Allegedly “We’re making things happen for the animals of Indonesia!” Really?

Copied and pasted from One Animal World or Animal House or Rebecca Rodriguez or Animal Time TV or Lights, Camera, Animals!.  Our answers are in parenthesis like this (            ) and our replies are in blue to make it clearer.


In the past eight months, since the start of this GoFundMe Fundraiser (started to help feed the “starving sun bears” of Bandung Zoo and provide enrichment etc., I have utilized your contributions to accomplish the following…

In May 2017, I provided funds to cover the expenses of Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group’s protest demonstration and petition delivery. (How much was given to Scorpion and why would you fund their protest and petition delivery?  Scorpion was never mentioned in your fundraiser as a beneficiary other than being the organization who provided the sting video of the “starving sun bears” of Bandung Zoo taken in 2016.  Is this your way of “legitimately” paying Scorpion for the use of their “sting video”?) 

In June 2017, I sent a team of five professionals (Not professionals in any capacity.  These were a group of Rebecca’s personal friends who helped her film Animal House Gen 1. and with whom she takes on all film productions.)

It’s the same “team” Rebecca takes on all her film productions!  Alycia Barlow, Dan Allen, Miguel Abi-Hassan and Rebecca Rodriguez

to Indonesia on a fact-finding trip. Funds were utilized to cover all travel expenses including vaccines, food, lodging, in-country airfare, ground transportation/drivers, emergency airfare for Rebecca, admissions/tours, interpreters, travel supplies, etc… international airfare was donated. (Yes Rebecca spent $10,000 USD on this first trip where their real “accomplishments” were buying 2 diseased Otters who are an endangered species protected under CITES and dumping them at Wanicare Foundation – they subsequently died – and 2 kittens rescued from the streets!  That’s what $10,000 USD bought the donors!  Where did all the money go then?)

During the visit to Indonesia we…

  1. Captured basic footage and photographs of various animal establishments (Okay, seriously? Every dog and his owner has a camera! Nothing special about this.  What a joke!)

    b. Attempted to assist the Sun Bears at Bandung Zoo (this did not go well) (Obviously, this did not go well!  Arrived at Bandung Zoo having done zero research or contact with Bandung Zoo, no plans prior to leaving USA, made many ridiculous demands of the Zoo who didn’t even know who you were! And you have no wildlife credentials or expertise!  Why didn’t Rebecca offer the $54,000 USD she had raised for the “starving sun bears” of Bandung Zoo, no strings attached?  If she didn’t want to hand over the money she had every opportunity to buy food, enrichment, building materials, veterinary equipment – anything – yet she chose to do NOTHING with donor’s money!  Ask yourself why? The truth is Rebecca in her egotistical mania actually believed she would be in a position to demand the removal of the sun bears from Bandung Zoo to a sanctuary in the USA!!  And turn it into a FILM!  And PROFIT FROM IT!

    c. Rescued two young otters, Bubble and Squeak, from the illegal pet trade and transported them to a reputable wildlife sanctuary. Made a financial contribution.  (Okay, people, really?  2 otters bought from an illegal wildlife market and then taken to a hotel where they were in the shower with multiple individuals, under bright lights, handled and petted without gloves or masks and then dumped them at Wanicare Foundation, where they subsequently died!  Made a donation?  $100 USD and had the cheek to start yet another GoFundMe fundraiser for the 2 otters despite Rebecca having thousands of dollars in her possession!  First you trade in endangered species, then you dump them and then you start another GFM?  Sick!)

    d. Rescued two, five-week-old kittens off the street and transported them to a reputable cat sanctuary. Made a financial contribution. (Are you serious?  Rebecca arrived with $45,000 USD in her possession and all the time in Indonesia she bought 2 diseased otters and rescued 2 kittens??????? Yet $10,000 USD spent on her team!  For what?  Nothing!  Absolutely nothing was accomplished due to the poor manner this entire GFM has been run since it’s inception!)

