Exploitation of Bandung Zoo!

Who is exploiting whom? The Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo are making multiple individuals and organizations a whole boat load of money. But, where is the money for the Sun Bears?

Every individual and organization “involved” has turned their backs on these animals. If they are in such a dire predicament as alleged, where is everyone lining up to help them? Interesting isn’t it?

All these “animal lovers” and “animal advocates” shouting from the rooftops seem to disappear into the dark of night when the matter of money is raised!

Also, very apparent is the fact that despite their outrageous claims neither Rodriguez or Holmes has helped a single animal in need. All they’ve done is exploited the Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo to match their agenda of fame and money!


The “innocents”!

Let’s examine Rebecca Rodriguez and her accomplices claims of “being innocent” and “victims of cyber-stalking”, harassment and bullying!


Eat your words Poo!

P Holmes, the organizer of the fake petition to shut down Bandung Zoo in Indonesia, believes she has more qualifications, expertise and credentials than wildlife experts in the field!

She has been brown-nosing and supporting one of the biggest scams we’ve seen thus far in 2017/18 – self-proclaimed “animal advocate” Rebecca A. Rodriguez who raised $65000 with a completely false, lie-ridden, dishonest fundraiser supposedly for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”!

Like a bad dream that’s come to life, some of Poo Holmes’ prophecies have come true! Unimaginable that a year after her ramblings on social media, we found evidence to support her predictions!


How Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World aka Animal Time TV and her accomplices P Holmes and Alycia Barlow, scammed the public and animals out of $65000!

Here is the undeniable proof that this has been a gigantic conspiracy and false propaganda to dupe the public into donating for non-existent animal beneficiaries!

Isn’t that fraud?

Disgusting! Despicable! Dishonest! Diabolical!

MYTHOMANIA : An excessive or abnormal propensity for lying and exaggerating!

Rebecca Rodriguez and her accomplices are guilty of mythomania : constantly spinning tales and producing lies about others in a desperate attempt to divert the public’s attention away from the missing $65000 raised for specific animal beneficiaries.

Enough with the lies. Enough with the deception.

We want accountability, transparency and the truth!!! Any legitimate, credible “organization” would be open and transparent, not spend their days and nights cyber-stalking and harassing people who have questioned your fraudulent and outrageous plans!

Stop trying to divert attention away from the real issue…. This missing donations! Answer the questions put to you. Be honest! Be transparent. Be accountable! Be legitimate!

Burning questions. The response.

What would it take for the whistleblowers to stop?

Easy! Simply publish the accounting by an independent authority on the disbursement of funds from http://www.GoFundMe.com/sunbearsindonesia and refute their claims!

Why don’t you simply do that? It would be so easy.

Instead why are you going to the trouble of creating multiple slag/hate blogs, various Facebook slag/hate blogs, multiple slag/hate web domains and are cyber-stalking, harassing, terrorizing individuals and organizations and then create an entire documentary using valuable money and resources to clear your name??? Ridiculous isn’t it?

The GREAT DECEIVER you surely are!

Fact vs. Fiction!

Rebecca Rodriguez is intent on accomplishing what exactly? She has been truthfully exposed for all her lies.

The public has now become privy to the outrageous abuse of the public’s kindness and their commitment to improving the lives of the Sun Bears at Bandung Zoo for whom they donated.

Rodriguez knows the truth is not on her side. If it was, where is all the evidence of what she claims? There is none. Defaming and slandering people to hide her own wrong-doings are simply the act of an utter desperado.

Exposing Rebecca Rodriguez’s black heart!

Rebecca Rodriguez and her accomplices Alycia Barlow, P Ooi Holmes and Tracey Kleber would have you believe that “because Rodriguez refused to turn over donations to Cee4Life and/or Bandung Zoo” she is being cyber-bullied and slandered.

The truth is Rodriguez is being exposed because her entire campaign and motives had absolutely nothing to do with helping the “animals of Indonesia”!

Her mission has ALWAYS been about FILM PRODUCTION and PROFIT and INFAMY!

