “critically acclaimed, independent filmmaker” (disproved as some kind of sick joke!) and she also repeatedly describes herself as an INVENTOR.  Everyone thinks Wow, right?!

rat looking like a rat

Is it a revolutionary new laser device? Solved one of Einstein’s mathematical equations?  Is it a mind-altering drug enhancing ESP?  Something deliciously fantastic????  Well???
Let us show you what she actually” invented”.
It’s called Soap Saver on a Rope.  Click here :
Transport your soap in a hurry LOL!
Rodriguez simply copied the idea from an already well-established accessory we all use in the bathroom….. soap on a rope/soap in a bag in the shower! She simply renamed it as Evacsak or EvacPet ie managing to evacuate your pet in an emergency situation!
Put your cat/dog in a bag with a drawstring top and transport them to safety!  This will cost you $49.99 on Rebecca’s website!
See, she’s an INVENTOR! Voila!
Well, just in case you don’t want to spend $50 on a Soap Saver on a Rope, you can make your own and transport your pet to safety without paying the ridiculous price of $50!  🙂
Patterns and ideas for your Soap Saver on a Rope!
A moment’s silence.  We are in the presence of greatness 😉
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