Who is Barks of Hope really? How and why are they associated with Rebecca Rodriguez?



barksofhope in partnership with 2 orgs 1 in nj 1 in ny

By all accounts and per an in-depth investigation, it would seem Barks of Hope are doing a really good job of helping needy pets in Puerto Rico. With the advent of Hurricane Maria, things became even more desperate and urgent. Countless dogs and cats were abandoned and we have no doubt, Barks of Hope were inundated with emergency pleas. We cannot even imagine what they have endured. We thank them for their stellar work and tireless dedication to animals.

They partner with organizations in New Jersey and New York.

They continue to update their Facebook page and have a solid 7,000 followers. However, they stopped their blog in 2016. Officially they have 3 committee members and rely on volunteers to help run the kennels, pick up animals, address animal-related incidents. etc.

Why these facts are important, we will explain later

They have filed their tax returns every year since 2014, filing a 990. However, their 2017 tax return was due May 15,2017.

In 2014 their earnings were : <$50,000
In 2015 their earnings were : $86,000
In 2016 their earnings were : $139,105

What has REBECCA RODRIGUEZ got to do with BARKS OF HOPE?? What is the relationship? What is going on here?  Rebecca has now created a fundraising video for Barks of Hope!!   This is VERY suspicious indeed!  

barks of hope fundraising video


1) Rebecca Rodriguez is ASKING FOR DONATIONS to be paid directly to HERSELF “on behalf of Barks of Hope”.  This is highly suspicious!

2) Rebecca Rodriguez created YET ANOTHER GFM fundraiser,https://www.gofundme.com/hurricane-maria-animal-fund with a goal of $20,000USD.


3) If Rebecca Rodriguez is considered a “subsidiary” of Barks of Hope, she does not have to declare this as income. Is she a subsidiary?  What is the official relationship between these 2

4) If Rebecca Rodriguez IS a subsidiary and is collecting public donations on behalf of Barks of Hope, how does the IRS even track/trace that money? In essence, how does Barks of Hope even track/trace that money?

5) Is Barks of Hope, operated by Leopoldina Roubian, declaring the income Rebecca Rodriguez raises in the USA?

6) How do Barks of Hope situated in Puerto Rico, know how much in donations Rebecca Rodriguez situated in Washington, USA is taking in? Do they have access to Rebecca’s bank records?

Rebecca states on her GFM that she will “send donations to Barks of Hope via Paypal or wire transfer.

7) Rebecca Rodriguez implies she is “not really affiliated with Barks of Hope, claiming “they contacted her, pleading for help”. We can and have established there is indeed a relationship between the 2 if not some type of partnership/subsidiary.

8) Rebecca Rodriguez registered the domain : www.barksofhope.us on 25 March 2016.

 9) The web domain : www.barksofhope.org was registered on 25 March 2011, hosted by GoDaddy. www.barksofhope.com was registered on the same day, again hosted by GoDaddy. Domain ownership is again hidden from public. Why

10) The web domain : www.barksofhope.org‘s ownership details are hidden from the public. Why? Interestingly enough, GoDaddy is yet again the host. We know Rebecca uses GoDaddy almost exclusively for domain registration.

 11) There are other ties between Barks of Hope and Rebecca  Rodriguez AND Alycia Hadfield Barlow who is one of the transfer partners in Pacific Northwest. It is clear there is an established relationship between all parties.


Why all the cloak and dagger?

Barks of Hope, from the outside, appear to be a 100% legitimate 501 (c) not for profit organization, working to help the animals of Puerto Rico.

 Unofficially they have “no ties” to Rebecca  Rodriguez

All the domain registrations and connections between Barks of Hope and Rebecca Rodriguez seem to imply a long-term relationship. Even more than “just a relationship”. Rebecca created a GFM for Barks of Hope where, once again, donations are paid directly to Rebecca. (There is an option to pay Barks of Hope directly but why would the donations go to Rebecca in any way, in the first place????)

What is actually going on here???

Who IS Barks of Hope

We invite Barks of Hope and Rebecca Rodriguez to address these issues and respond to the above. Or they can answer to the IRS!  Our intention is not to damage Barks of Hope.

 However, there is more to this story than meets the eye.

It it walks like a dog, barks like a dog, behaves like a dog……………… it’s a DOG!










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