How many companies does Rebecca Rodriguez need and why?

all rebeccas llc registrations

changed/updated to :

rodriguez new llc list

and interestingly, why is it David Greene who owns the LLC for Evacpak aka Evac Pet – the idea for which Rodriguez claims she is the inventor?

evac pet llc registration


Who is Rebecca Rodriguez?

What is Animal House International?  One Animal World? Animal Time TV?  RebRod?

How many LLC’s do you need? And why? Who gets the money and assets when the LLC is dissolved? 😉


– For profit film and TV production + other
– Rebecca alone
– EvacPet a division of RebRod (and many more)

Animal House International Foundation
– Film and TV production, “not for profit”
– Formed with RR and Tracey Kleber (Rebecca’s friend in Puglia, Italy ex USA)
– Distribution of assets : Goes to Pacific Animal Society (Rebecca’s best friend Alycia Barlow)

Animal House International
– For profit, “Creating inspirational entertainment” (animals) – Film and TV production
– Just Rebecca

Animal House TV
– For profit, TV channel
– Just Rebecca

One Animal World Foundation
– “Podcast”, “not for profit”
– Formed with RR, Kevin Brady and David Greene (Rebecca’s friend who works for her under EvacPet)
– Distribution of assets : Goes to Pacific Animal Society (Rebecca’s best friend Alycia Barlow)
-Preferred/other names :

One Leaf Animal Society, Mulberry Animal Society, Truffle Canyon Animal Society
Blackberry Canyon Animal Society
– Animal Welfare society, “not for profit”
– Formed with RR, Kevin Brady and Allen Stokes

Box-Office Blocks
– For profit : Film and TV production
– Just Rebecca

Drink Me Pictures
– For profit : Film and TV production
– RR and Steve Herring

Know Your Spots
– For profit : Film and TV production
– Just Rebecca

Lucky Head Films
– For profit : Film and TV production
– Just Rebecca

Oh what a tangled web we weave. This is just the LLCs!

Then there are the literally hundreds of domains operated by Rebecca. Hundreds of Facebook pages with different names. Many, many fundraisers on GoFundMe and Kickstarter and Patreon.

What is going on here? Smells very fishy!

Why have a LLC??? This is why!!

Type Deductible Expenses Non-Deductible Expenses
Advertising (Line 8) Any materials for marketing your business (e.g. flyers, signage, ads, branded promo items, events or trade shows) and the cost of developing those (e.g. agency or designer costs). Office holiday parties, gifts (e.g. books) that aren’t branded (use “Other Expenses”)
Business Insurance (Line 15) Insurance intended to protect your business (e.g. fire, theft, flood, property, malpractice, errors and omission, general liability, malpractice, workers’ compensation). Health insurance, auto insurance (use “Car Expenses” or Add Mileage), disability insurance
Car Expenses (Line 9) The business portion of your actual car expenses (e.g. gas, insurance, registration, repairs and maintenance) or public transit expenses (e.g. buses) if you use local transportation. Expenses (other than Parking/Tolls) if you use the standard mileage rate (use Add Mileage)
Depreciation and Section 179 (Line 13) Depreciation expense on business assets (e.g. computers, office equipment, tools, furniture, cars). Note: The IRS requires you to use Form 4562 to claim these deductions. Car depreciation if using the standard mileage rate (use Add Mileage)
Home Office Deduction (Line 30) Expenses related to a home office (e.g. business portion of rent, utilities, repairs, insurance, mortgage interest). You’ll need to fill out a Form 8829, unless you use the simplified method. Expenses if you use the simplified method (it includes all home office expenses)
Meals / Entertainment (Line 24b) Meals or entertainment that you had with a client and during which you engaged in business discussions, or those incurred while traveling on an out-of-town business trip. Meals for yourself (e.g. on lunch breaks); dues for athletic clubs
Office Expenses (Line 18) Office expenses (e.g. cleaning services for office, general office maintenance) that don’t have a separate category. Home office costs (use “Home Office”), rent (use “Rent”), utilities (use “Utilities”)
Supplies (Line 22) Any supplies that you use and replace (e.g. cleaning supplies if you clean homes, office supplies like pens or printer ink, hot/cold bags if you do delivery). Office decorations and some other office expenses (use “Office Expenses”)
Travel (Line 24a) Travel costs related to business trips (e.g. lodging, airfare or rental cars, local transportation). The travel must be overnight, away from your residence and primarily for business. Personal costs while traveling (e.g. dinner with a friend), meals while traveling (use “Meals”)
Other Expenses (Line 27a) Any other business expenses that are ordinary and necessary (e.g. education to improve skills for your job, banking fees, association dues, business gifts, industry magazines). Expenses with their own separate categories, expenses that aren’t ordinary and necessary








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