    e. Paid for the veterinary care of an injured, captive monkey. (I’m at a total loss for words!  What was the bill Rebecca?  $50?!  Well done Rebecca!  Pat yourself on the back!)

    f. My team met with numerous Indonesia based animal welfare groups and rescuers. (And this accomplished what exactly?  Nothing!  Other than trying to form an organization in direct competition with PKBSI – more about them to come.  And the cost of meeting with these orgs?  Well, obviously travel costs but anything else? Oh maybe lunch or dinner!) dinner with marison

    g. Donated Evacsaks to an animal group in Central Java. (And this was free, so again, no money spent).

    h. Contributed specialty electronics to assist with animal rescue efforts. (Exactly what does that even mean and how much was spent? $20? $25?)

Since returning from Indonesia we have …

  1. Provided funding for the building of an Animal Reading House in Sumatra. This is a project of Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group. (Again, “paying off” Scorpion in a “legitimate” manner who weren’t even named as a beneficiary!).

    b. Provided funds for a television and DVD player for the Animal Reading House in Sumatra. (Everyone knows in Indonesia everything is dirt cheap.  What was the total spent on a TV and DVD player?  Another $100?)

    c. Provided travel funds for the books to be delivered from Jakarta to Sumatra. (Oh my word!  And the grand total of that would have been what? $50?)

    d. Purchased approx 230 animal and environmental books for the Animal Reading House. (Rebecca spent maybe $200 on these books.  Many were purchased from Ebay, Amazon etc. and the books are all in English – not spoken by locals!  Great! Wonderful!)

    e. Purchased approx 60 DVDs for the Animal Reading House.  (Again, most of these were purchased from Ebay, Amazon etc.  How much did 60 DVDs cost? Oh and how fantastic, they are in English a language unknown in the community!  Bloody fantastic! Let’s be generous and say $100).

    f. Funded the formation of the Indonesia Animal Welfare Society (IAWS), an organization that will take the lead on humane education in Indonesia. (And how do you FUND the formation of an animal welfare group?  Telephone calls?  Emails?  Meetings?  Yes, all very costly and expensive.  Let’s be generous and say $30 and claiming that this is the “organization that will take the lead on humane education in Indonesia?  Another bunch of nobodys but Rebecca will do anything to get her name out and relish in her “fame”).

    g. Contributed a laptop for use by IAWS (IAWS was never a named beneficiary so why did they benefit from the purchase of a laptop?  Was this laptop from one of the team members?  Maybe an older laptop?  What would it be worth?  And if there are so many other animal welfare organizations being joined together, why would one of the other organizations not use their own laptop?)

    h. Secured a relationship for IAWS with the National Humane Education Society (NHES) in the United States. (So telephone calls?  Emails?  Faxes? Utilizing the principles of the NHES available at no cost to the public from their web site?  The cost? $5?)

    i. Funded several upcoming classroom presentations that will be conducted by IAWS.  (Where is the evidence of these classroom presentations and the expenditure related to these presentations? At Indonesian rates let’s be generous and say $150).

    j. Funded the website / logo creation for IAWS. (They were never named beneficiaries!  Are you serious?  Any person on the Earth can download and use free software for logo creation.  We value this at $0!!!)

    k. Funded an investigation at Bandung Zoo. (What this means is paid cash (highly unethical) to poor members of the public in dire need of money to take secret video and photographs at Bandung Zoo.  Wait for the “right” moment of something “wrong” and document it to provide “proof” that Bandung Zoo and Cee4Life weren’t doing “the right thing”!  Disgusting, dishonest and unethical to say the least!)

    l. Produced and distributed the Bandung Zoo investigation videos.  As a side note, where are Rodriguez’s investigations into Zoos in her back yard of USA – Pittsburgh Zoo and Oregon Zoo?  (Rebecca has her own film production company called Lucky Head Films.  So she used donor money to fund herself putting together the videos and photographs taken by an unsuspecting Indonesian person! What rubbish.  It cost her zero other than the handing over the cash to the perpetrator in Indonesia!)

