Truth! It’s the new hate speech!

Truth has become the new “hate speech” according to Rebecca Rodriguez of Animal Time TV.

She has viciously attacked, maligned, slandered, abused, terrorized and threatened the people who have monitored her GoFundMe and the petition both simply for asking questions about her goals, plans, objectives and intentions.

All the people who have dared to expose Rodriguez after analyzing all her lies are apparently now guilty of “hate speech” and “cyberstalking”!

When you raise money from the public they are ENTITLED to ask questions about every single thing you write or claim. It’s called ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

Exactly how is it that innocent people have had their names put out there as animal abusers and stalkers for holding Rodriguez and Holmes accountable????

After raising $65000 for an “Indonesia mission” for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”, “animals of Bandung Zoo”, Mikey the orphaned Orangutan who needed a new enclosure and Tegan and Bedhu, 2 sun bears who were in a dire predicament, Rodriguez simply closed the GoFundMe fundraiser, donated note 1 cent to any named beneficiary, squandered the majority of the money on international holidays for herself and her best friend Alycia Barlow to exotic locations – Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Italy and Greece.

She now, surprise surprise, with yet more, new company names and new LLC registrations, is asking the public to donate yet more money to “help animals”.

Previous behavior is a good predictor of future behavior.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you.

Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!

Rebecca Rodriguez of now newly registered Animal Time LLC is asking you to donate yet again to one of her projects!

Animal Time LLC is owned by none other than Rodriguez herself thus you are donating to a pie in the sky entity with zero accountability and zero redress.

After raising $65000 for “animals of Indonesia” and donating not $1, she is asking you to fund her “new project” wherein she gets to pocket HALF THE MONEY DONATED directly to her!

You are being treated like idiots!

It’s One Animal World. It’s Animal Time TV. It’s Animal House International. It’s Animal House TV. It’s Lucky Head Films. It’s ………………………… No more!!!!

BAMBOOZLED : The Art of Deception

The art of bamboozling people has been perfected by none other than Rebecca Rodriguez who walked off with $65000 donated by the public to help the animals named in Rodriguez’s fundraiser!

Every excuse under the sun as to why the animals never received even 1 dime.

The truth is the money has been spent on “identifying other projects” with her best friend Alycia Barlow.

This is the real reason there will be no public accounting of the money raised unless it’s subpoenaed by law enforcement or a lawyer. This is in the works.

Please don’t support the work of Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World, Animal Time TV, Animal House International without gaining clarity about her projects.

Read every single word very carefully before you decide to donate your hard-earned money!

Be aware of donating to projects that don’t exist or were completed already several months ago!!!

Envious. Greedy. Blind ignorance.

Rebecca Rodriguez, forever the victim of some scenario, alleges the people who have questioned her work, her campaign and her history are trolls who purposefully set out to minimize the work of legitimate animal advocates. Therein lies the key. LEGITIMATE.

Rodriguez, despite all her claims, writings, movies and films is not a true, legitimate, authentic animal advocate.

If she was, we would all have the answers about her GoFundMe campaign and the disbursement of over $65000!!!

To this very day Rebecca Rodriguez refuses to publish any accounting records. If she’s legitimate and honest, ask yourself WHY?

It’s not others who are envious and greedy! By her very own actions it is clear who is envious and greedy and who is guilty of blind ignorance.

Please, please investigate any person or oganizations fundraising for and on behalf of animals. It’s your hard-earned money, you have every right to demand where and how it’s being utilized! No more silence!

Just be honest! How hard can it be?

Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World / Animal House International / Animal Time TV has raised $65000 under false pretences. None of the animals named as beneficiaries in her fundraiser ever received any help whatsoever. THINK ABOUT THAT! $65000 raised but ZERO given to any named beneficiary!!!

The starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo? Zero! Mikail the Orphaned Orangutan at Kandi Wildlife Park? Zero! Sun Bears Tegan and Bedhu and Jogja? Zero!

It’s all just a giant ploy to manipulate the public into donating for projects that don’t even exist! Or projects that were completed 7 months ago!

