Alleged “rescue of 2 Otters” by Rebecca Rodriguez and her “team of experts”!



We want to address the “merry-go-round” that was the purported “rescue of 2 otters” from an illegal, wildlife market in Bandung. Rebecca A. Rodriguez also used these Otters to raise funds.  MONEY MONEY MONEY!!  It’s the root of all evil!



The team of professionals bought 2 Asian small-clawed Otters from an ILLEGAL WILDLIFE MARKET in Bandung, Indonesia. First mistake. You are fuelling the illegal trade of endangered animals!

It is highly recommended, even though the imploring looks from captured, captive animals pulls at the heart strings, besides being highly illegal, you are actually encouraging the “owner” to go out and catch more wild animals to trade in!

otters at market

The question of disease is a critical one to address. Wild otters (and other animals) are often carrying ticks and this may have implications for vector-borne diseases, which can infect humans and their companion animals. There are literally hundreds of diseases which can infect otters (and in this case, did – and the otters died). This is yet another reason we are told to NEVER purchase a wild animal at an illegal wildlife market.

Then the handling of the Otters by the “experienced team”. It is a known, undisputed fact that when dealing with wild animals, to avoid stress (a significant factor contributing to death) you should ensure that the Otters (or other wild animals):

  1. a) be handled/touched as little as possible

    b) are kept in a darkened place

    c) not be talked to or petted

    d) when handling use gloves

    e) ensure you have correct food on hand

Rebecca A. Rodriguez and “her team of experts” did EVERYTHING POSSIBLE, WRONG!

They purchased these Otters – Punishable by jail terms and in contravention of many laws protecting wildlife. Fuelled the trade in a protected species. Transported them in small cages in a van. Showered and bathed with the Otters in a shower. Fed them incorrect diet. Handled and talked to the Otters. Then ultimately dumped them at Wanicare Foundation with a small donation and a good-bye. The result?


rr otters are dead

This is the “team of experts” forging change for Indonesian’s animals and forming an “inspiring and educated” coalition!…/aonyx-cinerea/

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