When she couldn’t FILM the REMOVAL OF THE SUN BEARS FROM BANDUNG ZOO (her real intentions all along) and turn it into a FILM, she abandoned her “Indonesia mission”. What did she do? She used all the public’s donations to fund her “new mission” – that of showcasing “animal heroes” from all over the world and TURNING IT INTO FILM PRODUCTION!

Lies upon lies. Deceit upon deceit. Morally reprehensible and 100% illegal and fraudulent!!!!


The louder Rebecca Rodriguez and Poo Holmes shout, the more suspicious people become. They are simply trying too hard to deflect from their unscrupulous and dishonest behavior.

They have targeted the most innocent animals, tried to hurt any legitimate attempt to help the animals and continue with their outright, blatant lies about where $65000 has disappeared to!!!!

Not 1 animal from Rebecca Rodriguez’s campaign has received $1 or a rope, a basket of fruit, veterinary/medical supplies, building material etc. So exactly what and who was she fundraising for? The public donated to the ANIMALS not Rebecca Rodriguez’s international travel/holidays with her best friend Alycia Barlow to multiple exotic locations – Puerto Rico, Italy, Greece, Bali, Indonesia and Mexico.

Strange isn’t it, that suddenly Rodriguez could afford all those holidays at the exact same time the money from http://www.gofundme.com/sunbearsindonesia came in !!!

Does anyone smell a rat?

You tell me. Who is lying and why!!!!!

Look at ALL the evidence in totality. A very clear image will reveal itself!!!

Lights, Camera, Animals! How Rebecca Rodriguez spent $65000 in donations!

While everyone has been focusing on Bandung Zoo and obsessing over the alleged “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” Rebecca Rodriguez and Alycia Barlow of Animal Time TV / Lights, Camera, Animals! / One Animal World were busy capturing raw footage last year on their travels through Europe.

Guess where the money from the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” and “Indonesia mission” were being utlized?

Yes, your lovely donations covered the all expenses paid “working holidays” of Rebecca Rodriguez, Tracey Kleber and Alycia Barlow.

This is the real reason there will be no public accounting of $65000 raised – because it was not spent on “Indonesia animals” or an “Indonesian mission” or “Indonesian beneficiaries” besides approximately $5000 spent on actually “helping the animals of Indonesia”!


Truth! It’s the new hate speech!

Truth has become the new “hate speech” according to Rebecca Rodriguez of Animal Time TV and Lights, Camera, Animals!

She has viciously attacked, maligned, slandered, abused, terrorized and threatened the people who have monitored her GoFundMe and the petition both simply for asking questions about her goals, plans, objectives and intentions.

All the people who have dared to expose Rodriguez after analyzing all her lies are apparently now guilty of “hate speech” and “cyberstalking”!

When you raise money from the public they are ENTITLED to ask questions about every single thing you write or claim. It’s called ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

Exactly how is it that innocent people have had their names put out there as animal abusers and stalkers for holding Rodriguez and Holmes accountable????

After raising $65000 for an “Indonesia mission” for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”, “animals of Bandung Zoo”, Mikey the orphaned Orangutan who needed a new enclosure and Tegan and Bedhu, 2 sun bears who were in a dire predicament, Rodriguez simply closed the GoFundMe fundraiser, donated not 1 cent to any named beneficiary, squandered the majority of the money on international holidays for herself and her best friend Alycia Barlow to exotic locations – Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Italy and Greece.

She now, surprise surprise, with yet more, new company names and new LLC registrations, is asking the public to donate yet more money to “help animals”.

Previous behavior is a good predictor of future behavior.

Bandung Zoo is hell……….

Poo Holmes, Rebecca Rodriguez’s sidekick finally updated the petition to close Bandung Zoo recently.

These 2 blatant liars and con artists should be helping the zoos in their own country wherein animals are suffering immense cruelty and ultimately end up dying from abuse and neglect.

The conditions at these zoos are much worse than Bandung Zoo!

Rodriguez and Holmes are not interested in helping the animals suffering in Zoos in America. They are only interested in targeting Zoos in other countries.

If they love animals so much as they repeatedly claim, why aren’t they focussing on the Zoos in their home states? Oregon Zoo and Pittsburgh are absolutely hell-holes for animals!

Besides, their obsession with Bandung Zoo has tipped over the edge into a mass of complete and undeniable insanity and depravity.