Honesty is the best policy. Honesty is not a word in Rodrigeuz’s vocabulary.

Part 3 : Nami Kim orders 69 dogs put to death.

The unravelling of the lies and deception regarding the rescue of dogs from Korean dog markets by alleged animal activist Nami Kim of Save Korean Dogs. Some killed by the Vet, still more sold back to the butchers at the market to be boiled alive, blow torched alive, beaten, forced to drink cement and eaten! Not all is as it seems. Just another utter betrayal of animals for money. There can be nothing said or done that can undo these reprehensible actions! RIP sweet innocent babies! Gone but never forgotten by the true animal heroes and animal lovers around the world!

ANIMAL TIME TV – It’s “evolved”!

Animal Time TV mishmashed with One Animal World to fundraise for projects already completed, projects Rebecca Rodriguez is not involved with, projects that will never occur.

It’s outrageous and it’s a pattern spanning 29+ years.

The starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo are still being used to garner funds. Mikail the orphaned Orangutan at Kandi Wildlife Park is still being used to garner funds. The 150 dogs of Fasano Italy are still being used to garner funds. OUTRAGEOUS!

This fundraising scam has gone on long enough. It’s time to nip Animal Time TV in the bud!

Do not support dishonest and purposefully misleading alleged “animal advocates” who abuse the public’s kindness and generosity!

Who is Pohyee Ooi Holmes of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

Who is the qualified, educated expert on animals of Indonesia?

Um, well, there isn’t such a person but Pohyee Ooi Holmes of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania believes she IS an “expert”!

In her own delusional mind she’s an “expert”! In real life? Unfortunately, Poo Holmes is nobody! Shhhh!

Poor Bandung Zoo and Cee4Life supporters are bearing the brunt of Poo’s slanderous and highly defamatory and insane content via petition.

Thanks to her outlandish behavior and irrational and insane, slanderous rantings, Holmes is about to go to prison. She just doesn’t know it yet.

How does Rebecca Rodriguez explain her on-going continued support of a mass-murderer/hunter?

How does alleged animal advocate and activist Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World / Animal House International/ Animal Time TV justify her support of Bob Parsons the founder of who is an avid hunter and loves murdering innocent animals for fun and sport!

Rodriguez has over the years and continues to support the GoDaddy brand with hundreds of domain registrations and hosting options!

GoDaddy is synonymous with BIG GAME HUNTING.

How can she claim she’s a legitimate, authentic animal advocate all the while supporting a murdering HUNTER????

Rebecca Rodriguez bullies and terrorizes Councilman and Humane Society

A definite pattern of abuse incited by Rebecca Rodriguez, seems to follow her all over the world.

When she’s not targeting and harassing innocent members of the public in Cowlitz County USA she sets her sights on the innocent animals of Bandung Zoo in Indonesia.

Rodriguez reaches out to punish any organization or independent body who refuse to be associated with her.

She ripped off the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” to the tune of $65000 and is currently under investigation by Indonesian Authorities for fraud.

Rodriguez has a bizarre and alarming pattern of intimidation and threatening behavior if you dare to question her in any way or if you refuse any association with her!



Much loved and respected President Joko Widodo of Indonesia will never respond or acknowledge the 2 fraudsters who have driven a hate-filled campaign of abuse against Bandung Zoo, the animals of Indonesia and the people of Indonesia, along with several affiliates working tirelessly to upgrade and improve the zoo for the benefit of the animals. Con-woman Rebecca A. Rodriguez raised $65000 USD using imagery and video taken in 2016 of alleged “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”. Bandung Zoo reported Rodriguez to Authorities and she is actively being sought by Indonesian Police.

Update : The 150 dogs of Fasano Italy

Rebecca Rodriguez of Animal Time TV repeatedly and continually lies to the public in order to fundraise for filmmaking opportunities.

She is clearly a compulsive liar and dishonest “animal advocate” who has lied about being involved with the 150 dogs of Fasano Italy, claiming she was working directly with the Mayor.

We have proven this is 100% false.

Rodriguez continues to lie about her involvement and has the gall to still ask for donations to fund this “mission”!