    m. Produced, distributed and launched a “Boycott Indonesia Tourism” video/campaign (85K signatures and growing). (For someone who is allegedly trying to “help” the animals of Indonesia by creating IAWS along with illegally raising $65,000 USD of donor money for the “starving sun bears” and other animals of Bandung Zoo (and not giving it to them), she is spending time on asking you to Boycott Indonesia!  She’s either for Indo or she’s not and it doesn’t cost a cent to create a video when you own Lucky Head Films!)

    n. Made donations to the organizations caring for Bubble and Squeak and the two kittens.  (This she has already claimed money for above.  Donated $100 to Bubble and Squeak  the 2 otters who died, created yet another GoFundMe Fundraiser for them and the cost of “rescuing” 2 kittens.  $110 then!)

    o. Assisting with the development of a coalition of all the reputable groups in Indonesia (ongoing). (Yes and sending emails and faxes and making telephone calls is very expensive especially when you use Skype, Whatsapp and FaceTime!!)

Right around the corner…

  1. Shipping books and movies to Sumatra. (She already claimed this money earlier – in points c, d and e)

    b. Grand Opening of the Animal Reading House (Food and snacks and the cost of what exactly? Paper plates and cups! $30 – $40 at the most).

    c. Conduct more investigations and make those findings public as a way to generate/maintain pressure on those who are not acting in the best interest of the animals. (Continue to pay people hired by unscrupulous individuals to infiltrate Bandung Zoo, wait for something, anything to go wrong, take photographs and video and send them to Rebecca to turn into a libellous attack on Cee4Life who’s only fault has been asking you to join with the efforts for the sun bears! How low can you go?  Why don’t you worry about the deplorable zoos in your own country Rebecca and bring pressure on them to act in the best interest of the animals???? Oh, wait we know the answer to that one!  Because you will never get famous doing that!  You will get much more famous making a film/documentary on removing animals from Indonesia’s “death zoo” (which is Surabaya Zoo not Bandung Zoo just so you don’t get confused) to sanctuaries in USA.  There’s simply no fame and money in helping the animals in your own country!)

    d. Provide funding for the translation and printing of educational materials from National Humane Education Society into Bahasa Indonesian (Did you know Rebecca sent out Spanish and English “educational materials” and until it was pointed out to her – that’s how ignorant she truly is – that the people spoke Bahasa Indonesian – she was just going to send it out like that!  Rebecca is completely ignorant about all matters Indonesia.  How anyone can be in a coalition with a person who truly knows nothing, is totally mystifying!  And translation apps are free!)

In the works… (the completion of some of these projects are contingent upon my reaching my full funding goal). (Dear God people, please stop donating to this fraudulent GoFundMe fundraiser!  And the many other GoFundMe fundraisers created and controlled by Rebecca – where she is the direct beneficiary!  Like the one for Mikail the Orangutan.  The enclosure doesn’t cost $7000.  But the cost of filming it and paying the cast does! The majority of the money, as clearly shown, is going to fund filmmaking endeavours and the costs for Rebecca’s team!  The animals are always the last to be on the receiving end.  Rebecca repeatedly writes herself : “Funds will first be applied to expenses of the team!

Building an enclosure for two young Sun Bears living at a wildlife rescue facility. (What does this even mean? Well truthfully, it meant nothing because Rebecca Rodriguez donated not 1 dime for the enclosure construction for sun bears Tegan and Bedhu!)

Contributing to the building of an enclosure for Mikey, the orphaned orangutan.

mikand the orang in tiny cage
Poor Mikey still languishes in this cage, no thanks to Rebecca Rodriguez who promised to build him a new enclosure but kept all the money for herself!