It’s heartbreaking that these 2 purported animal lovers couldn’t care less about the animals suffering in Zoos in USA!

Pohyee Ooi Holme’s “expertise” on world-wide animals and animal issues

The petition creator to close Bandung Zoo is an individual who has never set foot in Indonesia, let alone Bandung Zoo, who insists on criticizing and maligning the Zoo, Cee4Life and Cee4Life supporters.

It is unfortunate that an intellectually-challenged, unemployed, unqualified and unprofessional individual can create and disseminate utter trash to the members of the public.

Poo Holmes on-going, highly slanderous and demented ranting on an official petition to the President of a country, belie her very worrying state of mind.

Poo Holmes believes because she has access to Google and Wikipedia, she is overnight a world-wide recognized authority and academic on all things animal-related including wildlife care, wildlife placement, nutrition, dietary requirements, medical care, veterinary care etc.

She has made an utter fool of herself and is on the radar of law enforcement in multiple countries due to her illegal postings and claims.

Rebecca Rodriguez reaches into depths of hell and reveals HER true character!

A scary but very good look into the mind and life of Rebecca Rodriguez who reveals her true character by posting the most disgusting lies she can conjure up to discredit the whistleblowers.

Rodriguez seems to believe she is above the law with her latest, vile, slanderous posts about Briony Wolf, an individual who has tracked Rodriguez’s various claims, writings, postings and fundraiser. This is the result if you dare to question Rodriguez.

And “this person” is meant to be an “animal advocate”??

No authentic, legitimate animal advocate with an ounce of decency would try and tarnish the reputation of an innocent member of the public who has done nothing but ask questions!

Wouldn’t let an animal near Rebecca Rodriguez! This is how she thinks! This is how she operates!!!!

Who stopped the project for the rescued Tigers of Tiger Temple Thailand?

Because Ms Sybelle Foxcroft of Cee4Life reported to Authorities, all that was taking place at Tiger Temple, the DNP investigated and subsequently intervened to remove almost 147 Tigers. Now Ms Foxcroft is being blamed for the suffering and deaths of those Tigers. But what is the truth? And, what is the lie? YOU decide!

Rebecca Rodriguez caught red-handed in outright blatant lies re : identity theft and criminal online impersonation!

Rebecca Rodriguez of Animal Time TV was caught red-handed in purposefully stealing people’s identities in the form of registration of domain names – online impersonation – in order to link them to her slanderous hate blog.

Rodriguez has no limits and will apparently stop at nothing to try and victimize and intimidate the people who are asking the hard questions about her multiple fundraisers and the disbursement of donations raised.

This act alone is a federal offence! On-line impersonation is a VERY serious crime. Apparently law enforcement and local Attorney Generals are in possession of this information and are actively investigating this due to the complexity of this matter.

Rebecca Rodriguez has done NOTHING for any animal besides the odd dog!

Rebecca only helps animals if she can profit in some way.

No film opportunity = No help!

Rodriguez claims she is an animal advocate of 30 years. So are millions of other people.

Besides fostering the odd dog and arranging transportation for some animals, exactly what has Rebecca Rodriguez accomplished for animals?

Nothing of significance!

That’s just the sad truth. That’s the bottom line.

All her writings and stories are outright fabrication. All her “projects” are already completed projects or don’t exist and these she wants YOU to fund!

Rodriguez should try getting a job in the real world and start saving her own money to fund her “projects” and “missions”. Bet none would materialize!

Edwin Wiek closed Tiger Temple! Right? So HE is responsible for the Tigers suffering and dying at DNP!!!

There appears to be confusion about who can claim the accolade of being the person behind the expose on the Tiger Temple Thailand.

Through historical records and evidence it clearly shows that Sybelle Foxcroft of Cee4Life brought the matter of the Tiger trafficking (and other hideous offences) to the attention of DNP (Department of National Parks).

However, information has come to light that Edwin Wiek believes it was he who brought Tiger Temple down.

If it was Wiek who exposed the atrocities taking place at Tiger Temple then surely he must be accountable for the multiple deaths of the Tigers now housed at DNP facilities?

Sybelle Foxcroft has been severely targeted and blamed for the Tigers’ deaths whilst at DNP.