Just like she ripped off the starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo, she will be ripping off the public with her next project.

100% guaranteed. Also, 100% guaranteed there must always be a filmmaking opportunity in whatever work Rodriguez is involved in.

Her dreams are of infamy and money. Has nothing to do with helping animals! No authentic, legitimate animal advocate would scam money from animals who need help!!! Disgusting!!!

Keeping it real! FYI!

Rebecca Rodriguez claims she only raised $53531 but she is once again LYING. She raised an additional approximately $12000 in direct contributions which she conveniently “forgot about”!

The actual accounting of supposed animal advocate Rebecca Rodriguez’s massive fundraiser (for the starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo, Mikey the Orangutan and 2 sun bears Tegan and Bedhu) will never be published unless subpoened – which reveals that the majority of the donations, amounting to close to $65000 IS STILL UNACCOUNTED FOR!

Where is the money? What is the balance? How have the donations been utilized?

The majority of the funds have gone to fund international holidays and identifying film ops!

Disgraceful and dishonest manipulation of the public and the public’s missing donations!

The Blame Game. The movie.

Rebecca Rodriguez a self-proclaimed “critically acclaimed independent filmmaker” and “animal advocate” of 30 years is ripping off the public in the form of donations meant for animals but utilized generally to cover film production costs of her many projects and missions.

The truth is Rodriguez raised $65000 recently for the starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo and then disappeared with the funds.

She continues to claim she is a target of cyber-bullying. All people have done is ask her questions and hold her accountable for those postings she herself wrote contained within her fundraiser! But she outright refuses to answer or be transparent.

This is because she is a compulsive liar who has been scamming the public for 30+ years.

Let’s get real. Let’s get an indepth analysis of some of her alleged projects and missions – like the 150 dogs sequestered in Fasano Italy which she has no involvement with!

The Blame Game will be a documentary presented for world-wide dissemination on scam artists who betray animals in the worst possible way, who steal funds from legitimate organizations, all in the name of “love of animals”!

No Good Deed! “The movie”!

Rebecca Rodriguez, instead of easily proving she utilized the $65000 of donor’s money on the animals – the named beneficiaries – is crying that she’s a victim who is being cyber-stalked and is spending time, money and resources on producing a documentary on animal rescuers who become victims of abuse.

The truth, Rodriguez simply has to publicize the accounting of the money she raised, $65000 of public donations in order to clear her name.

There’s 1 big problem though. She has spent the money and therefore cannot.

Now, in desperation, in yet another attempt to divert and deflect the public’s attention away from her lying scamming ways, is producing a documentary instead. Makes perfect sense right?

Why not help the animals of Bandung Zoo? The starving sun bears? Mikey the Orangutan? Sun bears Tegan and Bedhu?

Apparently, that’s too difficult. A documentary produced by your own film production company for profit is much easier, right?

This couldn’t be more bizarre. Rodriguez scammed $65000 from the public, slandered people on a massive scale for holding her accountable or asking questions, cries “victim” and is intent on producing “No Good Deed” a doco on people who are hated for their alleged good deeds regarding animals! LOL!!!!!!!

Rodriguez in real life has done nothing for animals unless she has benefitted or profited in some way.

She is NOT an authentic, legitimate animal advocate “fighting for animals” by any stretch of the imagination because if she was, she would be 100% transparent and open about her GoFundMe fundraiser for “the starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”!

This could all end. But there’s a small problem!

Easy enough for Rebecca Rodriguez to prove she utilized the funds donated for various animals in her fundraiser, on the animals.

But there’s a small problem. The donations have disappeared! Dried up! Gone!

Spent on international travel and living the good life. Not one animal of Bandung Zoo received $1. Mikey the Orangutan at Kandi? Zero! Sunbears Tegan and Bedhu at Jogja? Zero!

Not 1 animal benefitted! If this is not the ultimate abuse of the public’s generosity and giving nature, I don’t know what is.

Unfortunately, the money has been squandered on Rodriguez’s various “projects” and endeavours, none of which had anything to do with helping animals!