(Rebecca has ALREADY raised funds for Mikail (Mikey) by using him in her GoFundMe fundraiser for the Sun Bears!  How much was already given for Mikail?  Nobody knows!  Furthermore, please think about this very carefully.  Rebecca has already raised $54000.  She claims this money is for “the animals of Indonesia”.  She’s known about Mikail for 6 months.  His predicament is extremely serious and he could die.  Why hasn’t she already turned over $7000 for his enclosure?  Then she started yet another GoFundMe fundraiser to raise another $7000 for Mikail.  Please read her words very, very clearly :  “Contributing to the building” .  She does not say $7000 will be utilized for the building of an enclosure.  She says “contributing”.  So she’s already raised funds for him and now wants another $7000 of donor’s money – for what exactly? $2000 for the actual enclosure and $5000 for film production and team members?  This is highly fraudulent and dishonest! And it has now been revealed that Rebecca Rodriguez donated not $1 to Mikey!!!)

Furthermore, Rebecca has with much delight, relished all the “wrong doing” of Bandung Zoo and Cee4Life.  Yet here she is, working with Kandi Zoo to “help Mikail”!  Read about this horrific zoo here :

If ever there was a zoo that needed additional scrutiny over their treatment of animals, it’s Kandi Zoo!  Rebecca Rodriguez, your DOUBLE STANDARDS are well and truly astounding!!  Why don’t you pay your “friends” in Indonesia to secretly photograph and film Kandi?  We know why!  When Cee4Life called you out over the funds raised for Bandung Zoo you wanted to show Bandung Zoo and Cee4Life in a bad light to further your own agenda and keep all the money!  Which is exactly what you did!
c. Hiring a teacher for the Animal Reading House for one year. (So have you paid for the teacher yet?)
d. Providing teaching supplies for the new teacher at the Animal Reading House(Yes we know, translated from English the “12 Guiding Principles” obtained for free from the  website! Have you provided the teaching supplies yet?)
e. Providing additional support for the cat sanctuary where our rescued kittens live.  (We just have no words.  Rebecca is sitting on $54000 yet can’t donate even $250 to the kittens?  What is wrong with this scenario?)
f. Producing educational videos for use by the Indonesian Animal Welfare Society.  (As stated before Rebecca owns and operates Lucky Head Films.  She’s asking you to fund herself when if she was a true animal advocate, wouldn’t she give of her time and resources freely?)
g. Assisting Indonesia Animal Welfare Society (IAWS) with the creation of a television series that will be filmed and will air in Indonesia. This show will aim to raise awareness about animal issues and rescue as well as inspire compassion. All revenue/profits that this show generates in Indonesia, will belong entirely to IAWS. This will provide this NGO with an income stream that will allow them to share their message of compassion and kindness, throughout the country as well as assist other Indonesia based animal NGOs.  (So where is this TV series?  Nobody in Indonesia has heard anything about it!  Are you lying about this too?)

Just for the record, nobody knows who the Indonesia Animal Welfare Society really is!  We guarantee you Rebecca Rodriguez is part of it so “all revenue/profits that this show generates will belong entirely to IAWS!  LOL!)

That’s all for now. I hope you feel as proud as I do. Together we are laying a foundation that will change the world for the animals of Indonesia.

Thank you all for being a part of the amazing journey and I hope I can count on you to continue supporting and sharing this campaign so we can reach our full funding goal. (Still pumping the GoFundMe fundraiser for the “starving sun bears” and other animals of Bandung Zoo.  An utter disgrace!)

With my deepest gratitude,

Rebecca A. Rodriguez​


In truth, nobody is proud of you Rebecca.  Certainly not anyone with an iota of intelligence anyway.  The unsuspecting public has blindly supported your schemes without ever stopping along the way to ask the real questions.  

Total funds $65000 – spent :

$10,000 on paying team members

$2700 paid to Scorpion for utilizing the sting video of the sun bears produced in 2016 and approximately $5000 spent in total on the “Indonesia mission”!  That’s about $50000 STILL missing!




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