Who is telling the truth?

Pohyee Ooi Holmes dazzles us with her amazing knowledge regarding animals!

Uneducated, unqualfied, not a single diploma or degree to her name but P Holmes (aka Pohyee Ooi Holmes, Poo Holmes, Poop Holmes) of Pittsburgh in Philadelphia actually believes she is an expert on Indonesian animals and animals in general!

Delusional comes to mind.

Remember, a little knowledge can be very dangerous and in this instance, that is absolutely true!

Beware of Poop Holmes’ claims of expertise! Beware of the writings, musings and rantings of an alleged animal advocate with all that education and all those qualifications “at her disposal” 😉 .

They simply are not true or believable! Google and Wikipedia do NOT make you an expert dear!

Defending the indefensible! Tsk!

Bandung Zoo – sun bears and other animals have been ripped off by Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World, Animal House, Animal Time TV by raising $65000 USD and not donating a single cent to any named beneficiary. She claims her reputation was damaged, therefore she could not assist the animals. Not even the animals “she cried over” ! Truthfully, Rodriguez and her associates Alycia Barlow Hadfield have been enjoying multiple international holidays using the public’s donations! Oh and furthering her filmmaking and acting aspirations! Rodriguez = $65000, Animals = $0!

14 Months and counting – of Harassment with no end in sight

It’s now 16 months of harassment towards Bandung Zoo, Cee4Life, supporters and affiliates.

Why exactly is Rebecca A. Rodriguez targeting the people who are trying desperately to improve the lives of the animals at Bandung Zoo?

On-going, deliberate and targeted victimization of innocent organizations and supporters!

Rodriguez is utterly desperate to move the focus from her illegal, misleading, fraudulent GoFundMe campaign for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”!

$65 000 raised and not 1 animal named in the fundraiser as a beneficiary received even $1.

How can she explain this? She can’t! So instead she has taken to terrorizing, maligning and viciously attacking Bandung Zoo, Cee4Life and Cee4Life supporters.

Enough is enough!

The truth needs to be publicized and disseminated. Scrutiny needs to be brought upon fraudsters and cons who steal money meant to help animals.

Outrageously reprehensible and disgusting actions being taken by a desperate con-woman diving for cover!

The venom and the response

Crying victim all the while victimizing and harassing those who are whistleblowers. You can only run and hide for so long!

WHERE IS THE MONEY FROM THE FUNDRAISER? It is unaccounted for! $65000 USD!!

Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World and Animal House : Around the World raised $63000 for various animals at different locations in Indonesia. None of the animals (organizations) received even $1 from Robriguez! So where is YOUR money? YOUR donations? Disappeared into thin air, that’s where!

Dissection of Rebecca Rodriguez’s claims. Claim 2 : I am the voice for animals in Indonesia and I’m in charge. STOP LYING!

We have now established that both Rebecca A. Rodriguez and her expert “team members” are a group of her friends with no real, specific qualifications or even any qualifications at all. Yet here they have the gall to take on the responsibility of being a “watchdog group” whose role is to “scrutinize, verify and publicly confirm the claims, promises, successes and failures ……..” No we aren’t making this up!

Who is Pohyee Ooi Holmes of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

Who is the qualified, educated expert on animals of Indonesia? Um, well, there isn’t such a person but Pohyee Ooi Holmes of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania believes she IS an “expert”! In her own mind she’s an “expert”!

In real life? Unfortunately, Poo Holmes is nobody!

Shhhh! Poor Bandung Zoo and Cee4Life supporters are bearing the brunt of Poo’s slanderous and highly defamatory content via Change.org petition. She has used these platforms as her private psychiatric toilet and personal slag/hate blog. Highly unprofessional and absolutely laughable!

Holmes is about to go to prison. She just doesn’t know it yet.

The heartbreaking tale of “Mikey” the orphaned Orangutan who Rodriguez promised she would help!

The tragic story of Mikail (Mikey) the orphaned Orangutan and Rebecca’s refusal to help him despite having the money on hand!