The biggest liar of 2017?

Pohyee Ooi Holmes aka P Holmes and Poo Holmes can only be described as truly evil and utterly devoid of empathy and compassion.

How can she live with herself after inciting hatred of a Zoo she’s never even visited?

She’s subjected Cee4Life and Cee4Life supporters to horrific targeted abuse and intimidation, violated multiple laws in multiple countries aswell as the community guidelines in the worst possible way!

Her on-going ramblings and tirades using the platform, written to the President of Indonesia, have exposed and proven her diabolical complicity in a very specific conspiracy to bring as much hatred to Bandung Zoo and Cee4Life as possible.

What type of individual crucifies a Zoo and organizations who are working desperately to IMPROVE conditions for animals?

What insane, irrational ghoul would punish those trying to make things better?

An evil, manipulative, lying, reprobate, that’s who!

Let’s bring her to justice!

Evil masquerading as goodness

When evil masquerades as goodness, many people are suckered in and believe the lies of the hypocrite – Rebecca Rodriguez! “Affecionately” known as Robriguez for obvious reasons.

She has taken to blaming everyone else for the revealing of her pattern of behavior – abuse/intimidation for the past 30 years and suckering a gullible but giving public into funding her lifestyle and dreams, all the while, keeping the donations for herself.

Animals somehow never seem to benefit. How is this possible?

Truthfully, Rodriguez is an unknown “animal advocate” who spends her days transporting pea hens and fostering dogs all the while claiming to be some kind of animal savior/guru!

There are hundreds of thousands of people all over the world involved with spay/neuter projects, fostering dogs, transporting cats etc. Rodriguez believes she’s some kind of animal messiah because she does the same work!

The only difference between Rodriguez and the hundreds of thousands of other other “animal advocates” is they don’t turn every good dood into a photo and film op. They don’t upload it to their own YouTube Channel. They are simply happy with doing good for animals behind the scenes. But no, not Rodriguez!

Evil masquerading as goodness!

The biggest lie of 2017 – Bandung Zoo

A summary of one of the biggest scams perpetrated in the animal welfare arena for 2017.

The lies and deception told about Bandung Zoo were to get you to donate your hard-earned cash.

You haven’t helped a single animal! You’ve only lined the pockets of Rebecca Rodriguez!

To the tune of $65000 USD, tax free.

So much for “helping the animals of Indonesia!!

This is called a SCAM, a CON, a RIP OFF.

Bandung Zoo has been crucified and continues to be targeted because Rodriguez wants cover for why she raised $65000 on the backs of the animals of Bandung Zoo, but kept it all for herself!

It’s the biggest lie told for 2017.

The Bandung Zoo target.

Please support the LEGITIMATE fundraiser for sun bears Tegan and Bedhu!

Please support the LEGITIMATE fundraiser for the 2 sun bears at Jogja – Tegan and Bedhu! Rebecca Rodriguez raised $65000 in her fraudulent campaign and despite promising to deliver funds to the animals, she has simply gone underground with the money and the animals received ZERO!

Rebecca Rodriguez takes to terrorizing her whistleblowers

Rebecca Rodriguez takes her stalking, harassing, bullying and terrorizing to a new level.

Hoping desperately to silence people who are and have been simply asking questions that Rebecca does NOT want to answer!

Strong-arm tactics and bullying are the tools Rodriguez and her co-conspirators utilize to their advantage, hoping to silence anyone who asks even 1 question about the fundraiser for the starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo.

Threats, victimization, on-line impersonation, stalking, cyber-stalking, harassing – nothing, but nothing is off-limits for this unethical, lying self-proclaimed “animal advocate”.

No authentic, legitimate animal advocate would do this if they were transparent and accountable!

Why shouldn’t Rodriguez be held accountable for her own words about all the help she was bestowing on the “animals of Indonesia”????

Rodriguez is outrageously dishonest, deceptive and depraved!

