Ask Rebecca A. Rodriguez what happened to your USD $65 000 donated for “the starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”?

THE TRUTH REGARDING THE GOFUNDME FOR THE SUN BEARS OF BANDUNG ZOO (which was closed in December 2017 by the campaign organizer, Rebecca Rodriguez) and then morphed to include ANIMALS OF BANDUNG ZOO, MIKEY THE ORPHANED ORANGUTAN AT KANDI WILDLIFE PARK, the 2 SUN BEARS TEGAN AND BEDHU” AT  JOGJA and then an unknown, identifiable “entity” called ANIMALS OF INDONESIA.
WHERE IS YOUR $53 531 plus the additional direct contributions of approximately $12 000 IN DONATIONS?   PUBLIC MONEY!!!!

The unraveling :
1) Early in 2017 a petition was started to close Bandung Zoo claiming there were starving, emaciated sun bears there who were eating their own feces. Incorrect data was published on the petition besides these allegations like Bandung Zoo is known as the “death zoo” (completely false – this is Surabaya) and also that a giraffe died there with 40lbs of plastic in its stomach (again, completely false – this was at Surabaya). In fact the entire petition CONTENT was completely FALSE. It’s ALL outright LIES.
2) Rebecca Rodriguez saw the petition and thought of a way to benefit from it financially. However, in the interim, BOTH Ms Rodriguez and Ms Holmes (the petition Organizer)  DID INDEED RECEIVE INDEPENDENT VERIFICATION from ANIMAL WELFARE EXPERTS and ORGANIZATIONS who absolutely, undeniably and emphatically told them that the sun bears were NOT starving.
3) Despite and in spite of this information Rebecca Rodriguez created a fundraiser using GoFundMe with pleas for the public to donate to THE STARVING SUN BEARS.
4) The public were lead to believe that the sun bears were going to get immediate help and assistance and they donated under this assumption.
5) What the public did not know was that the GoFundMe donations were actually going to FUND Rebecca’s PLAN to FILM the removal of the sun bears of Bandung Zoo to sanctuaries in USA. She blatantly and dishonestly mislead donors who knew nothing of these plans. 👎🏼
poos agenda with rr re the sun bears
*******Would the public have donated all this money so Rebecca could fund her filmmaking career? I highly doubt it!📽 *******
poo independent film maker in indonesia now
Rebecca runs and receives money to her FOR PROFIT company called REB ROD LLC. from various fundraisers. 💵
6) Bandung Zoo knew NOTHING about this fundraiser. There was no prior contact between Rebecca and the zoo yet she is raising funds for THEIR sun bears?
7) If an individual raises money for a specified beneficiary, should the money not go to the beneficiary? Try raising funds for PETA and keeping the money for yourself! See what happens! You will be arrested for fraud!
8 ) Rebecca and her “qualified” team arrived at Bandung Zoo who were not known to Bandung Zoo. The team were not qualified in any way shape manner or form! None of them had any qualifications whatsoever with regard to Indonesia, Indonesia wildlife, rescue, rehabilitation etc.
However, it has been confirmed that Rebecca NEVER offered the donations raised for Bandung Zoo to Bandung Zoo at ANY POINT. She claims she left BZ but left her team behind.
You can bet on your grandmother’s grave, if someone approached the zoo with an offer of $45,000 there is NO WAY on EARTH they would refuse the money, especially with all the massive upgrades going on, including the upgrade of the sun bears enclosure which will cost around $60,000!  If Rebecca Rodriguez didn’t want to “hand over the funds to a corrupt zoo exploiting animals” as she subsequently claimed, (a) Why did she fund raise for that purpose and (b) Why didn’t she offer to pay for the construction of the new sun bears’ enclosure ie for building materials and builders????!!!!
Per point 5) above it is clear that Rebecca had no intention of helping these sun bears, ever – and has manipulated the public with claims that Bandung Zoo refused her help. It’s all a bunch of lies!
9) Rebecca who had now raised around $45,000, foiled by her attempts to film the removal of the sun bears, returned to USA and changed the beneficiary to an unidentifiable entity – animals of Indonesia. She also claimed the campaign had evolved to encompass animals in Indonesia who need her help!
This was actually a cover up for hiding the fact that the donations were actually going to fund her lifestyle/film production.
10) We got an update on Rebecca’s “accomplishments” about all the “wonderful work” she had done in Indonesia! We calculated she has spent around $2500 on her plans for Indonesia.
11) Rebecca Rodriguez has outright refused to give ANY VERIFIABLE ACCOUNTING EVIDENCE of the public’s hard earned donations. Very suspicious and highly questionable.
12) Rebecca Rodriguez and Tracey Kleber formed Animal House International Foundation, a registered not for profit. If you look at One Animal World there are almost no followers. Animals of Indonesia? Removed completely. Her biggest success has been via Animal House TV. But now Ms Rodriguez has registered One Animal World Foundation – a Charity and is calling for donations for already completed projects and lists “other endeavors” and has now formed yet another LLC under which she is operating – Animal Time TV!
Think about this. What does film production have to do with helping animals to build a new enclosure, provide them with proper nutritious fruits and veggies etc.?
*********** NB!!!!!! What does this mean? This means it would appear that ALL the MONEY raised for the “starving sun bears” and other “named beneficiaries” is now being funneled/siphoned into One Animal World and subsequently Animal Time TV for FILM PRODUCTION and TV shows ! And costs of her team and herself to jet set all over the world ~ to Puerto Rico, Italy, Greece and Indonesia.************
13) Rebecca Rodriguez uses one of several registered LLCs to amass funds. By registering and using an LLC this allows her AND her teammates to claim for things like flight costs, car rental, hotel accommodation, eating,out, office space, office expenditure (this could even cover things like expensive camera equipment). She gets to write off all these expenses that as a private individual she would not to be able to do!!!
*Your donations are not getting to the sun bears or even any other named beneficiary!
*Your donations are not going to the other animals of Bandung Zoo.
*You are funding Rebecca Rodrigez’s film making endeavors – Cook Vegan For Me, One Animal World  – and Animal Time TV – and Animal Centric –, then there’s Pacific Animal Society, Barks of Hope, Barlow Animal Connection and the list goes on.
*You have paid for her team to the tune of $10000 probably a violation of GoFundMe terms and conditions as you cannot privately profit from a campaign – and achieved nothing.
*Approximately $2000 has been spent on the “Indonesia mission”.
*The #animals, as usual, are the last to receive assistance. Rebecca Rodriguez finally has the money to fund her dreams of being on TV, gaining notoriety and being “someone” in a sea of animal advocates! The only problem is she has stolen money from Bandung Zoo. She has stolen money from the sun bears! She has stolen money from the animals of Bandung Zoo.  She has stolen money from Mikey the Orangutan at Kandi and she has stolen money from other animals of Indonesia who may or may not be in sanctuaries or illegal trafficking markets, who may have benefitted.
Read the full report on Ms Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World here and don’t forget to share with your friends :
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