She specifically included him as a beneficiary in her original http://www.gofundme.com/sunbearsindonesia campaign and despite already having more than enough to already cover the IMMEDIATE CONSTRUCTION OF AN ENCLOSURE, Rebecca Rodriguez created YET ANOTHER fundraiser, supposedly for Mikey.

The donations poured in to build Mikey a new enclosure.

Mikey RECEIVED NOTHING and not even 1 fig was purchased with all the donations raised!

Where is all the money donated for MIKEY? He is still languishing in a tiny cage. Rodriguez has hurt Mikey in the worst possible way – she has stolen his donations and has stolen the improved life he would have lived! Unacceptable!

Foxcroft vs Rodriguez. The truth about the donations for the Sun Bears!


Rebecca Rodriguez in her final act of desperation. actually has the temerity to post publically that Sybelle Foxcroft, Celia Athumani and Briony Wolf not only demanded the money from the http://www.gofundme.com/sunbearsindonesia campaign, but also attempted to extort this money!

This is yet another bold-faced lie. Everyone would LOVE TO SEE THE EVIDENCE OF THESE ALLEGATIONS!!

Since Rodriguez has now publically slandered these invidivuals she better have the proof to back up her bs claims!

No longer will people stand idly by while this con-artist lies and continues to lie to the public about $65000 donated to the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” and other beneficiaries identified in her campaign.

Rodriguez is outrageous, dishonest and a blight of darkness on the world of animal activism!

No legitimate or authentic animal advocate or animal hero would stoop to this level of insanity!

Allegedly “We’re making things happen for the animals of Indonesia!” Really?

So really, what exactly has been accomplished for the “animals of Indonesia”? Absolutely NOTHING has been done for the animals of Indonesia or anywhere else for that matter!

Rebecca Rodriguez has spent $10,000 on her first trip to Indonesia for her “team member costs” and another approx $5000 in total on “animals of Indonesia.

Mysteriously, Rebecca Rodriguez and Alycia Barlow have spent many months travelling to Italy. Greece, Germany, Bali, Mexico, Indonesia and Puerto Rico, happily spending YOUR DONATIONS for the sun bears and other animals of Indonesia on THEIR PERSONAL OBJECTIVES of becoming famous and appearing on their own YouTube Channel : Animal Time TV/ their docu-series titled Lights, Camera, Animals!

Funny how the timing the money came in from the Sun Bear campaign, Rodriguez and Barlow spent many months travelling all over the world. We hope there is proof this money came from an other source different from the Sun Bear Campaign’s money!

Alleged “rescue of 2 Otters” by Rebecca Rodriguez and her “team of experts”!

2 Otters purchased from an illegal wildlife market in Bandung (criminal offence) who were showered, petted and under held under bright lighst by a supposed “team” and “otter specialist” Dr Dan Allen!

After obvious mishandling and bungling of medical safety issues eg no gloves or masks used, showering with the otters and being handled by multiple individuals, all bode very badly for a supposed “expert team”!

The otters were dead 2 weeks later!

Who is Barks of Hope really? How and why are they associated with Rebecca Rodriguez?

There is something strange going on with Barks of Hope and Rebecca Rodriguez.

She registered certain Barks of Hope domain names and also does fundraising on “their behalf” accumulating payments to her for profit company RedRod LLC.

How does Barks of Hope know how much Rodriguez is accepting from the public? How does IRS track these donations?

Something doesn’t smell right!

Rebecca Rodriguez’s supposed control over the Mayor of Fasano re 150 dogs!

Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World claimed she was DIRECTLY INVOLVED with 150 dogs sequestered in a shelter in the town of Fasano, Italy.

This has been proven to be an outright lie! Rodriguez has had ZERO involvement but has tried to exert some pressure on the Mayor by writing slanderous information on her petition and claiming he’s holding the dogs hostage!

Rodriguez has completely lost the plot! You don’t write LIES about your involvement in a project when you have ZERO involvement!

There is a definite pattern of this type of set-up and alleged claims to bolster Rodriguez’s reputation!

How many companies does Rebecca Rodriguez need and why?

Exactly how many corporations, companies and LLC does Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World, Animal House International and Animal Time TV ad nauseum have and why?

The tangled web of interwoven social media pages, Facebook pages and copious domain registrations keeps the public purposefully confused.