We can prove the money was NEVER going to be spent on helping the Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo

We can prove your money is going directly into Rebecca A. Rodriguez own for-profit company RebRod LLC utilized for filmmaking. The funds were raised for the sun bears of Bandung Zoo. Demand that Rebecca does the right thing – turns over the donations to the Sun Bears! Her fundraiser and the petition are fraught with the most slanderous, defamatory lies ever written.

Rebecca Rodriguez’s boohoo! We are sick of it too!

Rebecca Rodriguez of newly formed Animal Time LLC has been given every opportunity to clear her name and prove that the funds raised in her campaign for the starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo, plus other identified beneficiaries have been legally and legitimately disbursed.

However, apparently, there’s a small problem.

The oodles of boodles has disappeared into thin air!

The campaign, the petition are completely fraudulent, outrageous, misleading and vile trash to get you to sign the petition and donate to the fundraiser.

The more outrageous the claims, the bigger they pay-off to these scamming reprobates. More signatures and more donations!

Breaking news! Upcoming next! All about Rebecca Rodriguez’s new plans uncovered!

Aw hell no!

Asking for funds again to produce videos for her YouTube Channel!

YOU must pay REBECCA RODRIGUEZ so she can live out her dreams and you can fund her lifestyle!

Aw, hell no!

Rodriguez might be a masterful con, but people are starting to catch on and question her real objectives and claims and demanding to know exactly how she intends on utilizing donations.

Due to Rodriguez’s refusal to address any of these issues, donors are looking elsewhere for legitimate animal rescuers and viable, legitimate projects.

Pohyee Ooi Holme’s “expertise” on world-wide animals and animal issues ;)

The petition creator to close Bandung Zoo is an individual who has never set foot in Indonesia, let alone Bandung Zoo, who insists on criticizing and maligning the Zoo, Cee4Life and Cee4Life supporters.

It is unfortunate that an intellectually-challenged, unemployed, unqualified and unprofessional individual can create and disseminate utter trash to the members of the public.

Poo Holmes on-going, highly slanderous and demented ranting on an official petition to the President of a country, belie her very worrying state of mind.

Poo Holmes believes because she has access to Google and Wikipedia, she is overnight a world-wide recognized authority and academic on all things animal-related including wildlife care, wildlife placement, nutrition, dietary requirements, medical care, veterinary care etc.

She has made an utter fool of herself and is on the radar of law enforcement in multiple countries due to her illegal postings and claims.

Rebecca Rodriguez reaches into depths of hell and reveals HER true character!

A scary but very good look into the mind and life of Rebecca Rodriguez who reveals her true character by posting the most disgusting lies she can conjure up to discredit the whistleblowers.

Rodriguez seems to believe she is above the law with her latest, vile, slanderous posts about Briony Wolf, an individual who has tracked Rodriguez’s various claims, writings, postings and fundraiser. This is the result if you dare to question Rodriguez.

And “this person” is meant to be an “animal advocate”??

No authentic, legitimate animal advocate with an ounce of decency would try and tarnish the reputation of an innocent member of the public who has done nothing but ask questions!

Wouldn’t let an animal near Rebecca Rodriguez! This is how she thinks! This is how she operates!!!!

Who stopped the project for the rescued Tigers of Tiger Temple Thailand?

Because Ms Sybelle Foxcroft of Cee4Life reported to Authorities, all that was taking place at Tiger Temple, the DNP investigated and subsequently intervened to remove almost 147 Tigers. Now Ms Foxcroft is being blamed for the suffering and deaths of those Tigers. But what is the truth? And, what is the lie? YOU decide!

Rebecca Rodriguez caught red-handed in outright blatant lies about identity theft and online impersonation!

Rebecca Rodriguez of Animal Time TV was caught red-handed in purposefully stealing people’s identities in the form of registration of domain names – online impersonation – in order to link them to her slanderous hate blog.

Rodriguez has no limits and will apparently stop at nothing to try and victimize and intimidate the people who are asking the hard questions about her multiple fundraisers and the disbursement of donations raised.

This act alone is a federal offence! On-line impersonation is a VERY serious crime. Apparently law enforcement and local Attorney Generals are in possession of this information and are actively investigating this due to the complexity of this matter.

Rebecca Rodriguez has done NOTHING for any animal besides the odd dog!

Rebecca only helps animals if she can profit in some way.

No film opportunity = No help!

Rodriguez claims she is an animal advocate of 30 years. So are millions of other people.

Besides fostering the odd dog and arranging transportation for some animals, exactly what has Rebecca Rodriguez accomplished for animals?

Nothing of significance!

That’s just the sad truth. That’s the bottom line.

All her writings and stories are outright fabrication. All her “projects” are already completed projects or don’t exist and these she wants YOU to fund!

Rodriguez should try getting a job in the real world and start saving her own money to fund her “projects” and “missions”. Bet none would materialize!

Edwin Wiek closed Tiger Temple! Right? So HE is responsible for the Tigers suffering and dying at DNP!!!

There appears to be confusion about who can claim the accolade of being the person behind the expose on the Tiger Temple Thailand.

Through historical records and evidence it clearly shows that Sybelle Foxcroft of Cee4Life brought the matter of the Tiger trafficking (and other hideous offences) to the attention of DNP (Department of National Parks).

However, information has come to light that Edwin Wiek believes it was he who brought Tiger Temple down.

If it was Wiek who exposed the atrocities taking place at Tiger Temple then surely he must be accountable for the multiple deaths of the Tigers now housed at DNP facilities?

Sybelle Foxcroft has been severely targeted and blamed for the Tigers’ deaths whilst at DNP.

Who is telling the truth?

Pohyee Ooi Holmes dazzles us with her amazing knowledge regarding animals!

Uneducated, unqualfied, not a single diploma or degree to her name but P Holmes (aka Pohyee Ooi Holmes, Poo Holmes, Poop Holmes) of Pittsburgh in Philadelphia actually believes she is an expert on Indonesian animals and animals in general!

Delusional comes to mind.

Remember, a little knowledge can be very dangerous and in this instance, that is absolutely true!

Beware of Poop Holmes’ claims of expertise! Beware of the writings, musings and rantings of an alleged animal advocate with all that education and all those qualifications “at her disposal” 😉 .

They simply are not true or believable! Google and Wikipedia do NOT make you an expert dear!

Where is the new enclosure for Tegan and Bedhu that Rebecca Rodriguez promised?

2 sun bears Tegan and Bedhu in need of a new enclosure. Rebecca A. Rodriguez who had a fundraiser on the go for “animals of Indonesia” included Tegan and Bedhu and claimed she was building a new enclosure for the sun bears and asked for more of the public’s money! Guess what, the fundraiser was closed by Robriguez and all the money disappeared into thin air!

14 Months and counting – of Harassment with no end in sight

It’s now 16 months of harassment towards Bandung Zoo, Cee4Life, supporters and affiliates.

Why exactly is Rebecca A. Rodriguez targeting the people who are trying desperately to improve the lives of the animals at Bandung Zoo?

On-going, deliberate and targeted victimization of innocent organizations and supporters!

Rodriguez is utterly desperate to move the focus from her illegal, misleading, fraudulent GoFundMe campaign for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”!

$65 000 raised and not 1 animal named in the fundraiser as a beneficiary received even $1.

How can she explain this? She can’t! So instead she has taken to terrorizing, maligning and viciously attacking Bandung Zoo, Cee4Life and Cee4Life supporters.

Enough is enough!

The truth needs to be publicized and disseminated. Scrutiny needs to be brought upon fraudsters and cons who steal money meant to help animals.

Outrageously reprehensible and disgusting actions being taken by a desperate con-woman diving for cover!

Have your donations been spent on holidays to Puerto Rico, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, Greece and Latin America! Thanks for the $$$ suckers!

Remember the promises of helping the animals of Indonesia, the sun bears of Bandung Zoo and Mikail the orphaned Orangutan plus 2 sun bears Tegan and Bedhu? Well no assistance has been received by these “beneficiaries”. In fact, your donations are funding Rebecca Rodriguez and her friend’s lifestyle and dreams! They have been traversing the world, living it up with YOUR money! Unethical, dishonest scam!